If you own a garden in front of your house, then it’s definitely possible that you would have designed the borders of the garden with hedges. Hedges are the types of plants which needs constant maintenance and trimming. If you fail to do so, these can grow rapidly without any directions and can harm the looks of your garden very badly. To trim the hedges on regular basis you would need a hedge trimmer that can help you do your task easily. You can opt for Hitachi HITCH22EBP2 petrol hedge trimmer. This is the best petrol hedge trimmer that is ideal for the gardens outside your homes or offices. 

Hitachi HITCH22EBP2 Hedge Trimmers
  • CH22EBP2 Petrol Hedge Trimmer 620mm 21.1cc
  • CH22EBP2 Petrol Hedge Trimmer 620mm 21.1cc
  • CH22EBP2 Petrol Hedge Trimmer 620mm 21.1cc

Why To Choose Hitachi HITCH22EBP2 Petrol Hedge Trimmer ?

Before starting with the review of Hitachi HITCH22EBP2 petrol hedge trimmer first let’s check some benefits of using petrol hedge trimmer over other types of hedge trimmers.

  • Best petrol hedge trimmer is a common option which is ideal for areas where electricity supply is not readily available always.
  • When you have a big location to be cut in a single go, battery-powered trimmers can tend to be slow and won’t work for a long time. In such cases, petrol hedge trimmers are the best to use.
  • This does not also lose power due to low battery problems; hence, you get equipment which works with the same efficiency until the oil in it is finished.
  • No need to keep the trimmer on charging points for long hours before using it. Just fill up the tank with oil and petrol and you are all set to trim the extra growth of your hedges.
  • The most important advantage of petrol hedges is that these machines are cordless. Hence, you don’t have to worry about those messy and tangled chords that can cause a huge problem while operating.
  • The other advantage of being cordless is that you can easily use the machine and take it in any direction as per your needs. You don’t need to worry about the electric connections to the area you are moving into.

Hitachi – Petrol Hedge Trimmers Manufacturer

Here, at Best Hedge Trimmers, we always pay attention to the manufacturer.

This comes from a well-known Japanese brand Hitachi. Hence only the brand name is enough to estimate the quality and efficiency of this petrol hedge trimmer. The company has taken utmost care to provide you the best quality product in a lower price range. Being budget friendly this hedge trimmer is highly fuel efficient and hence you can get good performance in with the 300ml tank.

Hitachi HITCH22EBP2 Petrol Hedge Trimmer Review:

  • Comes with a high performance 0.65kW 2-stroke Purefire engine. It is as per the European standards of low emissions.
  • In order to provide ease of use, a wide angle adjustable handle is designed for Hitachi HITCH22EBP2 petrol hedge trimmer.
  • The blades of this hedge trimmer have 3 cutting edges.
  • Comparatively to other petrol hedges, this is light in weight and weighs only 4.7 kg.
  • Equipped with S-Start easy starting system.
  • Comes with high-quality 620mm double-sided triple-edged blades.
  • The exhaust is given in the front; hence you would be standing away from the fumes coming out of the trimmer while operating.
  • The 2-stroke motor is efficient enough to provide you full capacity performance at any required angle.
  • You can cut on different angles comfortably with the QUICK-TWIST multi-position rear handle that turns at 180° easily.

Specifications of Hitachi HITCH22EBP2

  • The input power of Hitachi HITCH22EBP2 petrol hedge trimmer is 21.1cc Petrol.
  • The rated speed is 10,000/min. This efficiency is enough to provide you best results in less time.
  • The max power is 0.65kW (0.87hp).
  • The cutter length is 620mm. This ensures you an equal depth cutting allover while operating the equipment.
  • The cutter pitch is 35mm, hence you can cover a decent amount of area in one go which makes your work easy and fast.
  • The displacement is 21.1cc.
  • Effective cutter length is 554mm.
  • The weight of the equipment is 4.7kg.

Hitachi HITCH22EBP2 Petrol Hedge Trimmer Pros Review:

  • The 180° easily rotating handle gives the best grip and ease of operating the machine while trimming.
  • The max power of 0.65kW (0.87hp) gives a huge power to get the work done efficiently.
  • The cutter length of 620mm makes it work efficiently and give equal depth cutting all over the area.
  • The weight of Hitachi HITCH22EBP2 petrol hedge trimmer is just 4.7 kg which is comparatively less than other hedge trimmers available. Hence, you can easily move the trimmer across your yard with ease and comfort.
  • Hitachi HITCH22EBP2 petrol hedge trimmer provides an efficient cutter length of 554mm, hence, just trimming once in a single are is enough. You don’t have to keep trimmer at one place again and again to get the desired shape of the hedge.


  • The only con with the Hitachi HITCH22EBP2 petrol hedge trimmer is the 330ml petrol tank. This is comparatively less than the other petrol hedge trimmers of this range.
  • Due to small petrol tank, you would not be able to use the hedge for a long time if your yard is a little bigger.

If the size of the petrol tank is not your concern, and you are looking for a hedge trimmer that can serve you the best in economical price range then Hitachi HITCH22EBP2 petrol hedge trimmer is the ultimate choice that you can rely on.

Trimming the hedges is very important to enable dense and bushy growth of the hedges. Well maintained hedges prove to the perfect frame for your garden that enhances the beauty value of your dwelling. Among the routine of maintenance of these hedges, trimming is supposed to be one of the most important parts. This is because trimming makes the hedges look neat and clean, the unhealthy and dry plants should be trimmed to make sure that other plants are not affected.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best petrol hedge trimmer and make your hedge trimming experience the best ever. Hitachi HITCH22EBP2 petrol hedge trimmer is a budget-friendly yet a high-performance delivery efficient trimmer. Just go for it!

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