Looking for a great solution for your medium to large hedge? The Bosch ahs 54-20 li cordless hedgecutter just might be the thing you need. Standing features as the long run time and powerful performance, will satisfy even the most demanding jobs. This great hedge trimmer is powered by a 36 v 1.3 Ah lithium-ion battery. It doesn’t just give you plenty of power, but also the freedom from any cables. Bosch ahs 54-20 is also surprisingly lightweight for what it offers. Cordless Hedge Trimmers UK Bosch AHS 54-20 liComing in just about 3.5 kilograms, ahs 54-20 li will not make you feel any fatigue when working for a long period of time. And you won’t need to work long term, because the 54 cm long, diamond cut blade cuts so easily.

This great Bosch AHS 54-20 li hedge trimmer will save you any trouble going through your hedges. Even thick branches won’t be an issue, since the trimmer has “Anti-Blocking System” integrated.

Bosch Ahs 54-20 li is Amazon Best Seller product in category “Hedge Trimmers”. The average score for Bosch Ahs 54-20 in Amazon is 4.7 of 5, voted by more than 110 users.

Bosch AHS 54-20 li Key Points Review:

One of the main features of ahs 54-20 li is that it is battery powered hedge trimmer. You won’t have to deal with long extension cords and worrying about stepping or cutting through them. Bosch ahs 54-20 li battery fully charges in just 45 minutes and has a run time of about 50 minutes. This is even when dealing with thicker branches. Other great feature of this machine is the compatibility of the battery. You will find that Ahs 54-20 li battery is compatible with other Bosch gardening equipment, which is a huge benefit.

This Ahs 54-20 li hedge trimmer has an “Anti-Block System”. It will give you a continuous cutting experience without any jams or stalls. The trimmer does this automatically. If it detects a thick branch, which it can not cut through, it will alter the operation of the blade. This is an awesome feature, which not all trimmer have, so keep that in mind.

The blade used in this trimmer is diamond ground, giving you clean and precise cuts. You won’t have any issues with branches up to 20 millimeters in diameter, which is more or less what you will have in your medium to large hedge.

Ergonomics didn’t take a back seat when designing this trimmer. The handle of this hedge cutter has a soft grip and there is a see-through guard for optimal and safe operation. Bosch ahs 54-20 is also very lightweight, meaning you won’t get tired as fast as with some other trimmers. It means you can more easily use this trimmer in awkward angles.

Bosch AHS 54-20 Li Battery and Blade:

The blade has a sawing function. It is a feature of the blade tip. This give you the ability to go through branches up to 25 millimeters in diameter. This is 5 millimeters larger than the tooth spacing of the blade.

Bosch 36V Battery for AHS 54-20 hedge cutterBosch ahs 54-20 battery is a 36 V 1.3 Ah lithium-ion powerhouse. This gives you long run times, up to 50 minutes of continuous trimming. The battery is also small and has no memory effect. Also, no self-discharge so ahs 54-20 li is always ready, no matter when it was last used. It retains its charge and could be charged more than 4 times than the standard batteries. Speaking of charging, it takes only 45 minutes for the battery to be fully charged.

Our experts at Best Hedge Trimmers Reviews strongly recommend buying an additional battery for Ahs 54-20.

Bosch AHS 54-20 Technical Review:

Item Weight: 3.5 Kg
Product Dimensions: 102 x 28.4 x 21 cm.
Blade size: 54 cm length, 20 mm tooth spacing.
Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Battery power: 36 V 1.3 Ah.
Shipping weight: 5 Kg.

Bosch ahs 54-20 li customer reviews:

  • James L., 16/6/2016: In my case, I have a couple of hedges. One is privet and the other is hawthorn. Nothing quite extreme or difficult, but was a pain to deal with because of all the flowers that border the hedge. Before I was using a corded trimmer. When I got Bosch ahs 54-20 li, at first I was shocked at how quiet and light it is. The blades are sharp and cut clean. Battery charges very fast. Maybe in about 40 minutes. I vote 5 star product!
  • Scott B., 17/5/2016: At first I was hesitant about purchasing this trimmer. Now it is safe to say that I am very happy with the performance of Bosch ahs 54-20 li. The first charge was very fast and I was working in no time at all. I was cutting through somewhere around 15 mm stems. The sawing function of the blade also came handy. The trimmer is not that heavy, considering that the blade is actually fairly long. High class cordless hedge cutter.
  • Adam B., 8/5/2016: I own a Bosch cordless lawn-mower and was pleasantly surprised that its batteries also work in this trimmer as it is in the same range. I can say that ahs 54-20 li goes through my hedges quite easily. One feature that is not evident from the product page is the lack of noise when using this trimmer. It is very quiet. This gives you a few extra hours early in the morning, without worrying about disturbing the neighbours.
  • Graham S., 27/4/2016: I got Bosch ahs 54-20 li after reading a review in a magazine. It was rated very highly. I used a cordless trimmer a while ago and was not very pleased with the performance. This Bosch hedge cutter is a totally different story. It is very powerful. Even shockingly quiet for what it offers as performance. No worrying about cords tangling on the ladder and causing a hassle. I can easily recommend this trimmer.
  • Adam P., 11/4/2016: This trimmer is around the same weight as my old one, but cordless. The biggest advantage is that I can now move around my garden with no restrictions. This Bosch Ahs 54-20 li does the job very good and keeps everything neat.

Bosch AHS 54-20 Li Review Conclusion:

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