Makita HTR5600 is a mid to high level petrol hedge cutter. This trimmer has a 56 centimeter long blade which is dual action and double sided. Easily cuts through anything. The comfortable handling is provided by the wide trigger control and soft handle. The engine is a bit more powerful than Makita EH7500W model and is also 2 stroke. For sure one of the best petrol hedge trimmer on the market. 

Makita HTR5600 22-inch Petrol Hedgetrimmer
  • 560mm blade (22")
  • Dual action blade for finer cut
  • New lightweight design
  • Wide trigger control and soft grip for comfortable operation
  • Anti vibration system

Makita HTR5600 Petrol Hedge Trimmer Key Points Review:

Makita HTR5600 petrol hedge trimmer also has anti-vibration system, ensuring you won’t get tired as fast as when using other machines of this class. Looking at the features this machine has, it won’t be a surprise if even semi-professional users buy it. The lightweight will give you that comfort when using it all day long. The blade will cut through branches up to 12 millimeter in diameter. This petrol engine provides constant output of power, so you won’t have any problems long prolonged periods of usage. As this is a Makita product, you can expect a top notch quality of all the components that make this trimmer. This particular trimmer is a part of a whole range or products, which are designed to suit any kind of needs and budget. Makita HTR5600 petrol hedge trimmer model comes with a blade guard, a spanner, safety goggles and 100ml of oil.

As you can see in this petrol hedge trimmer review Makita HTR5600 is lightweight and powerful enough. It is designed to work for a long period without any problems.

Makita HTR5600 Pros Review:

In this hedge trimmer review, our experts describe in depth all Makita HTR5600 pros.

  • Blade Length – 560mm (22″)
  • Dual action double-sided blade.

The length and the type of blade of this Makita HTR 5600 Petrol Hedge Trimmer ensure precious and fine cut.  As all other Makita Hedge Trimmer, it meets really high standard.

  • Lightweight and ergonomic design. 

The lightweight design and features of Makita HTR5600 hedge cutter make this a primary choice for almost everybody. It is suitable either for domestic users or even for semi professional gardeners.

  • Wide trigger control and soft grip for comfortable operation
  • Anti vibration system

Once again, this Makita Hedge Trimmer is high quality product. This is proved by the wide trigger control, the soft grip on the handle and the anti vibration system. As a result, all these Makita HTR5600 features  provides operator with comfort and ability to trim for longer periods.

Makita HTR5600 Petrol Hedge Trimmer Technical Specification:

Item Weight: 5.1 Kg.
Product Dimensions: 106.6 x 27.6 x 25.4 cm.
Blade size: 560mm blade (22″).
Engine: 24cc petrol driven engine.
Shipping weight: 8kg.
Fuel tank capacity: 600m.

Makita HTR5600 customer reviews:

  • Wonderful product. The large fuel tank is a nice feature. You can work for a long period with no worries
  • Very reliable and stable machine. Works as expected. Probably better than expected actually.
  • Its a great petrol hedge trimmer. A powerful and lightweight machine. Happy with the buying.
  • Blade cuts cleanly and fast. Very reliable petrol hedge trimmer in my experience. It starts every time from the first try.
  • What a great deal. This petrol hedge trimmer with quite powerful engine, makes my life easier. Would recommend this hedge cutter.

Makita HTR5600 Price

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