Black & Decker GTC1850L is one of those cordless trimmers, that should be on top of your list. Made to be lightweight and easy to handle. The 50cm blade length and 18mm blade gap is suitable for smaller hedges.

Black & Decker GTC1850L

Black & Decker GTC1850L

Equipped with a lithium-ion battery, it is a must have for someone, who wants fast, and choir free hedge trimming. The battery hold charge for a very long time, and last longer for prolonged periods of work. The battery, according to the manufacturer will hold a charge for 18 months! It takes around 2 hours to charge it fully. The lack of cord provides easy and safe handling, without the need of extensions or the worry of tangling the cord.

This trimmer features E-Drive technology, which gives the machine enough power to slice any branch, despite in being powered by a battery. In addition to that, you have a 50 centimetre long blade for long reach and even cut throughout your hedge. The trimmer comes with a blade cover, for convenient storage.

The machine is really easy to handle. The light weight, coupled with the lack of cord, gives you flexibility to cut even overhead. The handle is designed for comfort, and to ease the tension on your arms and shoulders.

Most of all this trimmer is from a brand you can trust. Black & Decker have been in the market for ages, and they have created tools that are worth owning for a long time.

Product details

Product Dimensions 88.5 x 18.5 x 17.4 cm

Item Weight 2.7 Kg

Shipping Weight 3.8 Kg

Cutting length 500 mm

Spacing between teeth 18 mm

Black & Decker GTC1850L customer thoughts

  • I bought this trimmer, because my electric one was frustrating me. In the past I have cut the cable three times. This time I decided to get a cordless one. And I can safely say that this was a great decision. I have other Black & Decker equipment, with which I am very pleased, so I got a hedge trimmer from the same brand. The results are impressive. I get the job done quicker, easier and I don’t worry about the cord getting in my way. The battery lasts me around an hour. Great value for sure.
  • The main point of buying this trimmer is definitely convenience. And it definitely delivers. Not having a cord is so good. No hassle at all. You see something that needs trimming? Just get it out of the garage and do the work. If you have other Black & Decker devices, the batteries might be the same, so it’s worth getting the same brand.
  • After borrowing my neighbours hedge trimmer I decided to buy one for myself. B&D are a well known brand, so I decided to get this particular model. The cordless design, definitely got my attention. The battery lasts for so long! I can cut my hedge, and even the neighbours. I am really impressed. It even cuts through thicker branches.
  • It handles really well. I have other equipment from the brand, and that means I can use those batteries to power the trimmer. Safety is great two, with two separate switches for start.
  • I had a cheap trimmer for some time. It was not that great. I actually preferred using shears that it. I decided to get a new trimmer from a respectable brand, because it was a choir to maintain my hedge by hand. It goes through everything I throw at it with ease. Really clean cuts. Battery life is great as well.

User Manual

If you interested, here you can find the user manual for Black & Decker GTC1850L trimmer


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