The Ryobi BCL14181H ONE+ Fast Charger is a reliable, versatile and efficient all-rounder charger that helps you save money. Ryobi BCL14181H ONE+ Fast ChargerYou don’t need to have four chargers in your tool box as the Ryobi Fast Charger can charge both 18V and 14.4V Ryobi batteries. Whether it’s a Lithium-ion or NiCad, the Ryobi BCL14181H can charge any battery within 1 hour. This helps you save time.

Ryobi BCL14181H ONE+ Fast Charger Key Features

It is not a secret that Ryobi are producing one of the best cordless hedge trimmers on the market.  Therefore, they develop great attachments for them: batteries, fast chargers and so on.

  • LED charge indicators
  • 14-18 Volt
  • Capable of charging 1.3Ah batteries within 45 minutes
  • Dual chemistry capacity makes it compatible with all Ryobi 18V batteries
  • Can charges batteries in a temperature range of 0°Celsius to 50° Celsius

Another great features are:

Indicator Lights

The charger’s indicator lights also indicate the charge and health status of your battery. Moreover, it is compatible with all tools included in the ONE+ product line. The Ryobi Fast Charger works well with both old and new ONE+ batteries.

Battery Maintenance

The Ryobi Fast Charger has an extra maintenance function that lets you store the batteries on the charger, so they’re completely charged and ready to be used anytime.


For sure it is  one of its greatest features. Here, at Hedge Trimmer Reviews, we have the following models, compatible with Ryobi BCL14181H ONE+ Fast Charger:


Ryobi BCL14181H ONE+ Fast Charger Pros Review

Wall Mountable

The Ryobi Fast Charger allows to you get your batteries powered up in just one hour. You can also see how charged the batteries are thanks to its helpful display. The charger is wall mountable, making it ideal for those with a limited amount of space. Even if your room is not very large, you can still use the Ryobi Fast Charger to charge your batteries and do your work at the same time.

Dual Chemistry

Its dual chemistry means you can recharge Lithium-ion or NiCad battery packs with this charger. Whether you are using an 18V battery or a 14.4V battery, the Ryobi Fast Charger is perfect for your needs. You don’t need to buy separate chargers for your 14.4V and 18V batteries. You only need the Ryobi BCL14181H ONE+ Fast Charger to get your batteries going.


The smart compact design of this charger makes it portable and easy to store. Collecting various tools and hardware is now easier with the Ryobi Fast Charger. It is safe to use, so you can use it with peace of mind. If you have Ryobi Lithium-ion or NiCad batteries, the Ryobi BCL14181H ONE+ Fast Charger is a great addition to your tool kit.


The Ryobi BCL14181H ONE+ Fast Charger can fully charge a 1.5Ah Ryobi battery in only one hour and a 1.3Ah battery in just 45 minutes.



Some users say that the Ryobi BCL14181H ONE+ Fast Charger feels very flimsy compared to other chargers. However, its dual chemistry function is extremely convenient for charging old and new batteries.

Ryobi BCL14181H ONE+ Fast Charger Review Conclusion

The Ryobi Fast Charger is perfect for those who love doing DIY jobs. The fast charge time allows you to get your batteries ready to work in just one hour. Its helpful display also has a fuel gauge that shows the charge status of your battery. The Ryobi BCL14181H ONE+ Fast Charger can be wall mounted, so it’s easily accessible and very convenient to use.


Ryobi BCL14181H ONE+ Fast Charger