Are you one of those unfortunate souls who have recently realised that maintaining a garden is not as easy as you had thought it would be? No more worries, we offer you VonHaus 450w Electic Hedge Trimmer. It is a great tool, suitable for everyone. This electric hedge cutter is lightweight and comes with long blade. If you are fighting a losing battle with your hedges, worry not because your search for the ultimate garden weapon is over. Tidy up your garden with VonHaus 450w Electric Hedge Trimmer. Sure, maintaining a garden requires tremendous amount of hard work, patience and precision. However, it also needs the right kind of tools for different tasks.

VonHaus 550W Electric Hedge Trimmer/Cutter with 60cm Blade + Blade Cover & 10m Cable
  • A lightweight and easy to use hedge trimmer with a powerful 550W motor and precision blades for fast cutting action – cuts through 16mm thick branches and twigs
  • Ergonomically designed with a soft grip handle for ease of use, the 60cm cutting blade oscillates at a rate of 1700/min for a smooth cut without snagging
  • Lightweight at only 3.2kg with a 10m cable, the hedge trimmer also features a two-stage safety trigger to prevent accidental operation and hand protector shield for safe use
  • Comes complete with a blade cover and cable holder for neat storage when not in use
  • Manufacturer 2 Year Warranty Included

VonHaus 450w Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

The VonHaus 450w electric hedge trimmer and cutter is probably the best electric machine currently on the market. This trimmer comes with some of the best power tools features in addition to the reliability of VonHaus. First of all, the design of the hedge cutter is lightweight and convenient to use. It weighs exactly 2.6 kg, and its dimensions are 81.5 cm by 10.5 cm by 18cm, which makes trimming faster and easier.  Von Haus 450w Hedge Trimmer is powered by an electric motor of 450W and has been ergonomically designed to enhance performance.

Furthermore, the blades of the cutter have been specifically engineered for fast action. Hence, they can easily cuts branches as thick as 16mm with great precision. They measure around 41 cm in length and oscillate at a rate of 1600 per minute. This would enable you to achieve a clean and smooth edged hedge.

If you have simply been using the manual shear for all your gardening needs, you have been doing it wrong. Nevertheless, it is time to change your ways and turn your garden into the envy of your neighbours. This means that you need to find equipment for every purpose, but as far as trimming hedges is concerned, you are sorted.

Improved Safety by VonHaus

All the cutters we review at Best Hedge Trimmers, are safe to use.

VonHaus 450w Electric Hedge Trimmer Vertical Trimming

VonHaus 450w Electric Hedge Trimmer also comes with a safety trigger. It works at two varying levels to provide you hand safety and prevent any possible accidents. This cutter is also well-appointed with protective measures to safeguard storage when it is not in use. The security shield includes a full blade cover and a cable holder to store the trimmer neatly and carefully, away from wear and tear.

The Von Haus 450w Hedge cutter scomes with a soft grip handle to ensure maximum comfort for you during prolonged usage. This is because discomfort while using the trimmer can result in strained muscles. The most noteworthy feature of the trimmer is that it comes with 6 m long cable. This would allow you the freedom to trim the hedges of your entire (average sized) garden. Finally, the trimmer also has a two years warranty from the manufacturer.

VonHaus 450w Electric Hedge Trimmer Pros

Every machine comes with a list of pros and cons. The VonHaus 450W has its own list of positive and negative traits which would help you make a better and informed decision regarding the machine. However, upon comparing the following pros and cons of the trimmer you will realise that its pros are greater in number as opposed to the cons. The pros of the trimmer are:

VonHaus 450w Hedge Trimmer Pros

  • Since the trimmer is lightweight, it can be used easily without any difficulty. This also makes the trimmer a suitable fit for people of all strengths, along with making it conveniently portable.
  • The long blade of the trimmer would enable you to reach the top branches without using a ladder. Thus, you could trim even the highest offshoots of your hedge without any trouble.
  • Apart from being long, the blade of the trimmer is also appropriately sharp. Therefore, it would provide you with smooth edged hedges after every trim. Whether you work on the hardest, toughest of branches or on small shrubs, the trimmer can prune hedges with neatness and accuracy.
  • Unlike manual shears, the electric hedge trimmer is not time consuming. Hence, it saves you ample amount of time which you can spend enjoying in your garden with your family.

Additional benefits of VonHaus 450w Hedge Trimmer

  • The electric hedge trimmer runs on electricity and therefore is free of the annoyance of recharging the battery before usage. Thus, it can also be used for longer durations as you do not have to worry about the battery draining out every two hours. The motor of an electric hedge trimmer is also more powerful than of one which operates on a battery.
  • Also, unlike petrol hedge trimmers, it does not produce any emission. It causes almost no noise, thus upholding your terms with your neighbours. Lastly, it does not need you to refill it over and over again, which is one of the biggest drawbacks of petrol hedge trimmers.

VonHaus 450w Electric Hedge Trimmer Horizontal Cut

VonHaus 450w Hedge Trimmer Cons

Even though the VonHaus 450w Electric Hedge Trimmer has several pros, it unfortunately also has a few cons. There are as follows:

  • Since the hedge trimmer operates on electricity, it requires to be plugged in at all times while being used. This makes the trimmer inconvenient for usage if your garden is far from even the nearest plug of your house.
  • Another con of electric hedge trimmers is that they have a cord of limited length, and thus cannot be used in large gardens. The perpetual tangling of the electric cord is also frustrating. The presence of a cord also restricts movability, which is not a problem with cordless trimmers.
  • Despite the fact that it does not emit any pollutant like petrol hedge trimmers, it is not exactly environment friendly. The enormous use of electricity causes global warming and does not aid in the protection of the environment.
  • Again, since it runs on electricity, VonHaus 450w Electric Hedge Trimmer consumes huge amounts of electric power. This could mean big numbers on your electricity bill which may not be of much help if you are trying to reduce consumption.

VonHaus 450w Hedge Trimmer Review Conclusion

In conclusion, the VonHaus 450w Electric Hedge Trimmer is the perfect choice for all your domestic trimming needs. The trimmer is a powerful machine with the guarantee of excellent performance. It is also one of the most affordable options available in market which does not compromise on the quality. Its unmatched ergonomic design and superb functioning will make sure that you never regret your decision of investing in it.

VonHaus 450w Electric Hedge Trimmer Price