This Bosch 36v battery is compatible with the AHS 54-20 cordless hedge trimmer.

Bosch 36V Battery for AHS 54-20This battery is very compact and charges quickly. It does not matter what the current charge of the battery is, you can put it in the charger any time. It does not have a memory effect, so it does not affect it negatively. In addition it has no self-discharge.

The quick charge time means you will always be ready to do your work and not worry about stopping because of no power. This battery is also very durable and has a long lifespan. Even if you leave it for months, you will find it with the same charge. This is more than six time longer stand-by time than traditional batteries. The battery provides the exact same power as other conventional batteries, but it is around 60 % smaller. Featuring Bosch electronic cell protection or ECP, the battery is safe against high temperatures or any kind of overload. This great feature of Bosch guarantees you a long life cycle of the battery.

Bosch 36v Battery Technical Review:

This ultra light battery also provides an extra trimming time without any pain in your arms and shoulders. In addition to that many professional gardeners buy it, as an additional power supply when the primary one is discharged. If you own Bosch 54-20 cordless hedge trimmer is a very very good idea to buy this battery.

Package details:

Item name: Bosch 36V Battery for AHS 54-20 LI Hedge Cutter
Item Weight: 699 g.
Product Dimensions: 16.6 x 9.8 x 7.4 cm.
Shipping weight: 1 kg.

Bosch Hedge Trimmer Battery Customer Reviews:

  1. I actually should have bought two batteries with my trimmer. They last a very long time, and having a spare means you never actually have to stop working. The power the battery delivers does not go down, when it loses charge, which is great. The battery also has a state meter, which is very useful.

  2. Very good and reliable. I ordered another one to have as a spare. Would recommend to anyone.

  3. You can actually buy a trimmer without the battery and then buy it separately. This way you can even save a little money. In my case I can even use the charger from my Bosch lawnmower.


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