Vertical gardens are one of the easiest ways to fulfill your wish of planting your favorite fruits, veggies, and much more. That method creates a charming garden with practical and straightforward ways. In this article, we will give you some ideas on how to build a vertical garden on a fence with some simple measures.A Vertical Garden On A Fence

Build a vertical garden on a fence:

The steps of building a vertical garden on a fence include:

Building a trellis on the fence

This is the ideal method to cover your unpleasant fence while creating essential privacy for your entire garden and growing your fresh crops in the garden.Trellis

The trellis is the simplest and easiest method to set up. You can use simple supplies for the nearby local hardware store and follow a few simple steps.

You should screw the eyes within the fence in parallel, vertical columns setting them a couple of feet apart. Next, weave the wire or heavy-duty twines through these eyes, creating a lattice for the plants so that they can grow easily. Whatever plant type you plan on growing in the trellis, make sure to create a strong trellis.

For instance, if you love morning glories, you don’t need an extra supportive trellis. However, for squash plants, you would need extra support.

After that, plant your favorite seeds at the trellis or seed the plants on base and train them as they start growing.

If you have a wire fence or chain link, it’s easy as all your work is done. These fencing types are vital to support the climbing plant types.

You can grow all kinds of vining and climbing plants over a trellis ranging from flowers to vegetable plantations. These natural climber plants grasp support and climb upwards while other plants need support for growth.

Installing planters directly on the fence

A planter mounting over the fence is creative. So you can utilize all sorts of items in the form of plantersPlanters Hanging on the Fence and secure them adequately over the fence. To support the planters, fill them with damp soil plus growing plants.

You can also try using soda bottles and recycled cans, window boxes, gutters, or mailboxes for installing plants. The planters mounted over the fence look adorable so you can secure plastic planters over fences to achieve a pretty look.

They seem perfect for supporting the root system of large plants. For an aesthetically appealing look, you can use different colors, sizes, or materials to make your fence look incredible.

Attach a repurposed pallet, using the fence as support.

The recycled wooden pallet, if mounted over a fence, can make your garden look wonderful. In addition, buying pallets are more accessible.Colorful Repurposed Pallet - Idea For A Vertical Garden On A Fence

You can opt for local stores or online digital stores. This is a stunning method to grow herbs or cascading plants such as wave petunias or strawberries.

Make sure to staple the fabric over the back, bottom, and side of the pallet. That helps soil plus water to stay in place. After that, secure your pallets over the fence and fill them using potting soil. Plant them in openings, and your plants will spill over all woods.

Use metal rods or pipe to suspend hanging baskets

You can install metallic pipes or rods for achieving an urban look of your fence. You can use them for hanging baskets. It is an easy, fun-filled project to recycle old leftover pieces or use new supplies for hardware stores.

Create a living green wall

You can create a mesmerizing touch to the walls with a touch of green color. The living green walls add a perfect character to your fencing details. You can make this section of your fence amazing by just adding a pop of green color, dramatically improving the gorgeous look of your home.Living green wall

For creating a green wall, purchase a kit hanging over the fence. It all depends on plantations, budget, design, and economical planter options. Some best plantation options for living on a green wall include succulents, ivy, ferns, philodendron, pothos, herbs, alternanthera, and more.

Using a fence to build a vertical garden is the simplest method for a beautiful garden to maximize the space and create a unique look.

If need a petrol or cordless leaf blower or even an aerator or scarifier, you are on the right place.

Vertical Garden On A Fence FAQs:

How much does it cost to build a vertical garden?

When adding costs for building the actual garden structure, decide which plants you need, watering system plus all supplies, the initial cost is around $150-$300.

What do you need for a vertical garden?

To grow a vertical garden, you need certain things for maintaining proper growth and plantation. Some of the factors include lighting, proper orientation, drainage, water,  nutrition, and maybe a good hedge trimmer to maintain it.

For proper orientation, you’d need to position the wall properly with ultimate shape and sunlight all over the day. To enhance the growth of the vertical garden, you need good drainage giving your plants the right amount of nutrients.Vertical Garden

This is where you’d like to learn more about irrigation systems. They are vital for maintaining vertical gardens. The water flow should be fast, and it should irrigate the garden 4-6 times a day for 10-15 seconds. In addition, creativity and aesthetics are essential factors that improve the vertical garden look creating a magical appearance.

What is more, introducing a vertical garden in green space promotes biodiversity in the urban environment.

What plants are best for a vertical garden?

Plants which are best suited for vertical gardens include:

  • Ferns are humid-resistant and broadly adaptive, so they grow easily and cover a huge area
  • Bromeliads have shallow roots and require little space
  • Vines
  • Succulents
  • Air plants
  • Herbs

Are vertical gardens hard to maintain?Living wall - ecological and beautiful

If you are seeking easy-to-maintain gardens, you can opt for vertical gardens since these gardens are easier to work on- you can work over eye levels without even bending. All you need is a good long-reach trimmer.

Another best thing about vertical gardens is that you can place plants in containers which means less time to fight against diseases and pests.

Vertical Garden On A Fence – Is It For You?

Vertical gardens are a perfect alternative for people who don’t have enough horizontal space to plant their favorite flowers, veggies, herbs, and more.

They are a creative, fun-filled experience that allows you to experiment on various plant types with aesthetics and designs covering the entire space.