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Makita DUH751Z Hedge Trimmer Review

There are many options to choose from when you start looking for the best cordless hedge trimmer but some of the models offered currently on the market stand out from the rest. The Makita DUH751Z Hedge Trimmer is a machine you can never go wrong with.

Makita is one of the world leaders in manufacturing professional power tools. The brand is well-known for its durable products and the outstanding price/quality ratio. The Makita DUH751Z Hedge Trimmer was designed to meet all company values and it offers the expected quality build and smart design typical for Makita. This model is a great choice for both domestic and professional use.

Makita DUH751Z Hedge Trimmer, 18 V, Colour, Size
  • Brushless motor
  • Soft start, variable speed control - 3 speed plus trigger and constant speed control
  • Electric brake
  • 5 position rotating rear handle
  • Reverse button

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Makita EN4951SH Petrol Pole Hedge Trimmer

Makita EN4951SH petrol pole hedge trimmer is a top product for a reason. You can use it for any garden types without any doubts. It is compact, extendable, foldable and powerful petrol hedge trimmer. Comparing to other petrol cutters, this one is quiet.

Be it a residential property or a commercial one, the way you maintain your garden projects, speaks a lot about you. Especially, commercial property owners need to work much harder to maintain their garden projects. Out of many other factors, the quality of your hedge trimmer plays an extremely important role in determining what way your garden projects will turn out into. Speaking about quality, the Makita EN4951SH petrol pole hedge trimmer excels in every respect of the word.

Makita EN4951SH 25.4cc 4-Stroke Pole Hedge Trimmer
  • Environmentally conscious and 25.4 cc four-stroke engine; low noise and clean exhaust emission; low running
  • Multi-position engine lubrication system enables the engine to be inclined to any angle even during continuous operation
  • Recoil starter with automatic decompression
  • Primer pump and diaphragm carburettor
  • Short-shaft provides greater manoeuvrability

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Makita UH6570 Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

The Makita UH6570 Electric Hedge Trimmer has been developed for semi-professional uses. So it is a direct successor to the UH6370. It features new external design and improved handling. A powerful 550 watt motor and heavy duty gearbox will provide you with confidence, that the trimmer for fail and will last for a long time. The handling system gives extra long reach with this electric hedge cutter.

For safety you have four hand positions in any type of scenario. The slipping clutch, combines with the mechanical brake, will stop the trimmer in less than half a second. The high performance blade, which has a tip guard and branch guide, makes maintaining you hedge less of a choir and more of a quick and easy job.

Makita UH6570 240V Electric Hedge Trimmer
  • Blade tip guard to prevent kickback and protect the gears
  • Stain-free shear blade surface of glittering Silver obtained by non-electrolsed nickel plating that features high anti-abrasion surface for long lasting coating
  • Multi-grip system; gripping the Main and sub grips for extra-long reach, front and sub grips for efficient side hedge trimming and front and main grips for easy top of hedge trimming
  • Two handed safety switch in all applications. Each of the three grips is equipped with a grip switch
  • The blades start only when two of the three grip switches are Engaged at once, and stop immediately when one of the two switches is released

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Makita DUH523Z Cordless Hedge Trimmer Review

Makita DUH523Z cordless hedge trimmer is an excellent cutter by respected manufacturer. It belongs to the group of best cordless hedge trimmers capable of caring for your heavy duty trimming job. Makita DUH523Z cuts with ease woody, thick and tall plants. The 18v mobile hedge trimmer comes with excellent features that made it stand out among other hedge trimmers. Notably, it is a great innovation with a whole lot of improvements made over the other Makita DUH models.

Makita DUH523Z Cordless LXT Lithium-Ion Hedge Trimmer (Body Only), 18 V, 52 cm
  • 1350 strokes per minute
  • 15 mm cutting diameter
  • Rubberised soft grip provides comfortable and sure grip, stain-free shear blade surface of glittering silver obtained by non-electrolyzed nickel plating
  • Anti-vibration structure; five cushions to absorb vibration from blade and motor-crank section
  • User-replaceable blade: The blade can be removed without disassembling housing

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Makita HTR5600 Petrol Hedge Trimmer Review

Makita HTR5600 is a mid to high level petrol hedge cutter. This trimmer has a 56 centimeter long blade which is dual action and double sided. Easily cuts through anything. The comfortable handling is provided by the wide trigger control and soft handle. The engine is a bit more powerful than Makita EH7500W model and is also 2 stroke. For sure one of the best petrol hedge trimmer on the market. 

Makita HTR5600 22-inch Petrol Hedgetrimmer
  • 560mm blade (22")
  • Dual action blade for finer cut
  • New lightweight design
  • Wide trigger control and soft grip for comfortable operation
  • Anti vibration system

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Makita EH7500W Petrol Hedge Trimmer Review

This Makita EH7500W cutter features a double sided blade. It is one of the best petrol hedge trimmer and the engine is 2 stroke, 22.2 ml. As expected from a high quality product from Makita hedge trimmer, the engine is compliant with all of the exhaust regulations. One of the standout features of this hedge trimmer is its lightweight. In addition, there are also improvements for low noise, vibration and handling. Also the rotating rear handle can be locked at 5 different positons. Therefore this feature of Makita EH7500W allows you to trim in different angle. 

Makita EH7500W Hedge Trimmer, 680 W, 127 V, LARGE
  • Stain-free shear blade surface of glittering silver obtained by non-electrolysed nickel plating that features high anti-abrasion surface for long lasting coating
  • Forward exhaust direction for operator's health and comfort
  • Specially designed engine: Has a low centre of gravity that provides better balance to the machine
  • Equipped with floating structure of engine section and handle section for anti-vibration; four damper springs absorb vibration from engine to integrated front and rear handles
  • Environment-conscious two-stroke engine developed in compliance with: CARB tier three, EPA phase two, EU stage two safety regulations of the EC directives
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Makita Hedge Trimmer Reviews

Makita Hedge Trimmer Reviews is something that you need to pay attention to. When it comes to outdoor power equipment, Makita is the one stop solution with an array of tools. The company has a wide range of tools for cutting, trimming, pruning, mowing and clean-ups. Some of the most prominent outdoor power equipments that the company manufactures are cordless equipment and power cutters. In addition there are 2 stroke engine chain saw, 4 stroke engine equipment and also corded solution based on advanced motor technology.

Furthermore, the company also manufactures backpack blowers, string trimmers and chain saws. Makita also develops lawn mowers, power cutters, pole pruners, hedge trimmers and so forth.

Here, at Hedge Trimmer Reviews, we will pay attention to Makita Hedge Trimmer Reviews.

Makita Petrol Hedge Trimmer Review

Petrol hedge trimmers comes with either single blades or double side ones. They work efficiently for single and dual action. While most of the blades used in hedge trimmers are 16 as well as 24 inches in length, the company provides shorter blades of 13 inches and longer ones in 30 inches.

Makita Hedge Trimmer Reviews
Hedge trimmer blades precisely slice branches in a clean manner. Furthermore, as these hedge trimmers are gas operated, it involves no hassles. It is clean and easy to operate. One of the greatest advantages of using this petrol hedge trimmer is that it can cut anywhere anytime. There is hardly any requirement for a main power supply.
Makita petrol hedge trimmers which are used for bush pruning are available in different sizes. There are compact light weight models that can be used for domestic purposes. In addition to that, there are powerful machines with long blades that can trim larger hedges. They are  ideal for professional users.

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Makita Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Makita also manufactures most noteworthy outdoor equipment- Makita cordless hedge trimmer. This outdoor tool functions solely on battery power. It has a high powered motor for enhanced cutting speed. It delivers 1, 350 SPM with real efficiency unlike the other cordless motors. In addition, comes with a 22” blade that provides excellent cutting speed and capacity.
The motor of Makita cordless hedge trimmer is with five cushions to suppress vibration and noise. This cordless hedge trimmer is favourite to most users due to its impeccable features. It has an extremely low level of noise which makes it perfect for outdoor uses.

Makita DUH551Z 36 V Cordless li-Ion Hedge Trimmer Review

This Makita hedge cutter is also ingrained with a variety of other attractive features. It has a battery indicator which shows when it is time to recharge the device. While the indicator light switches on, the motor automatically stops indicating that it is out of power. This hedge trimmer is available with a battery and a charger. Both of which are sold separately.

Makita Cordless Hedge Cutters Are Eco-Friendly

Furthermore, it is designed and built by the leader of cordless equipment who delivers only the best products. It can  operate with minimum cost. The equipment is very ergonomical. It is lightweight and therefore quite easy to handle. As the tool can work without the use of gas and oil, it involves no such hassles.

Makita cordless hedge trimmer is one of the finest solution as it has zero emissions. It is also crafted and engineered to produce low sound levels. It comes also with the LXT advantage. These batteries have quick charging capacity. The rapid optimum charger is another extra feature of this outdoor tool.
The equipment can also handle any rough situation. This heavy power machines are able to protect the internal components from dust, debris and water. The company also offers 3 year warranty period on the tools, charger and battery.

Makita Pole Hedge Trimmer

This is probably one of the best outdoor hedge trimmers’ available, thanks to its remarkable features. It comes with a multi position engine that can trim in any position. The machine is suitable for rough and long use without any hassles.
The pole hedge trimmer is also known as long reach hedge trimmer. You may find it as extendable or telescopic hedge trimmer. It is basically a 4 stroke trimmer with a petrol engine. This 4 stroke power equipment is efficient, powerful and quick. It hardly involves the hassles of mixing fuels and equipment failures. It has two comfortable hand grips which enables easy handling and usage.
Since it is light weight, it is easy and comfortable to handle. It has a 25.4cc MM4 stroke engine driven by petrol. The machine has extremely low emission and noise levels which prove to be advantageous.

The Makita pole hedge trimmer can be folded easily at 180° for easy transportation. It is also easy to adjust the head of the trimmer at 135°.

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How to Recognize the Best Pole / Telescopic Hedge Trimmer ?

This pole hedge trimmer is fixed with a double sided cutting blade of 49cms. This blade is adjustable in 13 different ways. It can be tilted up and down in a myriad of ways to cut hedges easily. The equipment also has an in-built clutch which stops the motion of the blade when required. These trimmers comes with an automatic engine decompression. As a result, it enables quick and easier ignition.

It is remarkably easy to maneuver the pole hedge trimmer because of its extra comfortable hand grips. It can be used efficiently to clean and cut hedges in all directions. This garden equipment boosts of some of the best features that are seldom found in other tools.

With clean exhaust emissions and low noise levels, the Makita pole hedge trimmer is definitely one of the best in the industry. It is undeniably manufactured with precision for superior and flawless performance.

Makita EN4950H 25.4cc 4 Stroke Pole Hedge Trimmer
In conclusion, Makita hedge trimmers are innovatory products designed, crafted and engineered by pioneers. It has an unbelievable potential. It enables users to accomplish their tasks without any hassles. These equipments offer much more than convenience and efficiency. It can work outdoors with great ease and competence due to its innate features. The tools are using latest technological features to simplify the task of cutting, trimming, edging and pruning. Makita hedge trimmers are consciously develop to redefine the use of outdoor power equipment.

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