We are reviewing Einhell 118 cc Petrol Lawn Scarifier. Einhell was founded in 1964 and the company has been growing ever since. Nowadays they have over 1600 employees and 40 subsidiaries all over the world. They’ve had a lot of time to claim their place on the international market and to prove themselves as the reliable brand we know today.

Although famous mainly for their DIY tools, their garden section is quite wide and of high quality as well. Einhell 118 cc 40 cm petrol scarifier is proof of that statement. A lot of their customers claim that this is one of the best lawn scarifiers of Einhell so far. And we agree.

Einhell 118 cc 40 cm Petrol Scarifier
  • 4-stroke engine (118cc)
  • Central depth adjustment, 8 levels (20mm)
  • Wide wheels exert less stress on the lawn
  • Ball-bearing cutting unit with 18 high-grade steel blades
  • Recommended for lawn areas up to 1200 m

Einhell 118 cc 40 cm Petrol Scarifier Specifications

It has a powerful 118 cc 4-stroke engine that will perform outstandingly even in the most demanding work. Einhell created this tool for continuous work and amazing results. The tool has 18 high-grade steel blades, that will cut through moss and weeds efficiently and leave your grass growing free and fresh. What is more, this scarifier features a parking position that protects the blades and the standing surface.

Einhell 118 cc 40 cm Petrol Scarifier

You can adjust the working depth of this lawn scarifier to eight different levels according to the soil and vegetation easily. If you decide to use it as a lawn raker, you just set it on the first level, and you will remove just the moss easily without cutting any roots.

The Einhell lawn scarifier is equipped with a set of large wheels in order to cause less stress on the lawn. They distribute the weight evenly and won’t compress the soil while scarifying. This means that if you decide to use a lawn aerator after you’re done scarifying it will take less effort to penetrate the soil as the scarifier won’t additionally compress it.

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The Best Lawn Scarifier Is a Convenient And Powerful Scarifier.

Another advantage of this tool is that it’s cordless, meaning more freedom of work. If your lawn is larger, it will save you a lot of trouble avoiding the cord or finding cord extensions. On top of that, the petrol lawn scarifiers are usually more powerful than electric ones. So you get more comfort and more power.

Einhell 118 cc 40 cm Petrol Scarifier

We all know how daunting it could be to stop every time in order to collect all the removed thatch and throw it away. Einhell 118 cc 40 cm Petrol Scarifier has a 45-litre collection bag. This will ensure fewer trips for emptying it and long, uninterrupted work sessions. This would make the working process smoother and with fewer pauses.

The quality of this scarifier shows with the first look. It comes with a metal housing that will definitely last for a long time. It also has a folding long handle which will save you storage space.

All in all, this scarifier is efficient and reliable. If you want to enjoy a healthy, weed-free lawn, no matter if you are a professional or a hobby gardener, Einhell 118 cc 40 cm petrol scarifier is the best lawn scarifier you can get for the job.

Einhell 118 cc 40 cm Petrol Scarifier Review Conclusion

In conclusion, this Einhell scarifier is fine piece of lawn machinery. It does a great job for sure. As a single negative we may say the collection box is a bit small, but really not a game changer. In the end, it is a real classy aerator available ot the uk market.

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Einhell 118 cc 40 cm Petrol Scarifier in Amazon UK