As a consumer, what will you expect to see in a high quality petrol hedge trimmer? Perhaps you would want to have something with the authority to handle your lawn task efficiently and quickly. Perhaps you will want a hedge trimmer that has additional security features when you a novice to doing your own lawn work. No matter what you might be looking for in a high quality hedge trimmer, the state of the art Ryobi RHT2660R is sure to give. 

Ryobi RHT2660R 26cc Petrol Hedge Trimmer with HedgeSweep Attachment
  • Powerful 26cc 2 stroke engine
  • Dual reciprocating precision blade for less vibration
  • StartEasy carburettor for easy starting
  • 5 position rotating rear handle for optimum user comfort

Ryobi RHT2660R Product Description:

This petrol hedge trimmer is a very powerful and so easy to use machine. Ryobi RHT2660R is ideal for the complicated and toughest yard tasks. It is developed by one of the best and largest manufacturers of power tools. This petrol hedge trimmer will surely satisfy the needs of both professional and domestic users. Please read this Ryobi RHT2660R review or our other hedge trimmers reviews and be sure, that you will pick the best hedge trimmer for you garden.


The Ryobi RHT2660R petrol hedge cutter has 26cc 2-cycle engine. This super clean engine system that provides remarkable power to weight ratio.

  • 600 mm dual reciprocating ground blades for a precise and clean cut.

  • 28mm Tooth Gap and Cutting Capability.

  • It comes with Hedge sweep attachment to aid with getting rid of clippings.

  • A revolving rear handles with five positions aiding to make this machine comfortable during use.

  • Easy to star carburetor for stress free starting.

  • Weigh 5.3 kilo.

  • Comes with 2 years warranty.

Ryobi RHT2660R Pros Review

This features a clean engine technology that allows to comfortably exceed emission standards and a start easy carburetor to make sure easy starting.

  • It Deals with Bigger Hedges.

Due to its 600 mm diamond ground blades as well as 28mm tooth gap, the Ryobi RHT2660R could cope with bigger trees, branches and hedges- with a maximum cutting capability of 28mm. The integrated dual-reciprocating blades provide minimal vibration at the same time cutting. It also comes with HedgeSweep attachment aids to get rid of cuttings as your work.

  • Easy to Use.

The 5 positioning rear handle aids to make this machine comfortable as well as easy to maneuver , whilst is super lightweight, means you can do a lengthy session.


  • While there’s not a lot about the Ryobi RHT2660R to be worried about. A lot of consumers don’t like the idea that this hedge trimmer is a bit heavy. On the other hand, you should consider that this machine takes care of the problem areas efficiently and quickly in order that you are not stuck working on your backyard forever.

  • It is also comfortable to hold as of the super comfortable handle which allows you to switch angles as well as position as you want to. The front handle of this hedge trimmer make sure that although you need to work for a long span of time, you can do it with comfort.

Ryobi RHT2660R petrol hedge cutting

Ryobi RHT2660R petrol hedge cutter


As with any petrol hedge trimmers out there, the Ryobi RHT2660R provides the great benefit of power and mobility. Alongside, this should be balanced the disadvantages of petrol hedge trimmer opposed with cordless and electric  hedge cutters, weight, noise as well as maintenance needs. This machine is made by one of the most renowned manufacturer and it has high customer satisfaction ratings amongst consumers from Amazon, with a score of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Ryobi RHT2660R Review Conclusion

This Ryobi RHT2660R petrol hedge cutter provides great value for its price. As said before it is hedge trimmer from one of the best and largest manufacturers of power tools. Our specialists at best hedge trimmers advise to check the trimmer price at before buying. If you buy in a package you’ll get a real good price.

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