If you have a good quality hedge trimmer in your hands, you can conveniently make your lawn looking sharp. These tools are great for maintaining shrubbery and landscape just the way you want.

Maintaining these shrubs is crucial because they determine boundaries and add privacy. And to make sure you keep the landscape well tamed, you will need a quality hedge trimmer.

Ryobi brings you one of its quality pole hedge trimmers that make this landscaping job very convenient. It’s a battery-operated unit that can produce 18V of current and weighs around 12.35 pounds. It can handle various branches and hedges, ensure clean cutting with its 450mm diamond ground blades, and comes at a reasonable price.

Ryobi ONE+ 18V OPT1845 Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer, 45cm Blade (Body Only)
  • Easily cuts through hedges and branches
  • 45cm diamond ground blades for clean cutting
  • Capable of cutting large branches with 18mm blade gap
  • 115 degrees articulating cutting head with 4 positions for versatile trimming
  • Removable extension shaft for full length of 2.9m for extended reach tasks


  • Lightweight construction.
  • Conveniently cut branches and hedges.
  • 450mm blade that ensures clean cutting.
  • Can cut larger branches as well.
  • 115-degrees articulated cutting head.
  • 4 pistons ensure versatile trimming.
  • Part of Ryobi’s One+ system.


  • You will have to purchase the battery separately(instead you have another Ryobi ONE+ power tool)
Ryobi RB18L50 ONE+ Lithium+ 5.0Ah Battery, 18 V
  • More power, longer runtimes and increased durability
  • Four stage fuel gauge 100, 75, 50 and 25 Percent
  • Tough pack design with built in impact protection
  • Access to the use of over 40 garden and power tools
  • IntelliCell technology monitors and balances individual cells

Things to Consider Before Buying a Ryobi ONE+ 18V OPT1845

There are various features to consider when buying hedge trimmers. As they are available in all shapes and sizes, you have to be careful what to look for when purchasing the best products for your use.

Blade length

You must have a look at the blade length when looking for a hedge trimmer. If it’s long, you can cut with more length per sweep. But with a longer length, you will have to compromise on maneuverability too. In most cases, a 450mm to 600mm blade is quite adequate.

Teeth spacing

Wider blade teeth are more powerful in their cutting mechanism and can cut through branches very quickly. But of course, with their power, they will need a bigger motor. Most of them have a restricted gap of 20mm between their teeth.

This gap is better suited for a twiggy hedge or an annual trim. Most hedge trimmers can also cut up to 33mm as well. But this is not recommended, and if you have branches that are around 10cm larger, you should go for a lopper.

Catcher plate

Some models come with a plastic piece that you can attach with the blade’s length so you can easily sweep the cuttings away. You won’t end up making any mess this way.

Tip protector

You also need to consider a hedge trimmer with the tip protector, a bar right across the top of the blade to prevent any damage to the blade if it hits a solid object.

Ryobi ONE+ 18V OPT1845 cordless pole hedge trimmer

More Features

Blade sheath

It is there to keep the blade safe from any unwanted contacts while storing or carrying your trimmer. It also prevents any dust or debris from getting on the blade and blunting its teeth for good.


Handguards are there to keep your fingers safe from the trimmer’s blades and prevent the cuttings from getting stuck to your hands as you are cutting.

Wrap-around front handle

The wrap-around front handle will allow you to maneuver your blade while cutting easily. And you can easily cut the sides as well as from the top of the hedge.

Battery and battery indicator

Make sure to go for lithium-ion batteries because they come with higher voltages and have battery capacities. Their discharging time is much better as well. You also need to look for a unit that has a battery indicator on it. This way, you can easily see when you need to recharge your trimmer exactly.


You also have to look for the right amount of voltage based on the landscaping job that you have at your hands. Most of the hedge trimmers range from 18V to 72V, so there are plenty of options available for you to explore based on your cutting requirements.

What Should You Consider When Buying the Ryobi ONE+ 18V OPT1845 Trimmer?

Battery operated

If you are looking for a battery-operated cordless hedge trimmer, this one is a good choice because it runs on lithium-ion batteries. You can easily maneuver your unit and don’t have to deal with any wires or cables.

No need to keep your tool plugged in at all times. But you will have to purchase the battery separately. It would be better if you already have another Ryobi power tool because you can use the same battery for all the units.

Versatile trimming

If you are looking for a versatile trim, you need to go for Ryobi. This hedge trimmer does a fine job in cutting with different angles and at different heights. It can cut a variety of branches in terms of thickness.

Extendable shaft

Another exceptional feature of this extendable hedge trimmer is the removable and extendable shaft to reach higher with the blades. It also ensures compact storage.

Things to Know About Ryobi ONE+ 18V OPT1845

Can it be used without the extension pole?

You cannot use it without its extension pole, and that’s why it is slightly heavier to use. But once you get used to it, this will be easier to maneuver and cut at different heights.

Can the hedge trimmer cut from left to right?

Yes, this hedge trimmer cuts from both sides, and you can tilt the head to cut from the top with high precision.

Can I use a 2 Ampere-hour charger with a 5 Ampere-hour battery?

If it is a One+ charger, it can conveniently charge the battery without any problems. Ryobi’s One+ network ensures that the battery can operate a range of different power tools under the Ryobi umbrella.

Final Thoughts & Review Conclusion

If you’re looking for a good quality hedge trimmer, you don’t need to look any further. The Ryobi ONE+ 18V OPT1845 cordless telescopic hedge trimmer is an exceptional choice and provides you with the versatility you need to get the job done in no time.

And the best part is, if you already own Ryobi power tools, you have a battery to run this hedge trimmer. So, bring in the Ryobi hedge trimmer and maintain your lawn as you have never done before.

Ryobi ONE+ 18V OPT1845 Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer Price in UK