Large hedges and bushes are a lovely addition to any garden or yard. Hedges are generally easy to maintain. However, taking care of their size and shape is not an easy task. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right tool for the job. The Einhell GC-HH 5047 Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer is definitely one of the best choices on the market. This Einhell hedge trimmer is a machine that will serve you faithfully.

Einhell GC-HH 5047 47 cm 500 W Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer
  • Tillable cutting head for ergonomic working
  • Blade made of laser-cut and diamond ground steel
  • Telescopic handle that can be extended out to 2.4 metres
  • Additional protection for the back provided by the adjustable shoulder strap
  • Sturdy cutter guard for storage and transportation

Einhell GC-HH 5047 Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer Review of Key Features

It is suitable for both domestic and commercial landscapes. Due to its features, the Einhell GC-HH 5047 Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer Review is the perfect fit for any user. The Einhell electric pole hedge trimmer has many advantages compared to other long-reach hedge trimmers.

This high-reach electric trimmer has everything needed to help with maintenance of any garden, park or landscape. Therefore, it is a must-have for anyone who wants to enjoy gardening to the fullest.

  • Efficient tool which packs plenty of power

First of all, Einhell GC-HH 5047 Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer is a very powerful and dependable tool. Einhell is a well-known brand for gardening gear. They are one of the market leaders offering great price for quality. 

  • Long-lasting sharpness

Most noteworthy, the blades of this electric pole hedge trimmer are made from laser-cut, diamond ground steel. Therefore, the Einhell GC-HH 5047 Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer allows you to easily do sharp contouring and precise cutting.

Einhell GC-HH 5047 Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer Review

  • Special cutting head

In addition, comfortable and smooth working process is guaranteed by the tillable head of the electric pole trimmer.

  • Turnable rear handle

Making clear and precise cuts both horizontally and vertically  can be really tough with high shrubs or hedges. The Einhell GC-HH 5047 Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer has a rotating rear handle, therefore allowing you to make clean and accurate cuts at any height. It is very easy to instantly release the handle. You can do so at any time during your garden or yard work.  Thus, you are able to complete even the hardest horizontal or vertical cuts. 

Additional Features of The Extendable Einhell GC-HH 5047 Hedge Trimmer

Here, we are listing even more features that makes this hedge cutter a really good choice.

  • Secondary adjustable handle

Furthermore, the electric pole hedge trimmer has a secondary handle. You can easily position it to suit the needs of the current situation or user. Nonetheless, this saves lots of time and efforts even for the experienced gardeners and landscapers.

  • Telescopic adjustable extension

Einhell Hedge Trimmer Review UK

Seems like the GC-HH 5047 model has everything needed for even the toughest hedge trimming. The electric hedge trimmer pole has a telescopic aluminium handle.  With just a light touch you can adjust it to the needed height. Yon can extend it to 2.4 metres.

  • Enduring metal gear

Maybe you think that tools of this kind are easily breakable. Nevertheless, this Einhell electric hedge trimmer is designed to last a long time. You can rely on it to ease your gardening tasks in the long term. 

Einhell Hedge Trimmer GC-HH 5047 – Technical Details

We are fully describing all the technial features of this Einhell electric hedge trimmer.

Wattage: 500 watts

Cable lenght: 8 metres

Shipping Weight: 5.2 kg

Item Weight: 4 kg

Colour: red

Einhell hedge trimmer uk - Diamond Grinded Blade

Summary of Product Features of Einhell Pole Hedge Trimmer

Even though hedge trimming is a tiresome task, you can always make it easier. You can improve your performance with the extendable Einhell GC-HH 5047 Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer. Furthermore, it will reduce the time spent on cutting and shaping hedges and bushes.  And last, but not least – it will make the gardening way more enjoyable. 

Our experts advice you to check price in Amazon before buying Einhell hedge trimmer.

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