Makita EN4951SH petrol pole hedge trimmer is a top product for a reason. You can use it for any garden types without any doubts. It is compact, extendable, foldable and powerful petrol hedge trimmer. Comparing to other petrol cutters, this one is quiet.

Be it a residential property or a commercial one, the way you maintain your garden projects, speaks a lot about you. Especially, commercial property owners need to work much harder to maintain their garden projects. Out of many other factors, the quality of your hedge trimmer plays an extremely important role in determining what way your garden projects will turn out into. Speaking about quality, the Makita EN4951SH petrol pole hedge trimmer excels in every respect of the word.

Makita EN4951SH 25.4cc 4-Stroke Pole Hedge Trimmer
  • Environmentally conscious and 25.4 cc four-stroke engine; low noise and clean exhaust emission; low running
  • Multi-position engine lubrication system enables the engine to be inclined to any angle even during continuous operation
  • Recoil starter with automatic decompression
  • Primer pump and diaphragm carburettor
  • Short-shaft provides greater manoeuvrability

Makita EN4951SH Petrol Pole Hedge Trimmer Features Review

The Makita EN4951SH petrol pole hedge trimmer is a powerful tool that helps you cut long reach hedges and branches with utmost ease. With its several user-friendly and safety features, it stands as the best pole hedge trimmer. Take a look at its exclusive features that makes it so special and unique.

Makita EN4951SH Petrol Pole Hedge Trimmer UK


This petrol pole hedge trimmer is specially designed to handle far more power loading than the traditional pole hedge trimmers. This makes it the perfect choice for commercial garden projects. It is made with three sided blade teeth helps to cut the thickest branches with utmost ease. The powerful performance provided by the Makita makes it stand as the best pole hedge trimmer.


The efficient results that the Makita pole hedge cutter provides for your garden projects makes it one of the best pole hedge trimmers. This cutter features three sided blade teeth. These blade teeth are sharpened on all the edges to provide really clean cuts for your hedges and branches. All the more, the improved technology by Makita helps you achieve the desired finish for your garden projects with great efficiency.

Makita EN4951SH petrol pole hedge trimmer England

More Important Features

It is hard to find hedge trimmers that function efficiently without making much noise. It is especially relevant when talking for petrol hedge cutters.


Happy to say, this Makita hedge trimmer is an exception. This petrol machine comes with the additional benefit of low noise due to its inbuilt design. So next time you cut your hedges using this machine you need not worry about bothering your neighbours with the sound of it. The Makita cutter offers a rare combination of quality cuts and user friendly functionality. This is another quality that makes it so special out of all hedge trimmers on the market.


Furthermore, another feature that makes this pole hedge trimmer remarkable is its ability to work in versatile blade positions. This pole hedge trimmer is specially designed with an adjustable head that helps you change up to 13 angles to reach the desired targets. You can change blade positions to reach different angles by simply operating a lever. As a result, you get amazing results for your garden projects. So go for it if you wish to create a wonderful effect for your garden projects.

Safety First With Makita EN4951SH Petrol Pole Hedge Trimmer

When operating with power tools, the safety is top priority. No compromises. Makita is top manufactuter and you have not to worry when using all their products.

  • Safe Storage

Storage and transport features are equally important while looking for the best hedge trimmer. You need proper storage and easy transport to ensure a user friendly experience while using the hedge trimmer. The Makita EN4951SH petrol pole hedge trimmer excels in this department too! It is designed with a foldable blade system that helps in easy transport of the tool. Furthermore, you even get a built in clutch that helps you stop the blade from motion while folding it.

  • Low vibration

Many a times operating a hedge trimmer becomes quite a task due to high intensity vibration felt while using it. Hedge trimmers with high vibration not only make the job quite difficult, but also unsafe. This Makita pole hedge trimmer stands apart from other trimmers in this aspect. It is made with a well balanced design followed by a low vibration feature.

The low vibration feature of this hedge cutter works extremely well for providing a safe user experience. Using the Makita EN4951SH petrol pole hedge trimmer, you can go ahead with the trimming job in the most convenient way possible. Hence, in terms of safety and convenience of usage, this one stands as the best petrol hedge trimmer.

Easy Horizontal Cutting - Great Britain

Comfort and Control

  • Comfortable Trimmer

Very often, trimming and cutting hedges leaves you all fatigued at the end of the day. This happens due to uncomfortable postures you take while handling the hedge trimmer machine. On the other hand, working with the Makita cutter offers you a completely different experience. It is designed with a large loop handle that helps you work with great comfort and ease. It doesn’t require you at all to compromise on your comfort while cutting hedges. Hence, this product is of the very top when it comes to ease of use and comfort.

  • Better Control

Having a hedge trimmer that gives you great control is quite rare. The Makita EN4951SH pole hedge trimmer comes in the category of hedge trimmers that offers you great control while giving shape to your garden projects. Better control means that you can give the desired shape to your hedges. This is another significant factor that makes this hedge cutter one of the best petrol pole hedge trimmers. This  one works efficiently on your hedges and branches without making you feel any pain and discomfort. It is an ideal hedge cutter that operates wonderfully for all your garden projects.

Safety usage of Makita hedge cutter

Review Conclusion

On the whole, the Makita EN4951SH pole hedge trimmer is ideal for both residential as well as commercial garden projects of all shapes and sizes. It is a must have for all garden lovers who strive to get the best tools to maintain their hedges and other garden projects. It is unique in the way that it helps you achieve great cutting experience for your hedges, without compromising on your comfort and convenience.

Makita EN4951SH Petrol Pole Hedge Trimmer UK