The Timberpro 26cc petrol hedge trimmer, featuring a 600mm blade is your choice if you are looking for a powerful, no compromise machine for home, or even professional use. It is powered by a 26cc , as the name suggests, 2 stroke engine. 

TIMBERPRO 26cc Petrol Powered Hedge Trimmer with 24
  • Powerful 26cc Petrol Powered Hedge Trimmer
  • Easy to operate with 360 degree rotating handle
  • Simple to operate, with professional double sided blades
  • Single cylinder 2 stroke air cooled engine
  • UK Warranty and easy start system.

Timberpro 26cc Petrol Hedge Trimmer Features

The blade is 24 inches or 600 millimeters. It is double-sided for clean cut up to 28 millimeters. It is suitable for cutting both horizontally and vertically. The handle rotates, to make it easier and safer for you, when cutting in any situation.

The trimmer weights in at just 5.6 kilograms, making it fairly lightweight and easy on your back and shoulders, so you won’t get tired after a long job.

Although being a petrol powered trimmer, this machine from Timberpro, is very easy to maintain and operate. It comes with a 2 year warranty so you can be certain you have a quality product.

Timberpro 26cc 600W

Product details

Power : 1.25 HP

Item Weight 10 Kg

Shipping Weight 12 Kg

Cutting length 600 mm

Spacing between teeth 28 mm

Timberpro 26cc 600W customer thoughts

  • I wasn’t certain about buying this trimmer at first. Mainly because it is quite cheaper than the competition. After using it for some time now, I can seriously say I am very impressed. Even with my fairly large hedge of around 300 meters, which has been neglected somewhat, the blade cuts with little to no effort. It is very quiet, which is a big plus for a petrol hedge trimmer. The adjustable grip is great for easy handling. I can recommend it without hesitation.
  • Spend some time cutting my hedge just now. This Timberpro 26cc trimmer is very easy to use. Did an awesome job with my hedge. It is very reliable no doubt, and being petrol powered, it has enough powered to do almost anything! Very easy to operate. I consider my purchase to be worth every penny!
  • The machine was ready to work out of the box. It copes with branches of 1 centimeter thickness with ease. The handle can be adjusted for your liking. This trimmer is really a work house. It has so much power, it cuts through everything I had. I also found it is quite economical, using only 2 litres of fuel after three hours of trimming.
  • When looking at this trimmer you might wonder how a trimmer this cheap, and a petrol one on top of that, be any good? I used it for the first time during the weekend, and I ended up being very impressed with the performance. It is easy to start and operate. No major issues. One great feature about this trimmer is the rotating handle, which I found really comfortable to grip. For the first time in almost 4 years, I manage to cut down my hedge as low as I did with this trimmer.

Timberpro 26cc 600W Review Conclusion and Price

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