Trimming your hedges is a great way that bolsters the beauty of your back yard. Furthermore, regular pruning aids in protecting and preventing risk of further decay of hedges.  In addition, it also enhances the charm of most landscapes, gardens, shrubs, and trees.  Here is a secret to make your neighbors envious of your well-maintained garden hedge. As a result Ryobi RHT6560RL Hedge Trimmer with Hedge Sweep is a terrific way of shaping your hedges and doubling your joy of a beautiful landscape at your doorstep. We are fully describe this electric hedge trimmer in the following review.

Ryobi RHT6560RL Hedge Trimmer with HedgeSweep, 650W
  • Unique rotating rear handle and a large loop front trigger making it possible to cut hedges at different angles.
  • Live tool Indicator trade; glows blue when the tool is plugged into a power supply.
  • Blade Length: 60cm.
  • Cutting Capacity: 27mm.

Ryobi RHT6560RL  Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

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A powerful Ryobi RHT6560RL Hedge Trimmer with Hedge Sweep can give attractive shape to your hedges. Hedge trimmer with hedge sweep has millions of satisfied users.  They vouch for its reliability and quality.  The gardener could easily trim the hedges for around two hours at a stretch without heating up the tool.   It is especially relevant to mention that the rotating handle of electric hedge trimmer is so convenient that the gardener does not experience any aches or pains while reaching the toughest angled offshoot.

The comfortable grip at the handle enables the gardener to maintain a good balance with this technical tool.  The dual blade has diamond ground with 30mm gap which cuts the awkward branches with much ease.  The double sided blades are 60 cm thick and have the capacity to cut branches that are about 30mm thick in diameter.  Ryobi RHT6560RL Hedge Trimmer is compatible with Hedge Sweep and is included with the standard product.  In spite of being tough on hedges, it assures safety and comfort to the gardeners.

Ryobi RHT6560RL Hedge Trimmer 650 W – Ideal Solution For Small and Menidum Hedges

Ryobi RHT6560RL Hedge Trimmer 650 W with Hedge Sweep is the best tool to tend medium and large hedges.  Due to its laser cut blade, it provides unparalleled performance.  As a result of the long blade, the gardener can conveniently reach the top of the hedge even without climbing the ladder.

Ryobi is a well-established brand name which has been making continuous endeavour in simplifying life with innovative power tools.  Ryobi is specialised and the world’s largest power tool manufacturers.  The reliability of its products has won millions of hearts of homeowners, craftspeople, gardeners, hobbyist, etc.  Since the product is imported, it takes roughly one to three weeks for shipment.  It is one of the best electric hedge trimmers in the market.

Ryobi RHT6560RL Hedge Trimmer 650 W Features

Ryobi RHT6560RL Hedge Trimmer with Hedge Sweep can be considered as one of the most useful tools for the gardeners.

This Ryobi electric hedge trimmer review, will describe all vital features of the model.

  • It has 60 cm laser cut, diamond ground blades.
  • It is light in weight.
  • This electrical hedge trimmer has rotating handle and comes with anti jamming system.
  • Electrical hedge trimmer has 30 mm blade gap and sawing function.
  • It has long blades
  • The 650W motor of electrical hedge trimmer is very powerful.
  • It comes along with Hedge Sweep.
  • The electric hedge trimmer weighs 4.6 kg.
  • It requires 230 volts to function.
  • Electric hedge trimmer needs AC power source.
  • The dimension of this trimmer tool is 22.5 x 110 x 18.5 cm
  • Ryobi RHT6560RL Hedge Trimmer with Hedge Sweep is available in two colours – green and black
  • No batteries are required for its operation.
  • Ryobi RHT6560RL Hedge Trimmer with Hedge Sweep is an imported from U.K.

Ryobi RHT6560RL Electric Hedge Trimmer with HedgeSweep Review


  • It can be suitably used by even novice gardeners.
  • Due to its anti-jamming technology, accidental blocking can be prevented.
  • It gives a sharp, clean cut even to the thickest branch.
  • The electric hedge trimmer will not show signs of overheating.
  • It will show sign of electricity reception as the trade indicator glows blue in color when the unit is plugged in to the mains.
  • Since, it has 30 mm blade gap and sawing function, this electrical hedge trimmer is capable of cutting even the largest branch.
  • Ryobi  rotating handle makes is extremely convenient to cut the most difficult positioned branches.
  • Rear handles has the ability to rotate in five different positions and also combines with front loop handle for smooth cut.
  • The Hedge Sweep is a complementary attachment with this product which allows the gardeners to simply sweep the bushes as they trim. Therefore Hedge Sweep saves ample time and energy of cleaning up the residues resulting from trimming.
  • The blade has wonderful sawing function towards the end of the blade which gives an effortless cut to even the most stubborn branch.
  • Unlike, petrol hedge trimmer, it saves a lot of your time and energy from the difficult task of refilling petrol and mixing oil to run the engine.
Another great features:

The ultra-modern hedge trimmer runs on electricity. It has a great advantage over petrol hedge trimmer as it is comparatively less noisy. The best part of electric hedge trimmer is that it does not emit noxious fumes like its counterpart gasoline hedge trimmer.

  • It can operate up to100 feet away from the electrical outlet.
  • Electrical hedge trimmer with hedge sweeper is cost effective.
  • Since, it does not emit fumes like petrol hedge trimmer; it is friendly to our environment.
  • It does not run on battery. Therefore, the gardener does not have to worry about recharging the batteries.
  • Ryobi RHT6560RL Hedge Trimmer with Hedge Sweep is available in attractive green and beautiful black colors.
  • Since, the product comes with twelve months of warranty, the purchaser does not have to worry about any damage for at least one year.
  • There is no hidden cost as taxes and custom duties are inclusive of the price.

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  • You will have to plug it in to the nearest electrical socket.
  • It robs the gardener from the freedom of carrying the trimmer further away from the electrical outlet.
  • The electrical hedge trimmer will not allow you to use multiple extension cords as it is dangerous.
  • It will incur electricity bill.
  • There is a risk of cutting power lead.

Ryobi RHT6560RL Hedge Trimmer Review Conclusion

Gone are the days of aching arms and sweating foreheads while trimming the hedges with manual shears.  The innovative technology and latest design of Ryobi RHT6560RL Hedge Trimmer with Hedge Sweep is meant to make life less complicated.  So, with the help of electric hedge trimmer, gardening can become a hobby, rather than a task.  Therefore, you would love spending time in your garden.

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