Hedges tend to grow at a fast pace and need to be trimmed regularly. However, it is very difficult to cut through the oversized hedges with simple garden shears. You need an extra-sharp tool like an electric hedge trimmer to complete this task efficiently. Black & Decker BEHTS501-GB hedge trimmer is a perfect example of an electric hedge trimmer.

The main benefit of this electric hedge trimmer is that it does all the work on its own. All you need to do is to hold the handle and move it in the direction you want. There is no need to worry about hacking away at the thick and hard branches. You can prevent yourself from getting nicked by the brambles and needles.

BLACK + DECKER BEHTS501-GB B/DBEHTS501 Hedge Trimmer, 600 W, 240 V, 60 cm
  • Powerful 600W motor
  • 60cm dual action asymmetric steel blades
  • 35mm saw blade for cutting larger diameter branches
  • 25mm max cut capacity
  • Bale handle for improved comfort & control

Black & Decker BEHTS501-GB Electric Hedge Trimmer Product Description

An electric gardening tool like Black & Decker BEHTS501-GB hedge trimmer can make hedge trimming hassle-free. Black & Decker is a brand which has been around for quite some time now. They offer high quality house and garden maintenance tools which come in handy. Black & Decker BEHTS501-GB hedge trimmer comes under the category of the best electric hedge trimmer in the market at present because of its excellent features.

This electric hedge trimmer comes with a powerful motor and an ergonomic design. It has many positive features which add to its performance capacity. This compact and lightweight hedge trimmer minimizes the trimming time. It can penetrate and cut thick branches without additional assistance or secondary tools. This sharp trimmer has a long blade with serrated edges to facilitate the trimming process.

Black & Decker BEHTS501-GB Electric Hedge Trimmer in Action

Features of the Black & Decker BEHTS501-GB electric hedge trimmer

  • It has a high-powered motor of 600 W which helps it to perform optimally for a long time.
  • It has 60 cm steel blades which are able to cut through the growth quickly.
  • The trimmer requires 240 V of electric power to run efficiently.
  • The bale handle design is meant to provide maximum comfort.
  • The trimmer has a maximum cut capacity of 25mm.
  • The saw blade can cut upto 35mm easily.
  • There is a cord attached to the trimmer for connecting to an electric source.

Pros of the Black & Decker BEHTS501-GB electric hedge trimmer

Here at, Hedge Trimmer Reviews, we always describe all pros and cons of the trimmers. Black & Decker BEHTS501-GB electric hedge trimmer is not an exception.

This electric hedge trimmer offers multiple benefits to make hedge trimming a smooth and fast process for you. Here are some of its strong points which prove that it is the best electric hedge trimmer available right now:

Ideal for Large Hedges

First of all, this electric hedge cutter can quickly cut through medium and large hedges effectively. It does not require the use of any other instrument to facilitate the trimming process. If you have thick hedges which have outgrown their designated space, you can trim them with this tool. With the Black & Decker BEHTS501-GB hedge trimmer, you just need to plug in the trimmer into an electric outlet and get going in no time. The trimmer has a Dual Action Blade which works best for medium sized hedges. The asymmetric steel blades come into contact with the branches and hack through them effortlessly. For large hedges, there is an innovative sawblade which tackles the stubborn branches with ease. No more frustration to stop you from achieving results!

Efficient Design

Manual trimming is generally very complicated because the tools are heavy and difficult to operate. However, the Black & Decker BEHTS501-GB hedge trimmer design is an intelligent one. The ergonomic design of the trimmer ensures that you do not feel any stress on your back and shoulders. It is 10% lighter weight than other similar trimmers. This lightweight structure makes it convenient to operate the trimmer for a long time. You experience less fatigue at the end of the task. It is comfortable to hold and offers a tight grip to put pressure on the branches. The Aux handle has a Secondary Wrap for greater ease of use and allows same control at all angles.

Black & Decker BEHTS501-GB Trimming All Kind of Hedges

Black & Decker BEHTS501-GB Hedge Trimmer is Complete safety

The Black & Decker BEHTS501-GB hedge trimmer is absolutely safe to use. It comes with a Translucent Guard which offers better visibility when you need to trim the higher branches. You can protect your eyes from the flying debris. There is no danger of coming in touch with the blades because you just need to catch the handle. The trimmer comes with a blade brake which stops the blade in less than a second when you press it. This is an added protection.

Top performance

You do not need to worry about results when you use the Black & Decker BEHTS501-GB hedge trimmer. It effectively trims the hedges in a short while. The sharp edges of the blades ensures smooth trimming. You can give the hedge any shape you want to make it look more aesthetically pleasing. These high quality blades last for a long time and do not get blunt easily. Furthermore, the blades are resistant to stains and moisture. They remain intact even after frequent and long-term use. The powerful motor ensures around 1840 strokes per minute. Consequently, your hedge gets trimmed within record time. Finally, the trimmer comes with a blade brake which stops the trimmer in less than a second when you want.

Cons of the Black & Decker BEHTS501-GB hedge trimmer

The trimmer does not have any major flaws. Nonetheless, there are some areas which can be worked to increase convenience:

  • It is slightly heavy at 2.65 kg.
  • The cord can come in the way when you try to reach out to branches at a greater height.
  • It is perfect for maintaining a small garden but not for heavy-duty work.
  • It has a sound power of 98 dB which makes it a little noisy compared to other trimmers.
  • The price is moderately expensive.
Black & Decker BEHTS501-GB Review Conclusion

The overall performance of the Black & Decker BEHTS501-GB hedge trimmer is impressive. This compact hedge trimmer works at top speed to give you optimum results in a short time. It saves time and effort which makes it the best electric hedge trimmer among the current range of trimmers. It is definitely worth buying!

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