Are you tired of electric or petrol trimmers? Then take a look at Bosch AHS 52 LI cordless hedge trimmer. This cordless, battery powered trimmer from Bosch is ideal for medium sized hedges. One of the main features you have to take in to consideration, it that it actually runs 50% longer than the previous one. Now that is impressive.

Bosch AHS 52 LI

It uses the standart Bosch 18V battery, which means that, if you have other Bosch products you can use the same battery on all of them. This trimmer is so light. It doesn’t tire you so fast, which will be ideal if you have to do a lot of work.

The diamond cut blade is 52cm with 15mm tooth spacing. It features an anti-block system. This will ensure that you will get a continuous cut, even through thicker branches. It activates automatically, and you can be sure that you won’t burn out your nice trimmer, if you accidently try to cut that thicker branch that just annoys you.

Probably the best feature of this trimmer is the lack of cord. If you had a electric trimmer before, it is almost certain that you cut through the cord at least once. The battery is 2.0Ah and will last you over an hour, and charges in just about 90 minutes. The battery also doesn’t have a self-discharge effect. So you won’t be in the situation where you are ready to work, just to realize that you have to wait for your battery to charge.

Bosch AHS 52 LI


Bosch AHS 52 LI

The machine has two trigger start system, ensuring no accidental start. It’s easy to handle, being only 2.2 kilograms in weight. The quiet and vibration-less operations, means no strain on your hands, and no need for earmuffs. The trimmer also comes with a blade cover for save storage.

Product details

Product Dimensions 94 x 15 x 17.5 cm

Item Weight 1.5 Kg

Shipping Weight 1.5 Kg

Cutting length 520 mm

Spacing between teeth 15 mm

Bosch AHS 52 LI customer thoughts

  • The main reason I choose this trimmer is that I realized that I can use my exsiting batteries on it. This Bosch AHS 52 LI is great because if you are, like me, a long time Bosch user, you can safe on batteries because you already have them. As for the trimmer, it is very good. Balance is great. I feel very confident when working with it. It is actually pretty quiet as well. Batter lasts more than an hour, which is awesome. Very good purchase.
  • The blade on this trimmer is so sharp! It works so well I am very impressed. I was actually not expecting a cordless trimmer to be so good and effective. Not having a cord, obviously gets rid of the danger of cutting through it, which is a big plus in my opinion. Worth the investment for sure.
  • I have a medium sized garden and this hedge trimmer is perfect for it. I had an electric trimmer, which required an extention cord in order to reach all the way. Those days are gone and I am so glad for that. The fact that this is cordless, makes my life so much easier. So much more flexibility. It is very light, and I feel very comfident when using it. Very good indeed.
  • For the price, you can’t go wrong. I have about 50 metres of hedges. This coups very, very well with them. I can actually do all of it on only one charge. How great is that? Works well even on branches about 20mm thick. Would recommend for sure.
  • Very nice touch from Bosch, making their batteries more or less universal. I have some other Bosch tools, and was very happy when I read I can use the batteries from those on this trimmer. I have a large garden and this tool performs very well. I found it very easy to use and operate. Very comfortable and lightweight. Balance is good too. The blade goes through everything I have to cut. There is some kind of a system, which stops the blade, if it encounters something which it can not cut. A nice touch, in terms of safety.

User Manual

If you interested, here you can find the user manual for Bosch AHS 52 LI trimmer


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