Einhell GGHH9048 900 W 410 mm GC-HH Pole Hedge Trimmer packs plenty of power for thorough hedge, bush and shrub care in all garden types. For sure, this pole telescopic hedge trimmer is solid and well made.

On the other side, when searching for the best pole trimmer that you can use in your garden, it can somehow be challenging and confusing. Since there are many different types of pole hedge trimmers available today, choosing the most suitable trimmer to cut your hedge is an important decision that you need to get right.

Einhell GC-HH 9048 Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer
  • Tillable cutting head for ergonomic working
  • Blade made of laser-cut and diamond ground steel
  • Adjustable, extendable aluminium telescopic handle (50 cm)
  • Shoulder strap with quick release, length of telescope bar is 2000 mm - 2500 mm
  • Sturdy cutter guard for storage and transportation


Get Yourself More Familiar with Einhell GGHH9048 900 W 410 mm GC-HH Pole Hedge Trimmer

The Einhell GGHH9048 900 W 410 mm GC-HH Pole Hedge Trimmer is a reliable and highly dependable gardening tool that is packed with lots of power for ultimate hedge, bush and shred care in any garden or yard. Its metal gearing is especially designed to last. Einhell GGHH9048 900 W 410 mm GC-HH Pole Hedge Trimmer The blade crafted from laser cut and diamond ground steel which always deliver cleaner cuts.

Moreover, users can easily adjust the strong and sturdy extendable handle to a particular length that they need. By means of adjusting the handle, rotating main handle as well as angle of cut allow users to configure trimmer easily. This therefore makes the tool comfortable to work with. The quick release should strap and the sturdy bag is also provided to ensure safe and convenient way of carrying the trimmer. Moreover, this also makes storage easier and more convenient.

In some stores you may find it as Telescopic Hedge Trimmer or extendable hedge cutter. It is absolutely the same, so do not need to worry.

Einhell GGHH9048 900 W Pole  Hedge Trimmer Key Features Review

  • 900 Watt Input Power

The input power of this tool 900 watt and no load speed is 2,000 per min.

  • Blade Length of 480 mm

The blade length is about 480 mm and the cutting capacity is 15 mm. The blade spacing is 20mm.

  • Cutting head tilt for more ergonomic working.

 Other Features of Einhell GGHH9048 900 W Pole Trimmer

  • Extendable handle
  • Additional handle that can be adjusted
  • Metal gear ensuring longer functions
  • Carrying belt
  • Sturdy and durable cutter guard for transportation and storage

 Einhell GGHH9048 900 W Pole Trimmer Review of Pros And Cons

Einhell GGHH9048 900 W 410 mm GC-HH Pole Hedge Trimmer Action

The following are the highlights of the pros and cons of this pole hedge cutter:

Einhell GGHH9048 900 W Pros Review:

  • Sturdy, solid and built to last
  • Top quality engineering
  • Intuitive, quick and easy to connect all together
  • Easy to adjust
  • Neither wide and tall or short hedge, this trimmer actually works pretty well
  • Since this trimmer is always up to the task, users can rely on this anytime
  • Handle positions can be adjusted easily to ensure good balance and comfortable usage
  • Easy to use and operate


  • A bit heavy

Einhell GGHH9048 900 W 410 mm GC-HH Pole  Hedge Trimmer Review Conclusion

The Einhell GGHH9048 900 W Pole Trimmer was designed have users’ comfort, convenience and unique trimming needs in mind Moreover, this is packed with features that guarantees more improved pole trimming performance and functionality. Since this undergoes durable construction and has a sturdy built, individuals can expect for its long years of service in the garden.Einhell GGHH9048 900 W 410 mm GC-HH Pole Hedge Trimmer Blade

Ever gardener, neither professional nor beginners need to have this efficient and reliable hedge cutter. This can certainly make pole trimming a breeze and more effective. This product promises decent value for the price and purchasing this tool is worth the money. This also makes gardening more manageable.

Einhell GGHH9048 900 W 410 mm GC-HH Pole Hedge Trimmer Price