There are many options to choose from when you start looking for the best cordless hedge trimmer but some of the models offered currently on the market stand out from the rest. The Makita DUH751Z Hedge Trimmer is a machine you can never go wrong with.

Makita is one of the world leaders in manufacturing professional power tools. The brand is well-known for its durable products and the outstanding price/quality ratio. The Makita DUH751Z Hedge Trimmer was designed to meet all company values and it offers the expected quality build and smart design typical for Makita. This model is a great choice for both domestic and professional use.

Makita DUH751Z Hedge Trimmer, 18 V, Colour, Size
  • Brushless motor
  • Soft start, variable speed control - 3 speed plus trigger and constant speed control
  • Electric brake
  • 5 position rotating rear handle
  • Reverse button

Makita DUH751Z Cordless Hedge Trimmer: The Details

Wondering if the Makita DUH751Z Hedge Trimmer is the best cordless hedge trimmer on the market? It certainly has the potential to be a top choice. The powerful unit runs on an 18V li-ion LXT slide type battery that is sold separately. The numerous features and options of the model include:

  • Brushless motor delivering more than 4,400 strokes per minute
  • Soft Start function
  • Variable speed control
  • Maintaining constant speed under load
  • Rotating rear handle with five different positions
  • Electric brake
  • Electronically controllable number of strokes per minute
  • Battery protection circuit (prevents the battery from damage caused by discharge, excessive temperatures, or high current)

Makita DUH751Z cordless hedge trimmer

All of these advantages are not to be overlooked when choosing such a product. The brushless motor of the Makita DUH751Z Hedge Trimmer is practically a permanent source of power due to the decreased amount of head generated during heavy load. No carbon brushes equal less power consumption and that means a longer-lasting battery.

The trimmer blade is protected by a special plastic cover mounted on its tip. This protects the blade from touching hard obstacles such as rocks and walls.

Improved Safety

The Soft Start function mentioned above allows the trimmer to gradually increase the number of strokes, allowing the operator to have complete control over the machine, thus increasing safety. Talking about the safety features of this cordless hedge trimmer, the built-in overload protection system prevents damage caused by overheating. In case it gets too hot, the trimmer will shut down automatically and the electronics will allow a restart only after a proper cool down.

Makita DUH751Z Cordless Cutter is a machine capable of delivering the ultimate performance, no doubt about it. It comes with optimized teeth design that you may consider one of its most important advantages. The triple edged cutting teeth with an advanced design that allows for catching and holding branches securely. The machine’s curved blades reduce friction which leads to the prevention of excessive energy losses. There is lower resistance, which increases the running time. So it is enhancing the hedge trimmer’s efficiency. Makita  provides a 12-month full warranty. Needless to say, only genuine accessories, parts, batteries, and chargers must be used for the machine’s ultimate performance.

What makes Makita DUH751Z the Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer in UK?

Apart from the legendary durability and the high performance, the Makita DUH751Z is reasonably-priced and easy to operate. Unlike cable hedge trimmers, this model is significantly more versatile. In addition it makes shaping your garden hedges an activity you will be looking forward to.

Advantages of the Makita DUH751Z Hedge Trimmer compared to the traditional cable hedge trimmers:

  • No cable and no extension cords needed – you are free to reach the most distant spots around your property;
  • Flexible to use;
  • Quieter than most cable trimmers;
  • The battery used in this model is compatible with other machines and tools available in the Makita portfolio.

Makita DUH751Z Cordless hedge trimmer with blade cover

You can buy the Makita DUH751Z Cordless Hedge Trimmer and source other Makita tools to add to your arsenal without purchasing a separate battery for each unit. The manufacturer made sure that most of the 18V batteries are interchangeable between different tools from their catalog. The only downside of this piece of equipment is the time it takes for regular charging time. Apart from that, this cordless hedge trimmer is the far better option compared to almost every other cable hedge trimmer currently available on the market.

You should take into account the MAKSTAR chargers developed by Makita. The devices use microprocessors to provide permanent control of the process, including constant voltage monitoring and temperature control. This optimizes charging to the ultimate extent and reduces charging time as well.

What Should You Know About Cordless Hedge Trimmers?

The lithium-ion technology used by Makita is based on the so-called Lithium-Ion eXtreme Technology (LXT). Hence, this new technology allows for significantly higher work volume in terms of number of load cycles and capacity. The MAKSTAR charges allow for short charging time.

One of the main advantages of cordless hedge trimmers is embedded in their name: there is no electric cable attached, and no extension cords are needed. The extension cable can be snapped in a split second, making it an obstacle that is potentially dangerous as well. Despite some opinions claiming that cordless trimmers are not as efficient as their cable counterparts, the Makita DUH751Z Hedge Trimmer proves to be just as powerful as them. The model sits at the top of the Makita range with a 750mm blade – the longest one in production.

Review Conclusion

In conclusion the search for the best cordless hedge trimmer often ends with a Makita DUH751Z Hedge Trimmer. There is no surprise here, as the unit is a smart choice for everyone who loves caring for their hedges. The multiple advantages of the model and modern technology allow for the ultimate durability and the best performance. With the Makita DUH751Z, trimming hedges will be transformed from a labor-intensive process into a fun activity.

This hedge cutter is safe and easy to operate and it delivers the best result every time. Its reasonable price and excellent customer reviews are just some of the reasons why you should consider this hedge trimmer to be your main option. After all, you can never go wrong with a Makita tool, can you?

Makita DUH751Z cordless hedge trimmer Price in UK