Bosch AHS 50-16 electric hedge trimmer is a machine for small to medium sized hedges. The motor is 450 watts which is plenty for your house garden for sure. The blade is at a nice length of 50 cm. Tooth spacing is 16mm, and the blade is diamond cut. This means you won’t be having any problem, when it comes to precise cutting. The style of this best electric hedge trimmer is probably ideal for taller young hedges. And because of the long blade, you will be able to cut quite a lot in one sweep.

Bosch AHS 50-16 Electric Hedge Cutter, 500 mm Blade Length, 16 mm Tooth Opening
  • Lightweight ergonomic design with soft-grip handle for easy operation
  • Powerful 450 W Bosch motor, 50 cm blade and 16 mm tooth capacity
  • Diamond ground blades for a clean cut
  • Comes complete with a protective blade cover
  • 2 years parts and labour guarantee

Bosch AHS 50-16 Electric Hedge Trimmer Technical Review

At only 2.5 kilograms the machine is lightweight and easy to maneuver over your hedges. It has all those Bosch qualities which you see in all of their products. The cable is 10 meters long, meaning you probably won’t be needing an extension cord. As an electric hedge cutter, it is powerful enough to do the gardening job.

Bosch AHS 50-16 Horizontal Cutting



The motor is a 450 watt one. It is plenty capable of dealing which small and even medium size hedges and branches. A great choice for the gardener that wants to get the job done quick and precise.

Product details

Product Dimensions 86.8 x 19.8 x 17 cm

Item Weight 2.7 Kg

Shipping Weight 3.8 Kg

Cutting length 500 mm

Spacing between teeth 16 mm

Power/Wattage 450W

Length of cord 10m

Bosch AHS 50-16 Lightweight

Bosch AHS 50-16 Customer Thoughts

Our gardening experts at best hedge trimmer reviews, strongly recommend to read Bosch AHS 50-16 reviews.

  • Like all of the Bosch gardening tools, this one is designed very well. It does the job as you would expect and it is just an all around great machine. The cord is nice and long, you should put it over your shoulder as the manual suggests. That way you won’t have to worry about stepping on in, or catch it on the blade. Great buy.
  • Very solid machine. Easy to operate and the weight is very comfortable for prolonged period of time. You won’t get sore at all, even if you have bigger hedges. Reviews about this hedge trimmer around the internet are very positive, and now I see why. Very very nice machine and I would recommend it, if you are looking for a trimmer for your hedge.Bosch AHS 50-16 Ergonomic
  • My old trimmer just made keeping my hedges in order a burden. Hence I really didn’t like using it. This one is a totaly different story. It is so light and easy to operate. It seems powerful enough for my needs. Cuts right through even branches. I am very impressed. Comes with a blade cover as well, which is a nice touch.
  • This is a great buy for the price. Therefore, it more or less is the best one on the market in my opinion. Very good quality blade and build as a whole. Designed for medium hedges, so most people should be fine. Cable is a nice length as well.
  • If you have a bigger hedge and shears are just not working, this tools saves so much time. So, I am very pleased that I decided to buy a trimmer after failing to maintain my hedge without one. Just buy one. It is not expensive, and the amont of time you save is just worth it. Can’t go wrong, and I would recommend it, if someone asks me.

User Manual

If you interested, here you can find the user manual for Bosch AHS 50-16

Bosch AHS 50-16 Price

As a result, it is a good approach, always to check price in Amazon before buying. If not sure about this offering, please read our other Bosch Hedge Trimmer Reviews.

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