The Netta Hedge Trimmer is a 2-in-1 long reach hedge trimmer plus a utility chainsaw. It’s the right choice for all applications, be they light or heavy. With its 45 cm long blade and strong aluminum construction, the Netta can handle most jobs.

But it’s not without flaw. For one thing, it’s a corded electric hedge trimmer. So it won’t compare to the more powerful petrol-powered trimmers. Plus, the pole has no flexibility whatsoever. But you can adjust the angle of the head up to 90 degrees.

All in all, it’s a highly versatile product with a soft grip and shoulder strap making it comfortable to use.

NETTA 2 in 1 Pole Long Reach Hedge Timmer and Chainsaw 710W with Extendable 2.7m, Adjustable Head & 10m Cable
  • 710W 2 IN 1 HEDGE TRIMMER AND CHAIN SAW: This NETTA 710W 2 in 1 Hedge Trimmer and Chain Saw is the ideal solution for combatting the overgrown bushes and hedges in your garden. Boasting a 2.7m reach when extended as well as an adjustable head, you are sure to find using this tool effortless.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT: Weighing just 5.8kg, this 2 in 1 hedge trimmer and chainsaw gives you the freedom to easily move around your garden. This is also aided with the 10m power cable. A shoulder harness is equipped on this tool for easy use.
  • POWERFUL: The powerful 710W motor will provide you with more than enough power to tackle your garden. Featuring a 10” Oregon chain bar and a 45cm hedge trimmer blade length, you are sure to get a clean cut from this tool. This product also comes with a two-way safety switch to avoid accidental use.
  • HEDGE TRIMMER DIMENSIONS: 270cm (extended) or 220cm (not extended) x 17cm x 18cm | CHAINSAW DIMENSIONS: 250cm (extended) or 200cm (not extended) x 22cm x 20cm | WEIGHT: 5.8KG.
  • WARRANTY: We aim to give the best customer service possible. In the unlikely event that this product is at fault, do not worry, as we have you covered with our 365-day warranty. This gives you peace of mind when purchasing a product from us.

NETTA 2-IN-1 Long Reach Hedge Trimmer Pros:

  • 2-in-1 hedge trimmer plus chainsaw.
  • Can cut 4-5-inch-thick branches.
  • The angle of the head is adjustable.
  • Pole length can be adjusted to 2.7 m.
  • Soft auxiliary grip.
  • Shoulder strap included.


  • Cord may interfere.
  • Pole cannot be bent.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Hedge Trimmer:

Before you go on buying a hedge trimmer, it’s important to know what the right one for you is. Here are a few of the major buying factors to consider before buying a hedge trimmer:

Petrol Vs. Electric

The first thing you should consider is how do you want your hedge trimmer to be powered? There are two options: by electricity, and by petrol.

Electric hedge trimmers are the most convenient for most people. They’re small, lightweight, and can be connected to a power outlet or be powered by their battery.

In any case, they’re easier to handle and work with. And the power source is readily available. However, electric hedge trimmers lack the vigor and sheer manpower that petrol hedge trimmers provide.

Petrol hedge trimmers are powered by petrol. But there’s another unique machine here: an engine. These trimmers use either a 2-stroke or a 4-stroke engine, which delivers more power than any electrical circuitry can.

Also known as heat or thermal hedge trimmers, petrol trimmers are quite heavy, noisy, and require a lot of maintenance. Plus, they’re not environmentally friendly either. Use these for applications that require more power.

2-Stroke Vs. 4-Stroke

If you do decide to go for a petrol hedge trimmer, consider the type of engine you want. 4-stroke engines are more efficient and more powerful as compared to their 2-stroke variants. However, 2-stroke engines are easier to maintain.

In addition to that, 2-stroke engines use a mixture of oil and petrol, whereas 4-stroke engines have separate tanks for both. You’ll be better off with a 2-stroke engine in most scenarios. But if you own a large property and have to shape your topiaries frequently, consider a 4-stroke engine.

Petrol Hedge Trimmers Reviews

Corded Vs. Cordless

Corded trimmers can deliver more power for extended periods. And many have significantly long cords to allow for more flexibility. But the cord may get in your way, which can be dangerous when talking about a hedge trimmer.

Cordless hedge trimmers can run for up to 90 minutes continuously. It means they’re suited for a regular hedge trimming job. But for topiary shaping and finer craftsmanship, they won’t last long. Moreover, you’ll need to charge them if you use them every day or so frequently.

Simple Vs. Dual Action Cut

This refers to how the blade moves. Hedge trimmer blades consist of two rows of teeth that sit on top of one another. In a simple action cut trimmer, only one set of teeth moves back and forth over the other. In a dual-action cut trimmer, both sets move against each other.

Theoretically, they both cut the same. But dual-action cut trimmers reduce vibrations significantly and hence reduce heat loss.

Length and Teeth Spacing

Finally, consider the length and the spacing of the teeth. You will choose this based on the size of the hedge you have. Smaller hedges will require a 12-46 cm long blade with a tooth gap of up to 18 mm.

Medium-sized bushes will call for a 47-56 cm long blade and a teeth gap between 18 and 24 mm. Larger hedges should be trimmed with a blade length of 57 cm or higher and a teeth gap of up to 34 mm.

What Should You Consider When To Buy The Netta Hedge Trimmer?

Netta 2 in 1 Long reach hedge trimmer and chainsaw Netta 2 in 1 long reach hedge trimmer and chainsaw multi-angle head Netta 2 in 1 long reach hedge trimmer and chainsaw telescopic handle

2-In-1 Hedge Trimmer + Chainsaw

The Netta Hedge Trimmer features a 2-in-1 hedge trimming head that can be swapped out for a chainsaw. The hedge trimmer head has a wattage of 450 watts and a speed of 1500 rpm. What’s more, it comes with a 10-meter long cord.

The chainsaw is a standard 10” Oregon chain and bar saw with a wattage of 710 watts. The chain can run at a speed of 12.5 m/s with no load.

Multi-Angle Head

For extra flexibility, both the hedge trimmer and the chainsaw head can be adjusted to a certain degree. You can adjust the hedge trimmer from 90 degrees to -45 degrees. And the chainsaw can be rotated from 0 degrees to 30 degrees. IT means you don’t have to turn the entire pole. Just press a button, and the head will rotate on its own.

Adjustable Pole Length

Since each hedge requires a different blade length, why not have an adjustable blade? The Netta hedge trimmer features just that. It has a flexible blade that can be extended in length from 2.2 meters to up to 2.7 meters. This is quite exceptional and will take care of most hedge trimming jobs.

Soft Grip Handle with Shoulder Strap

The Netta hedge trimmer also features a soft and sturdy grip. This grip evenly distributes the weight, so you feel at your max comfort. All the necessary controls, such as lengthy and angle adjustment, are right there on the grip. You also get a comfortable shoulder strap for carrying around the hedge trimmer.

Things to Know About NETTA Hedge Trimmer

What Size Branches Can I Cut with The Hedge Trimmer?

The Netta hedge trimmer is a good choice for branches that are 4-5 inches in thickness. As for the height, the pole can reach up to 2.7 meters. Add that to your height and the 45 cm long blade.

Is the Pole Made from Steel or Aluminum?

The pole is made from a strong aluminum alloy that can withstand water damage.

What Is the Size of The Blade?

The blade of the hedge trimmer is about 45 cm in length.

Final Thoughts & Review Conclusion:

In conclusion, Netta 2 in 1 long reach hedge trimmer and chainsaw is an example of what happens when you combine flexibility with efficiency.So it’s a corded electric trimmer that can be doubled as a chainsaw for taking care of thicker branches.

You can also adjust the angle of the trimmer head to a suitable degree. Unfortunately, the pole cannot be bent and must be used straight.

Netta 2 in 1 long reach hedge trimmer and chainsaw Price in UK