Bosch AHS 35-15 Cordless Hedge Trimmer will cover you if you are in the market for a small, cordless, yet powerful and versatile trimmer.

The main feature of the AHS 35-15 is the 10.8v 1.5Ah battery. If you are tired of hassling with cords this is the right choice for you. Weighing at only 1.9 kg, with a compact size, it is kind to your arms and back, and it is perfect for prolonged periods of use. Something that is very important if you have a bigger hedge, that will required a significant period to trim.  

Bosch AHS 35-15 LI Cordless Lithium Ion Hedgecutter Featuring Syneon Chip (1 x 10.8 V Battery, 2.0 Ah)
  • 10.8 volt Lithium-ion battery, always ready to use, no self-discharge and no memory effect
  • Patented 'Anti-Blocking System' ensures continuous cutting performance by reversing blade action to avoid stalling
  • 35cm long, diamond-ground blades with 15mm tooth opening
  • Lightweight at only 1.9kg
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable and easy hedgecutting

Bosch Ahs 35-15 Cordless Hedge Trimmer Features

Bosch AHS 35-15 LI cordless  hedge cutter is an ideal solution for tiny gardes. It is suitable for smaller and younger hedges. Later on, in this cordless hedge trimmer review, we will fully describe this Bosch offering.

Being cordless means one thing – freedom from any annoyance concerning extension cables, power cords and anything of that sort. The battery gives you around a full hour of continuous work. What is great about this particular battery is that, it is the same as the one, in other Bosch power tools. This makes the trimmer an ideal addition to your Bosch family of tools if you have already invested in some. The battery is a Lithium-ion type, which means it has almost no self-discharge, meaning even if you don’t use the trimmer for a while, you won’t lose any charge, and it will be ready when you pick it up again.

Another amazing feature that Bosch included is the super fast charge of the battery. It takes only 180 minutes to fully charge the battery from zero percent!

using Bosch AHS 35-15

Boasting a 35 centimetre long blade with “Anti-Block System”, you will have only clean and even cuts every time. Even thicker branches won’t pose a challenge. This means that if the trimmer struggles with a cut, the microelectronics in it will sense this and adjust the running speed of the blades accordingly. This feature is something not many others can boast to have.

The blade is 35 centimetres long. Being diamond ground will ensure a clean cut every time and an outstanding longevity.

Product details

Product Dimensions 78.2 x 19.4 x 16 cm

Item Weight 2.9 Kg

Shipping Weight 2.9 Kg

Cutting length 350 mm

Spacing between teeth 15 mm

Best Hedge Trimmer Reviews advise to watch the following video to get familiar with the cutters work rate.

Bosch AHS 35-15 customer thoughts

  • I have a garden that I have to maintain myself. This trimmer is just what I needed. Easy to use and lightweight it makes what once was a choir, a breeze. Even women that have little to no experience will find using this trimmer easy.
  • My wife has had a couple of trimmers in the past few years. Some of them were electrical, but she hated the cord and the hassle it comes with it. The cordless she had, ran out of battery fairly quick. This Bosch AH 35-15 is a different story all together. Even though it is cordless, it has an extremely long battery life. It has never ran out of battery in the middle of a job. The weight is perfect for easy angling and it is easy on your arms and shoulders. An excellent machine for sure.
  • A brilliant little machine. Very light but packs enough power to do its job no problem. Perfectly suitable for small to medium size hedges.
  • I bought this small trimmer mainly because I didn’t want to use my bigger one for small jobs. It works perfectly and it is a breeze to use. Having no cord is a wonderful addition.
  • Battery life is better than what I expected initially. It works fine and it is easy to use. I am so impressed with it I bought another battery just to have around and a faster charger. A couple of very useful additions to your trimmer.

User Manual

If you interested, here you can find the user manual for Bosch AHS 35-15 trimmer


Please always check Amazon price and promotions before buying. If not sure about this model, but want Bosch, you may read our Bosch Hedge Trimmer Reviews.

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