Makita DUH523Z cordless hedge trimmer is an excellent cutter by respected manufacturer. It belongs to the group of best cordless hedge trimmers capable of caring for your heavy duty trimming job. Makita DUH523Z cuts with ease woody, thick and tall plants. The 18v mobile hedge trimmer comes with excellent features that made it stand out among other hedge trimmers. Notably, it is a great innovation with a whole lot of improvements made over the other Makita DUH models.

Makita DUH523Z Cordless LXT Lithium-Ion Hedge Trimmer (Body Only), 18 V, 52 cm
  • 1350 strokes per minute
  • 15 mm cutting diameter
  • Rubberised soft grip provides comfortable and sure grip, stain-free shear blade surface of glittering silver obtained by non-electrolyzed nickel plating
  • Anti-vibration structure; five cushions to absorb vibration from blade and motor-crank section
  • User-replaceable blade: The blade can be removed without disassembling housing

Makita DUH523Z Key Features

Here, at Best Hedge Trimmers, our experts reveal in depth basically everything you have to know about the trimmer.

The key features of Makita DUH523Z include:

  • blade length of about 520mm (20.4 inches)
  • two handed safety switching
  • continuous run time on a single battery charge approximately 70 minutes.

It also has a soft grip and a low vibration battery capacity lamp for warning. In addition it is compatible with 1.5, 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0Ah Li batteries. The Makita DUH523Z cordless hedge trimmer has a net weight of 3.4 kg and an overall length of about 938 mm. The tooth spacing of 26 mm (1.02 Inches) a worthy companion for your garage.

Makita DUH523Z Cordless Hedge Trimmer 2

Makita DUH523Z Cordless Hedge Trimmer Pros

Makita DUH523Z cordless hedge cutter comes with a user replaceable blade. It could be detached of the main housing and replaced by the user when deemed fit. It is an improvement over other variation of Makita series without a mechanism for changing the tool blade.

Makita DUH523Z comes with a battery protector which automatically shuts off the power once the battery is very low. Also, it has battery capacity lamp which gives a warning by blinking red light when the power is near exhaustion.  In addition a solid red light is blinking when the power is completely exhausted. This mechanism preserves the shelf-life of the equipment.

The anti-vibration structure consists of five cushions. They absorb the vibrations from the blade and the motor-crank section.

The grip is real rubber. This allows a comfortable and firm grip to the user. It, in turn, minimizes injuries to the hand that may occur as a result of extended handling.

Makita’s stain-free shear blade surface prevents rusting of the blade. The bright silver surface got from an electrolyzed nickel coating, and high anti-abrasion surface aids long lasting coating. This is another great improvement over previous variants of Makita hedge trimmers.

The blade length which is about 20.2 inches is suitable for any heavy-duty cutting. Makita blade tooth spacing of 1.04″ confers on it greater capacity for cutting.

Its compatibility with a variety of Li-Ion batteries reduces the issue of scarcity. One most likely to be available at all times.

The dual blade action of the hedge trimmer increases its efficiency and cutting capacity.

Makita DUH523Z 18V 4.0Ah Li-ion Battery

Most of the users prefer to buy extra battery for this cutter. It helps you to use the trimmer for a long period. In addition to that this battery costs less than 60 GBP, which is an awesome price.

The charging time of Makita DUH523Z is less than 36 minutes. For sure this is the best in the business. Another great advantage is that this battery works with the current charger of the trimmer.

Makita’s Li-ion battery comes with a 3-year warranty which is a good bargain for the user.

Lightweight and shock-absorbing. The Li-ion range delivers 430% more working capacity during it’s lifetime compared to Ni-Cad and is 40% Lighter than Ni-MH. The Li-ion has minimal depletion of power during use or in storage over it’s lifetime.

Makita BL1840 Li-ion battery

Makita DC18RC 14.4 – 18 V Li-ion Fast Battery Charger

Makita fast battery charger is another great tool. It is a best seller and most of Makita owners prefer to buy it. The price is even lower than the battery’s one. You can buy it for around 40 GBP.

From a user perspective, it is a pleasure to be able to put a battery on charge.

This Makita battery charger has a cooling fan and active 3 controls. During loading of the charging voltage, the charging current and temperature is held in the holes. Than the cooling system blows cool air into the battery.

There is no memory effect. So batteries can be charged before they are fully discharged. Intelligent charging takes as little as 22 minutes. In addition, this cool feature protects battery from overcharge and damage.

Makita DC18RC 14 4 Rapid Optimum Battery Charger

Makita DUH523Z Review Conclusion

In conclusion, your choice of a hedge trimmer or cutting trimmer is exclusively your decision. However, this review has provided sufficient and relevant information. For sure it would help you in making the right choice. Choosing and buying a hedge trimmer will be an easy job.

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