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Ryobi BCL14181H ONE+ Fast Charger Review

The Ryobi BCL14181H ONE+ Fast Charger is a reliable, versatile and efficient all-rounder charger that helps you save money. Ryobi BCL14181H ONE+ Fast ChargerYou don’t need to have four chargers in your tool box as the Ryobi Fast Charger can charge both 18V and 14.4V Ryobi batteries. Whether it’s a Lithium-ion or NiCad, the Ryobi BCL14181H can charge any battery within 1 hour. This helps you save time.

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Ryobi RB18L40 ONE+ Battery Review

Here, at Best Hedge Trimmers, we have lots of reviews for hedge trimmers. Now we are reviewing attachments for the cutters. This Ryobi RB18L40 ONE+ Battery Review will help you understand  the need of additional power supply.

Ryobi is among the largest manufacturers of power tools in the world. The company is committed to delivering exceptional performance and consistency. Ryobi knows what people require from their power tools . So they have applied this knowledge in developing their products. As such, you are assured that you can work more comfortably, safely and efficiently in your garden when you use their tools. Ryobi RB18L40 ONE+ BatteryRyobi’s tools have various features that make gardening and DIY projects a lot easier and simpler.

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2 stroke oil for my hedge trimmer

2 Stroke oil is a special type of motor oil that can be used in crankcase compression two-stroke engines. A 2 stroke engine is an internal combustion engine whose thermodynamic cycle is completed in two pumps of the piston. This gives it a distinctive sputtering sound. These lightweight engines crankcases are not closed, they are part of the induction tract and in order to keep them, lubricated oil has to be mixed with the regular gasoline. This combination of gas and oil in the induction tract causes exhaust that has a blue tint to it and a very oily scent.

2 stroke oil


  • Two cycle engines come in two different types. First is the water-cooled two cycle engine, exemplified in most outboard motors.
  • These engines have a high output demand. They are usually set at a high speed which is maintained for extended periods of time and they have a continual flow of water passing through them to cool them.
  • Air cooled two-cycled engines, such as weed whackers,chainsaws and hedge trimmers have a much different operation life.
  • They are constantly being started and stopped and different demands on engine output are being made depending on the item, the saw or other tool is being used on.

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Bosch 36V Battery for AHS 54-20 LI Hedge Cutter

This Bosch 36v battery is compatible with the AHS 54-20 cordless hedge trimmer.

Bosch 36V Battery for AHS 54-20This battery is very compact and charges quickly. It does not matter what the current charge of the battery is, you can put it in the charger any time. It does not have a memory effect, so it does not affect it negatively. In addition it has no self-discharge.

The quick charge time means you will always be ready to do your work and not worry about stopping because of no power. This battery is also very durable and has a long lifespan. Even if you leave it for months, you will find it with the same charge. This is more than six time longer stand-by time than traditional batteries. The battery provides the exact same power as other conventional batteries, but it is around 60 % smaller. Featuring Bosch electronic cell protection or ECP, the battery is safe against high temperatures or any kind of overload. This great feature of Bosch guarantees you a long life cycle of the battery.

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Hedge Trimmer Attachments