The Bosch AHS 48 li is another cordless hedge trimmer from well-known manufacturer. In addition it comes with Lithium-ion battery. Therefore it makes Bosch Ahs 48 completely cordless and free of any restrictions. So you won’t have to worry about cords tangling, finding extensions. This also increases safety of operations, as it eliminates any change of the cord interfering with anything.

Bosch cordless hedge trimmers, are classy products, so dont worry about quality. All you need to know is the amount of trimming you have to do. 

Bosch AHS 48 LI Cordless Lithium Ion Hedgecutter Featuring Syneon Chip (1 x 18 V Battery, 2.0 Ah)
  • 18 V 2.0 Ah lithium-ion battery technology - no memory effect, no self-discharge, always ready to use
  • Up to 75 minutes run time on one charge
  • Patented 'Anti-Blocking System' helps prevent stalling for continuous cutting
  • 48 cm laser cut, diamond ground blades
  • Triple action safety switch

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