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VidaXL 42 cc Petrol Leaf Blower

Looking for the best petrol leaf blower for you, but get lost in all the specifications and models? I think you’ve just found what you’ve been looking for. VidaXL 42.7 cc Petrol Power Backpack Leaf Blower is one of the best models on the market at the moment. In this article, I will tell you more about this leaf blower, so you can see if it meets your requirements. Based on that you can then decide if this model is the best choice for you.

It’s that time of the year where we are looking for leaf blowers again. We see the end of summer and it honestly is a bit sad. Summer’s the gardener’s favourite season. Everything’s lush and green, the hedges look their best, the flowers are nice and fresh and everything’s so colourful. Summer’s the season in which you reap what you’ve sawn. You see the result of your efforts, all the work you’ve put in your garden, finally pay off. Sadly, it doesn’t last forever.

vidaXL 42.7 cc 900m³/Hour Petrol Power Backpack Leaf Blower Sweep Handheld Garden Tool
  • Engine: 2-stroke, air-cooled
  • Power: 1.25 kW
  • Speed: 6800 rpm
  • Fuel tank capacity: 1.2 L
  • Displacement: 42.7 cc

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Makita BHX2501 Petrol Leaf Blower Review

If you’re looking for the best petrol leaf blower, that could take on any work, no matter how demanding, you might have just found what you’re looking for. Power, efficiency and compact design. Those are the words that best describe the Makita BHX2501. This handheld leaf blower will blow you away with its impressive parameters.  It will definitely be a great addition to all your garden tools.

Makita BHX2501 24.5 cc 4-Stroke Petrol Handheld Leaf Blower
  • 4-stroke engine for fewer emissions and more efficient fuel consumption
  • Mechanical decompression system for consistently easy starting
  • 2 part blower tube for easy storage in cramped sheds and garages
  • Compact and lightweight

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McCulloch GB 355 BP Petrol Leaf Blower Review

With autumn only a couple months away, it’s time to start thinking about the work that comes with the first fallen leaves. A major part of that work is clearing the fallen leaves off the ground. This is why we are going to be reviewing McCulloch GB 355 BP Backpack Leaf Blower. It is one of the best petrol leaf blowers on the uk market at the moment.

All of us keen gardeners want to have well-kept gardens, that we could brag with to everyone. If you are anything like me, you are familiar with the feeling of that pride, when someone compliments your garden. Of course, we’re allowed to be proud of our creations. A lot of effort goes into maintaining a garden, no matter how small or big it is. We dedicate time and money so that our gardens could be as beautiful as they are. This is why, even though it is still summer, we start preparing for the autumn work. When the time comes we will be ready.

Clearing the leaves is a bit of a daunting task, to be honest, but with the right tool, any activity could be a breeze. Now let’s get to the point and look into one of the best petrol leaf blowers on the market at the moment – McCulloch GB 355 BP Backpack Leaf Blower.

McCulloch GB 355 BP Backpack Leaf Blower: Leaf Blower/Garden Vacuum with 1500 W Engine Power, Variable Speed, with Backpack (Article Number: 00096-70-887.01)
  • Professional appliance: Backpack leaf blower with 1500 W engine power, 355 km/h blower speed, improved comfort thanks to adjustable shoulder straps
  • Maximum comfort: Thanks to the backpack function, the leaf blower engine can be strapped to your back and started using the cord start feature
  • Maximum user-friendliness: The appliance is fitted with an anti-vibration system to make work as comfortable as possible. The gas lever position can easily be adjusted
  • Flexible air speed: The air speed can be adjusted and speed control is integrated to ensure that work remains comfortable even over longer periods of time
  • Scope of delivery includes: 1x McCulloch GB 355 BP backpack leaf blower (Article Number: 00096-70.887.01)

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Best Petrol Leaf Blowers Reviews

In the midst of summer, no one wants to think about falling leaves and colder days. I know, we all feel that way. However, autumn will inevitably come and there will be some work for us to do. Cleaning our gardens from all the fallen leaves is just one of the tasks that await us. A petrol leaf blower can help you have a spotless garden in no time. If you are anything like me, you’d probably leave the daunting task of choosing and buying tools for the last moment. I get you, I don’t like to spend my time in research as well. This is why we at Leaf Blower Reviews gathered the information below. So it could help you choose the best petrol leaf blower for your garden.

Leaf blowers are a handy tool to have around the house. It definitely saves a lot of time and effort. Buying a leaf blower seems like an easy task. At first, you’d probably think that there’s not much to consider when choosing the best leaf blower for you. As you start with your research you will probably find that a great number of things play an important role in the comfort, performance and durability of a leaf blower.

best petrol leaf blower

In this article, we’ll be focusing only on the petrol leaf blowers. We’ll walk you through the most important specs they have. We’ll explain more about what to look for and hopefully, we’ll help you choose the best petrol leaf blower for you.

Why Petrol Leaf Blower?

Before we dive in all the specifications, it’s important to mention the advantages of a petrol leaf blower to an electric leaf blower.

First of all, petrol leaf blowers are generally more powerful than electric ones. So if you have a bigger place to maintain or if you plan on using it for demanding work, the petrol leaf blower will definitely be more suitable than the electric one. Secondly, The petrol leaf blowers are cordless, unlike the electric ones. Having to consider a cord, or having to look for a power socket could really take a lot of time. And to be honest it’s quite frustrating. For instance, if you are a professional and you go to different gardens for maintaining them, you would definitely see that a lot of the outdoor spaces have no convenient power socket. This means that you’d waste a lot of time till you find a power strip, so you can begin working. With a petrol leaf blowers, this issue would simply be non-existent.

Engine and Fuel Tank

Petrol leaf blowers fall into two main categories according to their engines- leaf blowers with two-stroke and four-stroke engines.

The leaf blowers with four-stroke engines are usually quieter, easier to start and are easy to fill up, as they need only petrol. Of course, these perks come with a price. Usually, these tools are quite expensive, but they definitely live up to anyone’s expectations.

Leaf blowers with two-stroke engines are more commonly used, probably due to the lower price they have, compared to the four-stroke ones. These leaf blowers are fueled with a mixture of petrol and oil in a certain ratio which may mean more time for refills, but overall they have a quite good performance as well.

Speaking of fuel, another very important thing to look for Is fuel efficiency. You should definitely consider it when choosing a leaf blower. Spending more for fuel than you actually need is no fun for anyone.

Besides the engine, the size of the fuel tank is also quite important when you choose a suitable tool. If you have a bigger space to take care of, the bigger fuel tank would be the better choice. Although heavier, it will let you do more work at once, with no need to stop to refuel as often. However, if your space is smaller, a small tank would be the better choice, since you won’t have to carry so much weight.

Review The Types of Petrol Leaf Blowers

According to the way you carry them, the leaf blowers fall into a few categories.

The first category is the Sweeper Blowers. They are considered light-duty and are not suitable for heavy work. The lightweight electric design is ideal for cleaning up small areas.

The second category is the handheld leaf blowers. They are suitable for people that need to clean up their garden, or the fallen leaves outside of their home. Handheld leaf blowers are usually not as powerful and are meant for home-use, and no demanding tasks. They are light and comfortable to carry around.

The other category is the backpack leaf blowers. Customers usually opt for them if they have some demanding work to do or if they’ll use it professionally. By carrying it as a backpack, the weight of the machine is evenly distributed, so it would be easier for the user to manoeuvre.

The walk-behind blowers are created for a heavy-duty cleanup job. These leaf blowers offer more power and comfort when cleaning some large areas.

Other Specifications For Leaf Blowers

Those are a few of the numerous things one has to consider when buying a leaf blower. There are a lot more things to pay attention to in order to choose the best petrol leaf blower for you. The power, airspeed, engine-size specifications, cubic centimetres and so on are just some of the things that play an important role in the overall performance of the tool as well.

Other aspects to look into when you choose the best petrol leaf blower for you are the ergonomics and usability. Chances are, you’ll be holding the leaf blower for a good length of time. In order to avoid inconveniences, it’s best if you pay attention to the handle or straps before you buy the tool. If they are not well-padded or convenient enough you may have a hard time working with the tool. This would lead to fatigue and a need for more breaks, meaning you’d need more time to finish the job.

Most of the leaf blowers double as vacuums or mulchers. A lot of people prefer buying one of these multifunctional tools, since you won’t need different appliances to blow the dead leaves, and then to clear them. It’s a good investment overall, just have in mind that not all the blowers, perform well as vacuums. Sometimes the price is not worth the performance with these double-duty rigs.