The Mountfield MHJ2424 petrol hedge trimmer is a remarkable product from a respected company. Mountfield is renowned for providing reliable, durable as well as dependable products, including hedge trimmers. Those who have bought these trimmers have been relatively happy with them and utilized them for many years with superb result. The Mountfield MHJ2424 is one of the best petrol hedge trimmer and is the company’s latest offering. 

Mountfield MHJ2424 61cm Double Bladed Petrol Hedgetrimmer
  • 2-Takt-Motor.
  • 24,5Cc
  • 61 Cm Long Blade.
  • Rotating Handle With 3 Items

Mountfield MHJ2424 Petrol Hedge Trimmer Product Description

Mountfield MHJ2424 is a super lightweight petrol hedge trimmer that comes with 61cm double sided blade. Easy to start, very reliable and has 2 stroke engine. In addition this machine comes with twist grip 3 position handle for easy working. This hedge trimmer is ideal for heavy garden use.


The high quality dual reciprocating blades are two-sided and measure a remarkable 61 cm, therefore a high output rate is assured. The large 28mm tooth spacing on its blades makes it likely to cut through larger, older diameter growth.

This state of the art petrol hedge trimmer is equipped with a dependable and powerful 24.5 cc two-stroke engine which is so easy to start, and that runs on a 50:1 oil/fuel mixture.
It is properly balanced, comes with a patent handle lay out and just weigh 5.5 kilogram, a combination which makes it easy and comfortable to maneuver across the hedge. A 3 position twist grip rear handle enhanced more the simplicity to use.

Breakdown of Features:

  • 61cm Blade
  • 1.1hp 24.5cc 2-Stroke Full Crank Engine
  • 28mm Cutting Capacity
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee
  • Anti-Vibration System
  • Three Position Rotating Rear Handle
  • Double-Sided Cutting Blade
  • Super Lightweight 5.5kg

Mountfield Petrol Hedge Trimmer Pros

  • The Mountield MHJ2424 is one of the most talked about petrol hedge trimmers as of its capability to handle lawn tasks while the user put in very little effort. So often, once you spend hours of cutting the hedges in your backyard, afterwards you feel exhausted.
  • Not with the Mountfield MHJ2424, because it does most of the job for you while giving comfortable use the whole time. Sure it has a simple design, however the power that it generates is simply remarkable. You will not believe it until you really tried this machine for yourself.
  • It comes with sharp blades that make a long day of work shorter and faster than you will expect and you can easily transport this machine to any place you want due to its lightness.
  • What is more, this state of the art hedge trimmer is now on hand for a reasonable price.
    The advanced Mountfield MHJ2424 petrol hedge trimmer is an high-quality petrol hedge trimmer, having lately been given a respected “Which Best Buy Award”.


  • Like any other product available out there, Mountfield MHJ2424 petrol hedge trimmer also has some minor issues like noisy when using, so it is advisable to visit or consult a mechanics for possible mechanic issue.

MHJ2424 Petrol Hedge Cutter Review Conclusion

If you are searching for an effective and fast way of taming a big, well-established hedge, then his high quality, best performance, double bladed petrol hedge trimmer from Mountfield is worth considering. The price is relatively low and the do the task effectively and efficiently.

This Mountfield MHJ2424 petrol hedge cutter provides a really good value for its price. As said before it is hedge trimmer from respected brand. Therefore our experts at best hedge trimmers reviews advise to check the trimmer price at before buying.

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