When looking for garden hedge trimmers, it can be a bit confusing with the different types available these days. Choosing the best petrol hedge trimmer for cutting your hedge is one decision you need to get right. You can find that these machines come in three different varieties, there is the cordless, mains powered trimmer and the petrol hedge trimmer. There is also a great variety of hedge trimmer reviews, so you can easily choose the most suitable for your needs. We are now reviewing McCulloch ErgoLite 6028.

There is also a variation on these three types which are the long reach hedge trimmers. This unit is designed to help you reach those tall branches without the need to do any climbing up ladders. 

McCulloch ErgoLite 6028 Petrol Hedge Trimmer Specification:

McCulloch ErgoLite 6028 engineMcCulloch ErgoLite 6028 has adjustable and low weight rear handle. This is one of the reasons why it is ideal for domestic use.

The product has effective and powerful engine with anti-vibration system.

McCulloch ErgoLite 6028 has Soft Start, dual action blades and large blade gap.

When it comes to its rear handle, users will not find hard time and difficulty to use it.

McCulloch ErgoLite 6028 Pros Review:

McCulloch ErgoLite 6028 is perfect if you need to cut hedges a long way from any power socket. The product can be reasonably heavy due to the motor and are often the preferred choice of commercial gardeners.

Some homeowners use this style of trimmer especially if the branches in their hedge are very thick. These units tend to have a bit more power than the electric versions.

McCulloch ErgoLite 6028 bladeMcCulloch ErgoLite 6028 is considered as the most popular type used by homeowners. Some homeowners make use of cordless machines that are ideal for cutting the average garden hedge. With their capability and ease of use, the product is recognized as the most favorite of many homeowners.

McCulloch ErgoLite 6028 has been around for years now. The manufacturers have improved the overall designs to become a lightweight powerful trimmer that is also very reliable.
When choosing for the best petrol hedge trimmer, you need to consider the weight of the machine. If they are too heavy, you will find hard time to move them around.


McCulloch ErgoLite 6028 is quite expensive to buy. This is one of the reasons why not all people can afford to buy one.
The product is also heavy so users will find difficulty in moving it from one place to another.


If you are one of those commercial gardeners who are in search for the best petrol hedge trimmer, you don’t need to look any further since McCulloch ErgoLite 6028 is the perfect choice you should consider and use. Petrol hedge trimmers blades are available in several designs and you will need to work out which design is more appropriate for your trimming need.

Hedge trimmer blades are made of varied materials that are polished with steel to reinforce their strength. If you want to gather additional valuable details and information about McCulloch ErgoLite 6028, the best thing you can do is to browse the web or conduct your own research. In this way, you can be sure that you can get the best petrol hedge trimmer that is worth paying for.

McCulloch ErgoLite 6028 Petrol Hedge Trimmer Price:

Our goal at Hedge Trimmers Reviews is to help you pick the best hedge cutter for you. Thats why we strongly advise you to check and price at amazon.co.uk before buying.
The cost of McCulloch ErgoLite 6028 can vary depending on which type you want and what make you desire. It is around 190 GBP. It is a bit expensive, but this is a valuable petrol hedge trimmer.

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