Pole hedge trimmers are essential in the maintenance of your lawn or garden. But you need to have the best long reach hedge trimmer (telescopic) to get the most out of it. It needs to come with an adjustable head and have an extendable reach.

It also needs to have enough cord length to make sure you conveniently use it without changing the outlets repeatedly.

NETTA Pole Hedge Trimmer Long Reach Telescope – 550W (UK available) is one such tool you can go for if you are looking for plenty of power and versatility. It is easy to maneuver and is a highly versatile device.

NETTA Pole Hedge Trimmer Long Reach Telescope - 550W Power, 2.7m Extendable Reach, 135° Adjustable Head, Shoulder Strap & 10m Cable
  • 135° Multi-angle head can be set to different positions across a -45 - 90° for easy horizontal and vertical cutting. Lightweight at 3.7kg
  • Two way safety trigger to avoid accidental operation and a hand protector shield to provide safe use. Features a soft grip handle and shoulder strap for comfortable use
  • Some simple assembly required - easy-to-follow instructions included. The Hedge Trimmer measures L270 (extended) X L220 (not extended) X W17X D18cm
  • Blade Length 45cm , Cutting Capacity 16mm with 10M Cable
  • Blade made of laser-cut and diamond ground steel

NETTA Pole Hedge Trimmer Long Reach Telescope – 550W Pros Review:

  • A multi-angled head with that you can set to different positions according to your cutting needs.
  • You can conveniently manage vertical as well as horizontal cuts without any problems.
  • A two-way safety trigger keeps you safe from any accidental operations.
  • It also comes with a hand protector and has a soft ergonomic grip.
  • There is not much assembly required for using this powerful tool.
  • The blade is made of diamond-ground and laser-cut steel.

Netta Pole Hedge Trimmer Long Reach Telescope 550 W


  • It doesn’t run on a battery, and you need an outlet to power this hedge trimmer.
  • The 10-meter chord might be too short for longer lawns and yards.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Hedge Trimmer

You need to consider various features when choosing the right kind of hedge trimmer for your lawn. It will allow you to go through your DIY lawn maintenance project a lot easier. Just keep your needs and demands in your mind when looking for products to get the most value out of your hard-earned money.

Cutting width

This is by far the most crucial feature you need to consider when buying a hedge trimmer. This cutting width depends upon two aspects. One is the blade gap, and the other one is blade length. Both these factors are critically important to just the cutting width of a hedge trimmer.

With a long blade, the blade gap will be less, and it will significantly improve the cutting ability of a hedge trimmer. You can cut through thicker branches with ease.

Therefore, you should look for a hedge trimmer that has a narrow blade gap or long blades. For a small-sized hedge, you should go for a 46 cm blade or low. For a large shade hedge, you should choose a 56 cm blade or anything above that.

Balance and weight

Another essential feature that you must consider is the overall weight and the balance of the tool you are looking to buy. It would be a better option to consider holding the hedge trimmer in your hand.

Some models have even eight distributions, while others are slightly tilted forward to provide you with effective control in your cuts.

Additional features

There are some additional features that you need to consider as well. For instance, you need to look for a design that comes with different safety features. There should be an automatic brake to stop the blade from running in case of an emergency stop.

Look for a handguard. It will keep your hand safe from the edge, as well as the cuttings and debris that will fly off from the blade.

What Should You Consider When Buying the Netta Pole Hedge Trimmer?

Corded design

You have to keep in mind that if you are looking for a battery-operated hedge trimmer, you need to look away right now because this tool runs on electricity. It means you have to plug it in to start cutting. You must rely on an outlet to have your device plugged in and running to trim your hedge with convenience.

Best suited for a small area

You also have to keep in mind this tool is an exceptional choice for smaller hedges. But with a 45cm blade, it will not do the job effectively for large hedges because you will have to spend hours before you can get through your job. So, it’s not an ideal choice for a large or even a mid-sized lawn.

Simple assembly

This tool is ideal for anyone who doesn’t know much about assembling a power tool like a hedge trimmer. It would be a better option to go with this tool because you don’t have to go through any assembly, and you also don’t get many accessories to complicate things either. Its simplicity at the cost of versatility.

Netta cuts up to 16mm

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Things to Know About Netta Pole Hedge Trimmer

How heavy is this unit?

This is a lightweight unit that only weighs around 8 pounds. So, it is not going to feel that much in your hands. However, if you continue to trim for long hours, you might start to feel it as your hands, and arms get tired.

Can I use the hedge trimmer with the extension pole?

No, you cannot use the hedge trimmer without its extension pole because Netta has made it inbuilt, and it cannot be separated from the main unit for any reason.

What type of battery does it run on?

It doesn’t run on a battery. It’s a corded unit, and you will need an electrical outlet to power it. It means that you will never run out of power and can get your whole lawn done with ease.

Final Thoughts & Review conclusion

The Netta pole hedge trimmer is the right quality product, and it has a versatile design that makes sure you get to every corner of your hedge with ease. However, this is not a battery-operated model, and you will need an electric outlet to power it.

You might get limited for easy maneuverability, but you will never run out of power. Apart from that, you also won’t have to worry about any battery replacement or charging problems when working with this unit.


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