Cordless pole hedge trimmers are great tools to keep your hedge in shape at all times. As they run on the battery, you are free to use them at any angle. But if they come with an extendable arm and pivot table head, things get a lot easier to handle.

One of such tools is the Karcher PHG 18-45 hedge trimmer. This hedge trimmer is versatile in design because it runs on a battery, and you can use it with several other power tools by Karcher. There are many other features of this hedge trimmer, and we are going to look at them briefly in this review.

Kärcher 14442100 Phg 18-45 Cordless Battery Pole Hedge Trimmer (Machine Only), 18 V, Lemon Tree
  • Battery Universe – Use the same battery for the complete range of 18V Kärcher Battery products.
  • Monitor Battery Usage – An LCD display keeps you informed on how much battery charge you have left.
  • Reach Difficult Branches – This trimmer's 115° articulated head has four positions, making it easy to reach even the most difficult branches.
  • Perfect for tall hedges – Reach right to the tops of tall hedges with the 2.9m telescopic handle, which has a comfort strap for easy handling.
  • Precision trimming – A 45cm diamond-ground blade achieves a precise trim with an 18mm cut - perfect for pruning and sculpting garden hedges.

Karcher PHG 18-45 Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer Pros:

  • Its battery is compatible with other power tools by Karcher.
  • LCD shows information about your battery usage.
  • You can conveniently get to those hard-to-reach branches with it.
  • It comes with a 115-degree articulating head with four different positions.
  • Suitable for tall hedges.
  • Accurate trimming with 45mm blade made of diamond ground steel.


  • The package doesn’t include a battery. You will have to buy it separately.
Kärcher 18 V / 2.5 Ah Rechargeable Battery
  • The integrated LCD display shows remaining running time, remaining charging time and charging status at any time.
  • For use in all Kärcher 18 V battery power battery platform devices
  • The lithium-ion battery guarantees consistent performance and prevents self-discharge and memory effect
  • The polyamide battery casing is particularly shock-resistant and offers secure protection when in contact with water jets (certified IPX 5)

Things to Know Before you Buy a Hedge Trimmer

Here are some essential features you should keep in mind when looking for the best hedge trimmer.

Corded vs. Cordless

The debate of going for cordless hedge trimmers over a coded one and vice versa has been going on for many years now. Regardless of the power tool at hand, they both have their advantages and disadvantages in specific scenarios.

A cordless unit will work better in an area that experiences a lit aloof power outage. If your electric outlet is far from reach, a cordless unit will come in handy again. But it is slightly low in power compared to a corded unit, and you have to recharge it again and again, which can deteriorate the battery over time.

This isn’t a problem with corded units. But you need to have the unit plugged in at all times, which can also hinder maneuverability. It all depends upon your personal preferences and where you are working.

Cutting width

The cutting width includes the teeth gap as well as the blade length on the chain. With longer blades, there will be a smaller gap in between. The hedge trimmer will be highly effective in the cuts and would be able to handle larger hedges very conveniently.

If you are looking for more power, go for a longer blade and smaller teeth gap.

  • For smaller hedges, you should go for a 45cm blade or lower.
  • For larger edges, you need to go for a 56cm blade or higher.

Overall weight and maneuverability

Karcher PHG 18-45 hedge trimmer easy storage

A cordless unit is always more comfortable to handle and more maneuverable than a corded one. But its weight will matter a lot. A cored unit will have its battery on board as well and continue to the overall weight.

A bigger battery will provide you with more backup, but the unit itself will become more solemn, and you will feel fatigued handling it for long. Go for a lightweight unit that is exceptionally convenient to use. You can always have a spare battery to replace the one that goes out and keep working on your hedge.


There are various safety features that hedge trimmers from different brands come with. But the most important ones are automatic brakes and handguards.

With an automatic brake, you can keep yourself and the blade safe from any incidents, and the machines will automatically stop the rotation when it comes in contact with a more challenging object. And with a handguard, you can keep your hands safe from reach towards the blade. It will also keep any mess under check that comes from the blade cuttings.

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When to Buy the Karcher PHG 18-45 Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer

Small-sized hedge

The Karcher hedge trimmer is the top choice to consider if you have a small-sized lawn to maintain. It is not designed for more extensive laws because it runs on a battery and has a blade size of 45cm, which is best suited for small-sized yards and lawns.

Karcher power tools

As this unit doesn’t come with a battery of its own, it will be a massive saving if you already happen to own power tools by Karcher because it will need an 18V battery that powers any other tool, Karcher.

LCD for battery usage

Karcher Battery

If you have a problem keeping track of your battery and need a head trimmer with an LCD that will tell you about your battery’s status, you need to go for this hedge trimmer by Karcher.

Things to Know About Karcher PHG 18-45 Pole Hedge Trimmer

Does this hedge trimmer come with an articulated head?

Yes, Karcher’s hedge trimmer comes with an articulated head that moves from 0 degrees to 115 degrees in four different positions. So, you can get to those tough-to-reach branches.

Can I trim tall hedges with it?

Yes, you can trim tall hedges with it. You can easily extend the pole with this hedge trimmer that can reach 2.9 meters with its telescoping handle, and there is a comfortable strap to handle the cut effortlessly.

Trimming & Cutting High Hedges with Karcher PHG 18-45 hedge trimmer

What type of blade is there on this hedge trimmer?

Karcher PHG 18-45 features a 45cm blade made of diamond ground steel and can precisely achieve an 18mm cut which is ideal for sculpting and pruning.

Final Thoughts & Review Conclusion

The Karcher PHG 18-45pole hedge trimmer is a useful quality power tool that handles various pruning and sculpting jobs for your lawn maintenance. It runs on an 18V battery and doesn’t take much time to recharge. It’s the best choice for small yards and lawns with its 18mm cuts and features an extendable handle with a pivoting head to guarantee versatility.

Karcher PHG 18-45 pole hedge trimmer Price in UK