Looking for the best petrol leaf blower for you, but get lost in all the specifications and models? I think you’ve just found what you’ve been looking for. VidaXL 42.7 cc Petrol Power Backpack Leaf Blower is one of the best models on the market at the moment. In this article, I will tell you more about this leaf blower, so you can see if it meets your requirements. Based on that you can then decide if this model is the best choice for you.

It’s that time of the year where we are looking for leaf blowers again. We see the end of summer and it honestly is a bit sad. Summer’s the gardener’s favourite season. Everything’s lush and green, the hedges look their best, the flowers are nice and fresh and everything’s so colourful. Summer’s the season in which you reap what you’ve sawn. You see the result of your efforts, all the work you’ve put in your garden, finally pay off. Sadly, it doesn’t last forever.

vidaXL 42.7 cc 900m³/Hour Petrol Power Backpack Leaf Blower Sweep Handheld Garden Tool
  • Engine: 2-stroke, air-cooled
  • Power: 1.25 kW
  • Speed: 6800 rpm
  • Fuel tank capacity: 1.2 L
  • Displacement: 42.7 cc

VidaXL 42 cc Petrol Leaf Blower – The Obvious Choice

Autumn is approaching rapidly, and we already see a bit of yellow on the leaves. In no time our gardens would be covered in dry leaves and the next work cycle will begin for us gardeners – preparation for winter. The nature of our work will definitely change, but there will still be plenty of work for everyone interested.

VidaXL 42cc Petrol Leaf Blower

I have to admit something. Sometimes I find the task of clearing all the fallen leaves from the ground again and again (as they keep falling) rather boring. However, they say that if you have the right tool, every task could be a breeze. The way I see it is a bit different, though. If I have the right tool, I’d finish the job faster and thus have more time for that cold beer that sits in the fridge waiting for me to finish. But everyone sees the world differently.

Without further adieu, let me give you more information about the company that created the vidaXL 42.7 cc Petrol Power Backpack Leaf Blower. The reason I’m starting with the company behind the tool is that you could learn a lot about the tool you’re about to buy if you do a quick research about the company. It’s probably not a good idea to make a purchase based solely on the brand of the product, but the background of the company is definitely important.

VidaXL 42 cc – The Best Petrol Leaf Blower at an Affordable Price

The most interesting thing about vidaXL is their business model. They do not manufacture, then promote as most of the companies do. VidaXL 42cc work backwards. They supply, whatever customers look for. I will elaborate. What they do is marketing research to establish the customers’ needs, then they negotiate with factories to produce the needed product. Once the factories have manufactured the item, they buy it in bulk- directly from the source. How is this good for me as a customer? Simple. When they place an order for the factory, they optimize the entire process and thus can sell at a lower price. It’s really smart if you think about it. You basically buy the high-quality product you want, but you get it cheaper, as they’ve made some cuts on things that we as customers often don’t care about – the packaging for instance.

That’s it with the company trivia. Now let’s see why vidaXL may be the best petrol leaf blower for you.

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Comfort and Productivity With VidaXL 42 cc Petrol Blower

Let’s start with the design of this tool. Personally I like the idea of a backpack leaf blower. It’s a lot more comfortable to carry it on your back while navigating the air-flow with one hand than carry the whole thing and struggle to operate with it. Let’s be honest, even if the blower is lightweight, you’d still get tired after a while if you have to carry it around by hand.

The wide shoulder straps of this backpack leaf blower make it very comfortable to use for extended periods of time. This means that you’d be able to work more, take fewer brakes, and thus finish the task a lot sooner. Great, isn’t it?

I feel like I should mention the weight of this leaf blower as well. It’s  6.5 kg. That is not exactly lightweight, but I think everyone would be able to manage it comfortably. After all, I still remember my school backpack in sixth grade, and it definitely wasn’t lighter than that.

The Best Petrol Leaf Blower Needs a Powerful Engine

This tool has a 2-stroke air-cooled engine, that will effortlessly clear all the leaves in your garden. The two-stroke engine runs on a mixture of oil and petrol in a certain ratio instead of just petrol, so have that in mind if you choose to purchase it.

Not that it is so hard to refuel, but it could take a bit more time and preparation in advance.  I’ll put here a bit more info about the engine. Its power is 1.25 kW and the speed is 6800 rpm which are quite good specs for a leaf blower. The fuel tank capacity is 1.2 L. This capacity is more than enough for you to finish the job without rushing. Another great thing is that the tank is translucent, so you can see when there’s a need for refueling. No mid-work surprises, we know these are annoying.

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VidaXL 42cc Petrol Leaf Blower – Review Conclusion

The leaf blower features high-speed airflow as well, which is a great perk. This means, that once you start the machine, it will create a whirlwind to help you gather all the fallen leaves. The thumb-operated control handle and the adjustable outlet make your task of clearing the area of all the fallen leaves a lot easier.

As far as noise is concerned, this tool performing ok. It’s not the quietest tool ever made, but it’s not something that will annoy your neighbours too much.

All in all, if you need to clear fallen leaves from driveways, patios, gardens or all of the above, this leaf blower would be a perfect solution. The ergonomic design and the powerful engine would definitely leave you pleasantly surprised.

VidaXL 42cc petrol leaf blower UK