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Best Electric Hedge Trimmers

Best electric hedge trimmers are the first option for small and medium gardens. They are also known as corded electric hedge trimmers. Here at best electric hedge trimmer reviews we will use both terms. These machines are light and easy. Thanks to the introduction of the electric hedge cutters, today anyone can enjoy a beautiful garden without aching arms. With the best electric hedge trimmer, all your trimming jobs can now be done safely and easily.Best Electric Hedge Trimmers Review

The market is populated with different types of electric hedge trimmers. Each of them is just as capable as the others at keeping your unruly garden in check. It is important you weigh up the pros and cons of each trimmer when choosing the best for your needs.

Generally, the length of the blade determines how fast the trimming job will be. However, these blades do not come cheap and they require more power to function. So, how to choose the best electric hedge trimmer for your cutting and trimming job? Read through this electric hedge trimmers reviews and you will find the right one for your requirements.

Best Electric Hedge Trimmers Features

Due to its ability to make the job of keeping hedges quicker and easier, as well as effectively control garden growth, the best electric hedge cutters has risen to become one essential piece of garden equipment most homeowners and garden tenders desire to have.
Usually, best electric hedge trimmers are lightweight and quiet. They are powerfully built to be efficient. You can easily reach all your hedges within the range of the attached cable and possibly an extension cord. Obviously, they are the most cost-effective choice.

Best Electric Hedge Trimmers vs Other Models.

Unlike cordless trimmers, electric hedge trimmers do not suffer from a limited run time between charges. They are the least expensive type of trimmers available to buy on the market.  Therefore there is hardly any costly ongoing maintenance with them.
Although, most commercial users prefer gasoline as their power unit of choice. The performance and power of a modern electric trimmer may surprise you. Even after being stored all winter, best electric hedge trimmer can still trim with ease. It will start with a push of a button since it requires no gasoline engine to service and no fuel to mix. Amazingly, these modern electric trimmers are almost as powerful as their gasoline counterparts.

Unlike gasoline and cordless trimmers of equal performance, best electric hedge trimmers are generally are more lightweight. They don’t produce noxious exhaust fumes and are less noisy than gasoline trimmers.
However, an electric trimmer can only be used within the range of its electrical outlet i.e. it cannot be used too far away. In common case their limit is 100 feet away. An electric model is ideal for a small yard that only requires an occasional trim. When working with an electric hedge cutter, it is advisable to always use a GFCI power outlet. It will protect yourself from electric shock in case you accidentally cut the cord.

Best Electric Hedge Trimmers Pros.

  • Generally, the best electric hedge trimmers are known to be very cost-effective. Unlike other types of hedge trimmers, best electric hedge trimmers are relatively inexpensive to invest in.
  • They are also not expensive to buy. Costing around $100 or so, they are cheaper than cordless and petrol hedge trimmers.
  • When compared with many other trimmers on the market, electric hedge trimmers require far less maintenance. You shouldn’t have to do much apart from keeping the machine clean at all times.
  • With the availability of constant power supply, they are capable of doing quite as much as gasoline hedge trimmers. In other words, they can be almost as powerful.

Electric hedge trimmers reviews of cons.

  • Even the best electric hedge trimmers cannot function without access to mains power.
  • There is every possibility to accidentally cut the power cable.
  • The machine brings about significant restriction while in use as it needs to be plugged into a power outlet. So, it restricts you to only where it can be used.
  • There are still some others on the market that are more powerful than these electric models. In fact, some of your garden debris may not be suitable for the blade.

Electric Hedge Trimmers Review of Safety.

As a power garden tool, an electric hedge trimmer must be used correctly and safely if it is to be highly effective. So, if you are looking to get the most out of your electric hedge cutter, here are some relevant techniques and safety tips you need to follow.

Depending on the distance of your hedges from the house, you may require a long extension lead so as to be able to connect your electric hedge trimmer to the mains and cover a wide range. When working with an electric hedge trimmer, it is highly recommended to get the cable out of the way of the blade. If possible, place it over your shoulder so as to avoid cutting the cord.

If not handled properly, the electric hedge trimmer is a powerful tool that can rebound and cause serious injuries on its user. So, you must exercise full caution when operate even with the best electric hedge trimmers. If you have a large yard or an older home with few outdoor outlets, bear in mind that you should never use multiple extension leads to make up the distance.

If any parts or the cord are damaged, it is best never to use the tool. This emphasizes the need to regular inspect tool for damaged cords and parts. Avoid use in damp or rainy weather to avoid being electrocuted. Apart from increasing the chances of electric shock, fatal accidents may occur from slippery terrains.

Our experts at best hedge trimmer advice if you have small garden and enough power outlets to go for electric hedge trimmer. Below you can read our electric hedge trimmers reviews.

VonHaus 450W Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

Are you one of those unfortunate souls who have recently realised that maintaining a garden is not as easy as you had thought it would be? No more worries, we offer you VonHaus 450w Electic Hedge Trimmer. It is a great tool, suitable for everyone. This electric hedge cutter is lightweight and comes with long blade. If you are fighting a losing battle with your hedges, worry not because your search for the ultimate garden weapon is over. Tidy up your garden with VonHaus 450w Electric Hedge Trimmer. Sure, maintaining a garden requires tremendous amount of hard work, patience and precision. However, it also needs the right kind of tools for different tasks.
VonHaus 450w Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

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Ryobi RHT6560RL Electric Hedge Trimmer

Trimming your hedges is a great way that bolsters the beauty of your back yard. Furthermore, regular pruning aids in protecting and preventing risk of further decay of hedges.  In addition, it also enhances the charm of most landscapes, gardens, shrubs, and trees.  Here is a secret to make your neighbors envious of your well-maintained garden hedge. As a result Ryobi RHT6560RL Hedge Trimmer with Hedge Sweep is a terrific way of shaping your hedges and doubling your joy of a beautiful landscape at your doorstep.

Ryobi RHT6560RL Hedge Trimmer with HedgeSweep, 650W

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Black & Decker BEHTS501-GB Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

Hedges tend to grow at a fast pace and need to be trimmed regularly. However, it is very difficult to cut through the oversized hedges with simple garden shears. You need an extra-sharp tool like an electric hedge trimmer to complete this task efficiently. Black & Decker BEHTS501-GB hedge trimmer is a perfect example of an electric hedge trimmer.

Black & Decker BEHTS501-GB Review

The main benefit of the electric Black & Decker BEHTS501-GB hedge trimmer is that it does all the work on its own. All you need to do is to hold the handle and move it in the direction you want. There is no need to worry about hacking away at the thick and hard branches. You can prevent yourself from getting nicked by the brambles and needles.

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Makita UH4861X Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

Maintaining a garden requires much precision and hard work. Thats why Makita UH4861X electric hedge trimmer is something you want to own. The most difficult is trimming thick hedges and branches. Thus, you also need the company of ideal tools that can make your work easier. The best electric hedge trimmer is a tool that can assist you in maintaining your horticulture heaven. Therefore, these electric trimmers have gained much popularity in the market. Consequently, many brands have come up with their hedge trimmers.

One such trimmer is Makita UH4861X 240V 48 cm Electric Hedge Trimmer. Makita is a reputable brand and this trimmer has stood up to its good name. Here is a detailed review of the said electric hedge trimmer.

Makita UH4861X electric hedge trimmer

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Flymo EasiCut 460 – Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

Flymo EasiCut 460 is a great choice if you are looking for the best electric hedge trimmer available on the market. There are quite a few different options available, which can be overwhelming. It is important to do your research to make Flymo EasiCut 460 - Electric Hedge Trimmer 450W + 10m Cablesure you get the right option for your individual needs. Here, at Best Hedge Trimmer, you are going to find all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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VonHaus 550W Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

VonHaus 550W Electric Hedge Trimmer is another classy piece of Best Hedge Trimmers collection.

Every gardener knows the importance of a quality hedge trimmer to keep their hedges in shape. VonHaus 550W Electric Hedge TrimmerIf you don’t prune and trim bushes, hedgerows and shrubs on a regular basis, they will grow rapidly, leaving your garden a total mess. Also, proper hedge maintenance is critical not only for the overall aesthetics of your garden, but also to its health. Of course, you want to have a green and healthy space surrounding your home. Therefore, it is best to invest in a durable VonHaus 550W Electric Hedge Trimmer.

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Flymo EasiCut 600XT Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

Flymo EasiCut 600XT Electric Hedge Trimmer features a unique handle design with soft grips and extended reach for ease of use when trimming taller bushes and hedges. Its 60cm diamond ground double-action blade can handle thicker branches and large hedges.  Flymo EasiCut 600XT Electric Hedge Trimmer The hedge trimmer is a favorite when it comes to marking boundaries or adding some elements of privacy to your home. Read this Flymo EasiCut 600XT review and learn what you can expect from one of the best electric hedge trimmers.


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Bosch ART 23 SL Electric Grass Trimmer Review

A grass trimmer helps you save a lot of time and effort. The Bosch ART 23 SL Electric Grass Trimmer has an ergonomic design and telescopic handle that can be adjusted with ease.Bosch ART 23 SL Electric Grass Trimmer 1It can trim grass up to a height of 15 centimeters. The rotatable cutting head also makes trimming a lot of easier. Read this Bosch ART 23 SL Electric Grass Trimmer review and learn what you can get from this tool.

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Flymo Easicut 450 Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

Flymo Easicut 450 electric hedge trimmer is an easy to use hedge trimmer that comes with easy and comfortable trimming of hedges and bushes. Flymo Easicut 450 makes trimming a lot of fun. This trimmer offers a major improvement over previous models of the same brand.

Flymo EASICUT 450 electric hedge trimmer
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Black & Decker GT6060 Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

If you are dealing with wider branches and larger hedges, Black & Decker GT6060 is the best electric hedge trimmer that you should consider and use. The product provides unparalleled convenience and strength, making your garden or yard maintenance easier than ever before. With the help of this product, you can be sure that you can establish and keep up a manicured yard without the emissions, expense and hassles of a gas-powered model.

Black & Decker GT6060
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Bosch AHS 55-16 Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

Most consumers are looking for best electric hedge trimmer that is effectively helpful and has a great feature. Even though, many garden tools are out in the market, only few of them have features that provide benefits to the consumer. Among these products is hedge trimmer Bosch AHS 55-16.

Bosch Ahs 55-16

Hedge Trimmer Bosch AHS 55-16 is a cutter you can use in your house. This is a powerful electric hedge cutter that gives an extraordinary performance to the user. It has several features for the safety of the user such as having a powerful 450-watt motor that provides high performance for cutting. It also have high torques (50 Nm) slipping the clutch for amazing cutting performance.

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Bosch AHS 70-34 Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

Even if you have some stubborn branches, Bosch have you covered. Model Bosch AHS 70-34 hedge  trimmer is a superb choice if you are on the market, for a really good machine. The cutting performance is great. On one side, the 700 watt powerful motor, is plenty for anything you can through at it.

Bosch AHS 70-34

On the other hand, the 70cm long, diamond cut blade. This blade is amazing. It cuts right through branches up to 34mm. That is the tooth spacing of the blade. Speaking of the blade, it also features a sawing function. This will help you tackle branches that are wider than the specified tooth spacing.

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Bosch AHS 65-34 Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

Bosch AHS 65-34 electric hedge trimmer is equipped with a 700 watt motor and you will go with ease through medium sized hedges. The ergonomic design will ensure that you don’t get tired fast, when tackling those bigger gardens and hedges. The blade of Bosch AHS 65-34 is 65 cm long, which is a nice length. It is laser cut, so you know you will get a clean and easy cut.

Bosch AHS 65-34 Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

The tooth spacing of Bosch AHS 65-34 is 34 mm, which is plenty for most hedges. In addition it has sawing function at the tip of the blade. It enables you to through branches up to 38 mm in diameter. This feature allows you to cut branches even 4 mm larger than the tooth spacing. Therefore it is ideal for those odd parts of the hedge which have had more growth in the season. Bosch AHS 65-34 blade also has a metal tip, so if you catch the wall behind your hedge, you won’t damage your cutter.

Bosch AHS 65-34 soft grip handles are very good addition. Combined that with the lightweight of just 3.7 kg, you are looking at a nice little package of a hedge trimmer. Therefore even in odd positions, you will be feeling quite comfortable and confident in the cuts you are making.

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Bosch AHS 50-16 Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

Bosch AHS 50-16 electric hedge trimmer is a machine for small to medium sized hedges. The motor is 450 watts which is plenty for your house garden for sure. The blade is at a nice length of 50 cm. Tooth spacing is 16mm, and the blade is diamond cut. This means you won’t be having any problem, when it comes to precise cutting. The style of this best electric hedge trimmer is probably ideal for taller young hedges. And because of the long blade, you will be able to cut quite a lot in one sweep.

Bosch AHS 50-16 Electric Hedge Trimmer
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Bosch AHS 50-26 Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

The Bosch AHS 50-26 electric hedge trimmer is one of the lightest on the market. It is actually 10% lighter than the previous model, at just 3.5kg. This will give you a better grip and won’t leave you sore or tired at the end of the job.

The blade is laser cut and is 50cm long. The tooth spacing is 26mm, which is ideal for small to medium sized hedges. The trimmer is powered by a nice 600 watt motor, which will be plenty for even the most stubborn of hedges. The handles has multi-start buttons, giving you the flexibility to work at variaty of different angles, without worrying about loosing your grip.

Bosch AHS 50-26 Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

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Ryobi RPT4545M Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer Review

Ryobi RPT4545M Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer is another high-class offering from Ryobi. It features an articulating head, for both durability and performance, and an extension pole for hard to reach places. If you have tall hedges or you want to take care of some trees for example, this Ryobi RPT4545M hedge trimmer might be a great choice for you.

The motor of Ryobi RPT4545M is very lightweight, but packs a 400W power, which will be plenty for anything you through at it.
The trimming head can be articulated around a 135 degree axis. Combined with the large loop trigger, this is a perfect tool for cutting and working at any situation and angle. Being an electric and in the same time long reach hedge trimmers is a very strong argument. It is one of the best extendable hedge trimmers for a reason.

Ryobi RPT4545M Pole Hedge Trimmer with Extension Pole, 450 W
  • Powerful 450 W motor
  • Extendable up to 2 m
  • 45 cm blade
  • Dual reciprocating, diamond ground blade
  • Very handy tool that helps you take care of branches at unruly heights and angles.

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Bosch AHS 45-16 electric hedge trimmer review

This Bosch AHS 45-16 trimmer is one of the lightest and cheapest, of all best electric hedge trimmers developed by Bosch. This hedge cutter comes with 420 watt motor, 450 mm long blade and 16 mm tooth spacing. It offers powerful and reliable trimming for small to medium hedges, bushes and shrubs.
Lightweight, powerful motor ergonomic design are just some of the awesome features the Bosch AHS 45-16 has to offer. If it sounds like something you would like to see in a hedge trimmer, you should check this offering from Bosch.

This Bosch machine is an electrical hedge trimmer. This mean a ton of advantages over the petrol hedge cutters. Forget about the hassle of petrol and refilling it.

Bosch ahs 45-16

It is equipped with a 45 centimeter long blade, which has a tooth spacing of 16 millimeters. The blade is also diamond grounded for longevity and clean cutting. You get a nice blade cover with the trimmer, so you can preserve the blade when not using it.

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Bosch AHS 60-26 Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

Bosch AHS 60-26 electric hedge cutter is basically better in any way than the previous models. It is up to 10% lighter and more powerful. This means it will be easier to hold and will cut through hedges quicker with less strain.

Bosch ahs 60-26 review

The Bosch AHS 60-26 has a 600 watt motor which will cut through even the most stubborn of branches. It can tackle medium and even large hedges with no problems. The ergonomic design and see-through handle guard allows you optimal grip and safe work. The handle has multi-start buttons allowing you to work easily in different positions to get the optimum cut possible every time.

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Makita UH6570 Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

The Makita UH6570 Electric Hedge Trimmer has been developed for semi-professional uses, and it is a direct successor to the UH6370. It features new external design and improved handling. A powerful 550 watt motor and heavy duty gearbox will provide you with confidence, that the trimmer for fail and will last for a long time. The handling system gives extra long reach.

Makita UH6570

For safety you have four hand positions in any type of scenario. The slipping clutch, combines with the mechanical brake, will stop the trimmer in less than half a second. The high performance blade, which has a tip guard and branch guide, makes maintaining you hedge less of a choir and more of a quick and easy job.

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Einhell BGEH6051 electric hedge trimmer review

If you are looking for practicality and reliable electric hedge trimmer, the Einhell BGEH6051 is a wonderful choice to consider. It has double-bladed cutters which are counter-rotating, to provide a very satisfying result.

Einhell BGEH6051

Equipped with a 600 watt motor with an all-metal transmission, it will outperform a lot of the competition. The motor powers a pair of two-sided dual-reciprocating safety-blades (51cm) that are precision-ground from top-grade steel. This not only means they’ll cut quickly and cleanly, but also ensures you’ll get more out of them before they need sharpening. The blades have an 14mm tooth-spacing and produce 4200 cuts per-minute.

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Bosch AHS 60-16 electric hedge trimmer review

If you are looking for the best electric hedge trimmer, which is able to cut small to medium hedges, Bosch AHS 60-16 should be on top of your list.

Bosch Ahs 60-16 comes with a powerful 450 watt motor, and features a 60 cm long blade. With its 16 millimeter tooth spacing and blades, which are diamond ground, you will have a clean and precise cut.

Bosch AHS 60-16
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Black & Decker GT4245 Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

One of the best electric hedge trimmers for you, if you are looking for small and really lightweight, is the Black & Decker GT4245.

Small, rugged and easy to use two handed trimmer, it is powered by a 420W motor and has 45cm dual action blades which are asymmetric, which makes it ideal for bushes, small hedges and tree branches.

Black & Decker GT4245
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