If you’re looking for the best petrol leaf blower, that could take on any work, no matter how demanding, you might have just found what you’re looking for. Power, efficiency and compact design. Those are the words that best describe the Makita BHX2501. This handheld leaf blower will blow you away with its impressive parameters.  It will definitely be a great addition to all your garden tools.

Makita BHX2501 24.5 cc 4-Stroke Petrol Handheld Leaf Blower
  • 4-stroke engine for fewer emissions and more efficient fuel consumption
  • Mechanical decompression system for consistently easy starting
  • 2 part blower tube for easy storage in cramped sheds and garages
  • Compact and lightweight

The Creators of The Best Petrol Leaf Blowers

Before we dig into the details that make this leaf blower one of the best petrol leaf blowers on the market, let us start with a little bit information about the company that created it.

Makita specializes in the manufacturing of power tools. They have over 100 years of experience and have established themselves on the market as a company that provides reliable performance and top quality. They are one of the most preferred brands in the world nowadays. Makita has loyal customers all over the world- from its headquarters in Japan to the UK. Their main belief is that a good tool needs a good motor. Тhis is why they put their efforts into creating powerful tools that can withstand any kind of work. Probably this is the reason why most of the professionals choose this brand.

In order to ensure the reliability of each tool they create, there are a number of quality control tests that each and every machine must pass in order to reach the market. The motor alone has to pass 19 tests, just so that you can get the idea.

Makita is definitely one of the top brands. It has proven its reliability over the years and it seems like it’s here to stay.

But enough about the company. Let’s see what is so special about Makita BHX2501, that it deserves your attention.

What Makes Makita BHX2501 the Best Petrol Leaf Blower?

Firstly, we are going to talk about the engine. The four-stroke engine of this machine would definitely capture your attention. As you probably know most of the garden tools, especially leaf blowers are generally manufactured with a two-stroke engine. So what is the difference between a four-stroke and a two-stroke engine?

Makita BHX2501 best petrol leaf blower

The main advantage of the leaf blowers with two-stroke engines is that they are usually cheaper, though they are less powerful. The low price makes them popular among users, and this is the reason why most of the leaf blowers on the market have this type of engine. Makita has found the balance between price and power, however. Makita BHX2501 can offer you a lot of power at an affordable price. True to its brand, this model offers top quality, of course, that you’ll notice immediately upon starting to work with it. The engine runs smoothly and the air-flow is strong.


As far as maintenance is concerned, the four-stroke engines are a lot easier to maintain, compared to the two-stroke ones.

While the two-stroke engines need a mixture of oil and petrol in a specific ratio in order to function properly, the four-stroke engines need only petrol. This is a great advantage because it would save you tons of time. Imagine you have a lot of work to do and you need to refuel mid-work. If you are using a leaf blower with a two-stroke engine, you’d lose a lot of time, playing a master chemist, mixing and measuring before you can continue with your tasks.

With the four-stroke engine, the refuel is a breeze. First step- get petrol, second step – put petrol in tank. You’re done! Simple and effective. What is more, you won’t lose your flow, which is also important. We all know that if we interrupt our work, we might lose motivation to finish the task at hand. When you take a break, I don’t really know what happens, but it seems like you get tired the moment you stop working. I’m sure it’s not just me. However, with the easy refill of the four-stroke engine, hopefully, you won’t have that issue.

So far we know that Makita BHX2501 is affordable and easy to maintain. Shall I go all teleshop on you and say “But wait, there’s more!”? Well, there is.

The four-stroke engine ensures not only power and great performance, but also efficient fuel consumption and reduced emissions. So with this tool, you’re thinking about the environment and your pocket at the same time.

Other specifications

The mechanical decompression system that this leaf blower is equipped with ensures consistent easy starting and the electronic ignition makes for easy recoil pulling. Another great thing about this leaf blower is that it has a two-part blower tube, which makes it easy to store, especially if you have limited storage space.

Makita Handheld Petrol Leaf Blower

Let’s not forget to mention that this handheld blower falls in the lightweight category. With a weight of 4.4kg, it is quite light for a petrol leaf blower and it would be easy to work with. The translucent tank of the tool makes it quite easy to see if you have enough fuel. What is more, the tank has a big opening as well, which makes for easy refilling.

We all know that leaf blowers that need petrol to function are way noisier, compared to the battery-powered or electric option. This is true, however, this model has a large capacity muffler, which allows for quiet operation. Who said that if you want a powerful leaf blower, you’d have to put up with the loud noise?

The flat nozzle that this tool is equipped with makes it easy to convert the leaf blower into a powerful vacuum cleaner. It’s great, isn’t it? You buy one tool, and you get to use two. I think this is a great advantage.

Review Conclusion

All in all, this tool has it all. No matter if you have a small backyard to take care of or if you own a few gardens that need your attention this leaf blower will not disappoint. The power and reliability of this leaf blower make it the best leaf blower according to a lot of professionals. Having in mind that their work is always demanding and there’s no room for compromise, this is a big statement. No doubt, with this model, Makita’s experience and reliability as a brand really show.

Makita BHX2501 petrol leaf blower UK