Trimming down hedges and shaping topiaries is its art. But it’s not possible without the proper equipment. Verily, the best hedge trimmer and saw cutter could make all the difference.

Cordless and long reach hedge trimmers must be robust and efficient. But above all, they must be flexible. And that’s exactly the note that the Greenworks G40PSHK2 plays on. With 7 adjustable joints and a 2-in-1 trimmer plus saw function, this tool is every gardener’s first choice.

But that’s not all.

This is a lightweight, weighing 2.9 kilos. And it’s one of the best cordless hedge trimmers with a powerful 40V battery. So, you can take it wherever you go.

Greenworks Tools Battery Tall Scale and Telescopic Hedge Trimmer 2-in-1 G40PSHK2 (Li-Ion 40 V 51 cm/20 cm Blade Length 18 mm Cutting Thickness 240 cm Telescopic Pole Incl. 2 Ah Battery and Charger)
  • EASY TO START - Insert 40V battery & get started: with the battery polesaw and hedge trimmer you can immediately start gardening freely & without cables - 2Ah battery and charger are included
  • PRACTICAL 2-IN-1 SOLUTION - make gardening easier with the high branch saw and the hedge trimmer telescope in one - switching between the two devices is quick and possible without tools
  • HEDGE TRIMMER - equipped with a 7-position articulated knob for optimal alignment a robust sword with 51 cm length and a cutting thickness of 18 mm for an even cut
  • POLE CHAINSAW - thanks to a sword length of 20 cm, an electric chain brake and a maximum telescope length of 2.4 m, even high branches and twigs can be easily reached from the ground
  • ONE BATTERY FOR ALL - the Greenworks 40V batteries from 2Ah up to powerful 4Ah are versatile & compatible with many Greenworks products in the garden & workshop range

Greenworks G40PSHK2 Cordless Hedge Trimmer Pros Review:

  • Can cut taller hedges.
  • Powerful 40V battery lasts an hour.
  • Lightweight doesn’t stress the hands.
  • 7 adjustable joints for flexibility.
  • Can cut on top of hedges as well.
  • Double-sided for topiary shaping.

Greenworks G40PSHK2 Cordless Hedge Trimmer


  • Not for cutting through thicker stems.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Hedge Trimmer

Power Type:

Hedge trimmers are heavy pieces of equipment. And as such, they use a lot of power. So, it’s only ideal that you look for a more conserved power type.

You can generally find hedge trimmers in two power categories: gas and electricity. Gas or petrol-powered hedge trimmers are usually stronger as compared to their electrical counterparts. However, since they must be filled with fuel, they tend to be quite heavy. Even without the fuel, they can weigh up to 7 kilos.

Electric hedge trimmers are more common and lesser powerful. The key benefit of owning an electric trimmer is adjustability. Unlike gas or petrol-powered trimmers, electric trimmers can be operated at various speeds. The speed can be controlled, optimizing the trimmer for multiple applications.

Corded Vs. Cordless:

If you decide to go for an electric hedge trimmer, you must consider whether you want a corded or a cordless trimmer. Corded trimmers usually have more power output as compared to their cordless counterparts. However, it’s more about convenience than power.

Cordless trimmers are more flexible and can be used to cover hard-to-reach places. However, that’s not to say that corded hedge trimmers cannot be used over long distances. Most of them have long cords, up to 30 feet.

Aside from being comparatively weaker, cordless hedge trimmers also pose another problem: charging. You must remember to charge the trimmer. This isn’t that big of a concern since you probably won’t use the trimmer every day. But it’s still something to consider.

If your garden isn’t too big and you think that a corded hedge trimmer will work for you, then go for it. Just be sure to have a power outlet nearby.

Hedge Trimmers Blade Overview

Blade length is an essential factor to consider. Hedge trimmers can be bought in a variety of blade sizes, and each size has its use.

The standard size that most hedge-trimming applications call for is an 18-inch blade. If you’ve got bigger hedges, a 20-inch or longer blade will work. However, consider how much space and freedom of movement you have.

Longer blades typically make work easier. They give you more control and enable you to cut the hedges evenly. But if you don’t have the space to maneuver them, stick to the standard size.

Blade Types:

The shape and structure of your blade are just as important as its length. You can find blades in two significant types: single-sided and double-sided. Single-sided blades are generally safer, especially for those who are inexperienced. In case the blade falls back on you, you won’t come into direct contact with the blade’s teeth.

Double-sided blades are not usually required, even by experienced individuals. However, if you’re experienced with shaping topiaries, you might need to cut on both sides at once.

Another essential factor to consider is teeth spacing. Wider-spaced teeth will output more power and cut through thicker stems and branches. For this application, a minimum tooth spacing of 30 mm is suitable. For home use, you might want to settle for a narrower teeth gap, such as 15 or 20 mm.


Finally, consider the weight of the hedge trimmer. After all, they’re handheld, and you’ll be using them for a long time. Look for a trimmer that weighs under 5 kg (with the fuel if it’s gas or petrol-powered).

Greenworks G40PSHK2 Is Ultra Lightweight

What Should You Consider When You Buy The Greenworks G40PSHK2 Cordless Hedge Trimmer?

Lightweight and Portable:

The first thing you’ll notice is just how lightweight and easy-to-use the Greenworks is. It hardly weighs 2.9 kg, which is as light as you can get a hedge trimmer. As for portability, this is a cordless hedge trimmer with a 40V battery.


Greenworks’s two-in-one combination tool is a great choice for cutting both short and tall hedges. It features a standard hedge trimmer for low branches. To reach higher branches, switch to the chainsaw mode and cut away. You don’t require any special tools to switch. And it makes work a lot less hectic.

7-Position Joint Knob:

The Greenworks G40PSHK2 is a highly versatile product. It features 7 joints that can be bent at extreme angles to allow for more flexibility. You can cut hedges from the sides, the front, and even the top. It makes hedge cutting a one-person job. And you don’t need support to trim the top.

51-Cm Long Sword:

Aside from the 7-joint configuration, you also get a long double-sided 51-cm sword. It features a cutting thickness of 18 mm, which is standard for most applications. However, it won’t be able to cut through thicker branches. This means it’s only suitable for household and personal use.

Things to Know About Greenworks G40PSHK2 Hedge Trimmer

How Far Can the Head Pivot on The Greenworks G40PSHK2?

The head-on Greenworks can pivot about 135 degrees. The entire wand can be adjusted in 7 key positions. When laid out straight, it can pivot about 75 degrees downward only.

Greenworks G40PSHK2 reach is up to 2.8m in height

How Long Does the Greenworks Take to Charge Its Battery?

It may take up to 24 hours to fully charge the battery at first. However, subsequent charges will take less than an hour.

Do You Get A Shoulder Strap Harness with The Greenworks?

Yes, you do get a shoulder strap which is included with the tools. You can attach it to the tool using the included carabineer and two-hook mount.

Review Conclusion

The Greenworks G40PSHK2 is a highly versatile and long-lasting hedge trimmer that doubles as a cutting saw. With a long 51 cm sword and an 18 mm tooth gap, this hedge trimmer can take care of most household chores.

But that’s not all.

You can bend it across 7 points to trim at any angle, even at the top and back of the hedge. It’s truly an all-in-one.

Greenworks G40PSHK2 Cordless Hedge Trimmer Price UK