Flymo is a deep-rooted company which has been developing lawnmowers for many years now. Flymo Turbo 400 Electric Hover Lawn Mower The company’s lists of products are quite broad that is why choosing the best one might be a demanding task. This Flymo Turbo 400 electric hover lawn mower review will help you decide whether this mower is right for you.

Flymo Turbo 400 Electric Hover Lawn Mower Key Features Review

Flymo Turbo 400 Electric Hover Lawn Mower Review will start with revealing model’s key features. Later on you will meet also its pros and cons.

  • Very reliable lawnmower

The state of the art Flymo Turbo 400 Electric Hover Lawn Mower is a reliable machine which features the Flymo air cushion technology. This lawnmower needs less force to b utilized efficiently that makes grass cutting a bit easier.

  • Powerful 1500 w engine

Flymo Turbo 400 Electric Hover Lawn Mower - Woman MowingFlymo 400 lawn mower is powered by a 1500 watt motor and equipped with 40cm cutting blade. It is also comes with 12 meters power cord that makes this machine ideal for small and medium sized yards. The Flymo 400 is also armed with efficient and convenient features such as 5 diverse cutting heights which range from 15mm to 41 mm. It weighs 8 kilogram and can be maneuver and stored with ease.

No doubt that Flymo Tyrbo 400 is one of best electric lawnmowers on the market today. All its features and the price are very strong arguments about it.

Flymo Turbo 400 Electric Hover Lawn Mower Pros Review

  • Easy to Use and Very Powerful

This mower from Flymo has the power to cut all sorts of grass; dry or wet and short. The integrated motor supplies superb results, in spite of the conditions.

  • Cut Tall Grass Efficiently

Some machines available couldn’t tackle wet and long grass. However, the Flymo Turbo 400 lawn mower can perform both. It is ideal for those that do not feel like mowing the grass weekly and which carry the job out only occasionally.

  • Easy to Maneuver and Store

Aside from being extremely lightweight, this machine comes with foldable handle for fast storing. This can also be utilized around flower beds and backyard edges. It cut the grass evenly and gives you a perfect landscape garden.

  • Silent Functioning: The fact that it is a powered by petroleum, this works silently.


The Flymo Turbo 400 Electric Hover Lawn Mower is an affordable and practical lawnmower, however it also comes with minor drawbacks such as:

  • Lack of Grass Box

The grass which this machine cuts were left behind, so you need to gather it manually.

  • Provides basic cut

Some machines leave the yard with amazing stripes. This machine doesn’t give such results. Flymo Turbo 400 Electric Hover Lawn Mower gives a basic cut.

  • Keep the cord safe

One of the biggest issues with the electric lawnmowers is that power cord might get in your way. The cord could get in your way that makes cutting grass a stressful activity.

As you might see, the cons of Flymo Turbo 400 are really minor and not pretending. But our goal at Best Lawn Mower Reviews is to inform you as much as possible about the products.

Flymo Turbo 400 Electric Hover Lawn Mower Review Conclusion

All in all, the Flymo Turbo 400 Lawn Mower is an extremely powerful mower available for a fraction of cost. The 1500 watt mater is the biggest advantage of this machine, since it allows landscaping in sorts of conditions. However, it doesn’t equip with grass box which is daunting to some users. Flymo is biggest and perhaps one of the most popular brands of lawn mower, a household brand with regards to hover lawnmowers without doubt. In case you are looking for a lightweight and easy to use lawnmower then you can’t go wrong with Flymo Turbo 400 Electric Hover Lawn Mower.

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