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Makita EN4951SH Petrol Pole Hedge Trimmer

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Makita EN4951SH petrol pole hedge trimmer is a top product for a reason. You can use it for any garden types without any doubts. It is compact, extendable, foldable and powerful petrol hedge trimmer. Comparing to other petrol cutters, this one is quiet.

Be it a residential property or a commercial one, the way you maintain your garden projects, speaks a lot about you. Especially, commercial property owners need to work much harder to maintain their garden projects. Out of many other factors, the quality of your hedge trimmer plays an extremely important role in determining what way your garden projects will turn out into. Speaking about quality, the Makita EN4951SH petrol pole hedge trimmer excels in every respect of the word.

Makita EN4951SH 25.4cc 4-Stroke Pole Hedge Trimmer
  • Environmentally conscious and 25.4 cc four-stroke engine; low noise and clean exhaust emission; low running
  • Multi-position engine lubrication system enables the engine to be inclined to any angle even during continuous operation
  • Recoil starter with automatic decompression
  • Primer pump and diaphragm carburettor
  • Short-shaft provides greater manoeuvrability

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Ryobi OHT1850X One+ Cordless Long Reach Hedge Trimmer Review

If you are looking for the most reliable and efficient trimmer, the Ryobi OHT1850X One+ Cordless Long Reach Hedge Trimmer is a brand that you can trust.
This premium quality trimmer is noted both for its performance and durability. Moreover this has been a highly preferred choice among gardeners. Thats why this is packed with amazing features that make cutting and cleaning debris easier.

Ryobi OHT1850X ONE+ Cordless Hedge Trimmer, 18 V (Body only)
  • Extended reach Hedge trimmer makes easy work Of trimming hard-to-reach hedges and shrubs
  • 4-Position articulating head for pruning all sizes of hedges and shrubs
  • Rotating rear handle for optimum reach in all cutting applications
  • Central trigger for easy use in extended reach position


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Ryobi RPT4545M Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer Review

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Ryobi RPT4545M Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer is another high-class offering from Ryobi. It features an articulating head, for both durability and performance, and an extension pole for hard to reach places. If you have tall hedges or you want to take care of some trees for example, this Ryobi RPT4545M hedge trimmer might be a great choice for you.

The motor of Ryobi RPT4545M is very lightweight, but packs a 400W power, which will be plenty for anything you through at it.
The trimming head can be articulated around a 135 degree axis. Combined with the large loop trigger, this is a perfect tool for cutting and working at any situation and angle. Being an electric and in the same time long reach hedge trimmers is a very strong argument. It is one of the best extendable hedge trimmers for a reason.

Ryobi RPT4545M Pole Hedge Trimmer with Extension Pole, 450 W
  • Powerful 450 W motor
  • Extendable up to 2 m
  • 45 cm blade
  • Dual reciprocating, diamond ground blade
  • Very handy tool that helps you take care of branches at unruly heights and angles.

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Einhell GC-HH 5047 Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer Review

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Large hedges and bushes are a lovely addition to any garden or yard. Hedges are generally easy to maintain. However, taking care of their size and shape is not an easy task. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right tool for the job. The Einhell GC-HH 5047 Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer is definitely one of the best choices on the market. This Einhell hedge trimmer is a machine that will serve you faithfully.

Einhell GC-HH 5047 47 cm 500 W Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer
  • Tillable cutting head for ergonomic working
  • Blade made of laser-cut and diamond ground steel
  • Telescopic handle that can be extended out to 2.4 metres
  • Additional protection for the back provided by the adjustable shoulder strap
  • Sturdy cutter guard for storage and transportation

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VonHaus 20V Max Pole Hedge Trimmer Review

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Neatly kept hedges add a lot of grace and charm to your garden. In order to manage your hedges properly throughout the year you need an efficient hedge trimmer that can help you with it. VonHaus 20V max pole hedge trimmer is one of the best long reach hedge trimmers on the market. It is ideal to use on hedges, bushes, branches, and twigs that are otherwise difficult to reach.

This pole hedge cutter not only helps you reach distant targets. It also makes your job really convenient and quick. Its adjustable and rotational body makes it quite comfortable for the user to handle it while doing the job. 

VonHaus Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer with 20V MAX Battery, Charger, Shoulder Strap & Blade Cover - Includes Dual Action Laser Cut Blades, 135° Adjustable Head & Extendable Reach - 3.8kg
  • ONE BATTERY FITS ALL! Fully Compatible with all other products in the VonHaus 20V Max. Lithium-ion G Range - Hedge Trimmer, Telescopic Hedge Trimmer, Grass Trimmer & Leaf Blower
  • Powerful 20V Max. Pole Trimmer with 45cm dual-action laser cut blades for fast cutting action: effortlessly cuts through branches and twigs up to 14mm thick
  • Multi-angle head can be set to positions across a -45 - 90° spectrum for precise horizontal and vertical cutting. Telescopic pole extends to 2.44m. Trimmer weighs 3.8kg
  • Two-stage safety trigger to prevent accidental operation and hand protector shield for safe use. Features a soft grip handle and shoulder strap for comfortable use
  • Manufacturer 2 Year Warranty Included

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Makita EN4951SH Pole Hedge Trimmer

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Everyone wants a beautiful garden as it one thing that attracts visitors when they first enter your place. Neatly done hedges and properly trimmed branches undeniably enhance the beauty of your property. The Makita EN4951SH pole hedge trimmer is one hedge trimmer that helps you maintain all your garden projects with great ease and efficiency.

Makita EN4951SH 25.4cc 4-Stroke Pole Hedge Trimmer
  • Environmentally conscious and 25.4 cc four-stroke engine; low noise and clean exhaust emission; low running
  • Multi-position engine lubrication system enables the engine to be inclined to any angle even during continuous operation
  • Recoil starter with automatic decompression
  • Primer pump and diaphragm carburettor
  • Short-shaft provides greater manoeuvrability

The Makita EN4951SH pole hedge trimmer is undoubtedly one of the best pole hedge trimmers to work on commercial landscapes. Its lightweight design makes it really easy to use. Also, the Makita EN4951SH pole hedge trimmer helps you cut great running costs with its powerful engine. Take a look at the exclusive features of this pole hedge trimmer that make it special and unique –

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Black & Decker GTC1843L20-GB Pole Hedge Trimmer

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Looking for a versatile pole hedge trimmer for your DIY garden projects? Well, the Black & Decker GTC1843L20-GB pole hedge trimmer offers you all that you want! This pole hedge trimmer is one of the best long reach hedge trimmers in the market to help with all your garden projects.  It is specially designed with features that will help you benefit with your garden projects.

BLACK+DECKER 18V Cordless 43 cm Pole Hedge Trimmer with 2.0Ah Lithium Ion Battery
  • The 18V Lithium pole hedge trimmer is the fast, effective way to trim tall hedges
  • Blade and Handle Sections connect for a useable length of 1.98 Metres
  • Cord free, hassle free - no danger of cutting the cord and no harmful emissions
  • Unit disassembles for easy storage and transport
  • Trims tall hedges for up to 130sqm per charge

This pole hedge trimmer comes with a long lasting lithium battery that makes it ever ready to put into use. Fast, effective, with great control, this pole hedge trimmer is ideal to manage higher targets that are otherwise difficult to reach. Take a look at the distinctive features of this hedge trimmer that make it unique.


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Garden Gear 18V Telescopic Cordless Hedge Trimmer Review

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When you are looking for the best telescopic hedge trimmer, you may get overwhelmed. One option to consider is the Garden Gear 18v telescopic cordless hedge trimmer. This is a versatile option that could be exactly what you are looking for. There are quite a few great features on this that make it pretty great. You will find a close look at this cordless hedge trimmer reviews to see if it is the right choice for you.

Cordless Hedge Trimmer Extendable Long Reach Telescopic Pole with 18V Battery Included by Garden Gear (Pole Hedge Trimmer)
  • Long-reach; Incredible reach of up to 245cm
  • Fully cordless; Rechargeable lithium-ion battery means cutting and pruning hedges is safer and simpler
  • Shoulder strap; A comfortable shoulder strap is included to make trimming easier
  • Razor sharp blades; Cut through branches and snagged thorns with ease
  • Guarantee; 12-month warranty


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Powerplus 2 in 1 Telescopic Hedge Trimmer Review

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When you are looking for a long reach hedge trimmer, you want to invest in a quality one. You need onethat will do whatever task you need completed. These can be quite the investment. This is why it is essential for you to consider all of your options.  One option to consider is the Powerplus 2 in 1 Telescopic Hedge Trimmer. Here is all of the information that you need to purchase the best hedge trimmer.

Powerplus 2 in 1 Hand Held & Telescopic 510mm Long Reach Garden Hedge Trimmer 750 Watt with Adjustable Head POWXG2042 - 3 Year Home User Warranty
  • 750w Telescopic hedge trimmer
  • Adjustable telescopic shaft length: 235cm to 280cm
  • Blades: laser sharpened - 510mm
  • Cutting head: adjustable selectable angle


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Einhell GGHH9048 900 W 410 mm GC-HH Pole Hedge Trimmer Review

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Einhell GGHH9048 900 W 410 mm GC-HH Pole Hedge Trimmer packs plenty of power for thorough hedge, bush and shrub care in all garden types. For sure, this pole telescopic hedge trimmer is solid and well made.

On the other side, when searching for the best pole trimmer that you can use in your garden, it can somehow be challenging and confusing. Since there are many different types of pole hedge trimmers available today, choosing the most suitable trimmer to cut your hedge is an important decision that you need to get right.

Einhell GC-HH 9048 Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer
  • Tillable cutting head for ergonomic working
  • Blade made of laser-cut and diamond ground steel
  • Adjustable, extendable aluminium telescopic handle (50 cm)
  • Shoulder strap with quick release, length of telescope bar is 2000 mm - 2500 mm
  • Sturdy cutter guard for storage and transportation


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VonHaus Telescopic Extension Pole Hedge Trimmer 600W Review

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VonHaus Telescopic Hedge Trimmer 600W is ideal for trimming tall hedges with ease. Powerful hedge trimmers have been a common in sight in many domestic gardens. This is often due to their outstanding ability to keep your garden in shape. Long hedges and bushes will shrink your garden, but with innovative hedge cutters it is an easy job. Using VonHaus Telescopic Extension Pole Hedge Trimmer 600W, you can now easily and conveniently trim your yard’s tall hedges.

VonHaus Pole Hedge Trimmer 600W with Extendable 2.8m Reach, Adjustable Head, 45cm Blade Length & Protective Cover
  • 600W HEDGE TRIMMER – dual action 45cm laser cut steel blades effortlessly cut through branches and twigs up to 20mm thick to let you carve, trim and shape your hedges with ease
  • DUAL FUNCTION & TELESCOPIC POLE – use as a standard hedge trimmer or as a pole trimmer with the removable telescopic extension pole (Min-max length: 2.2m-2.7m). The 6-angle adjustable head offers precise horizontal and vertical cutting
  • DUAL-SUPPORT HARNESS – for totally controlled trimming, the support shoulder harness connects to your shoulder to counterbalance the top heavy design
  • SAFE TO OPERATE – features a two-stage safety trigger to prevent accidental operation and a hand protector shield. Blade cover and cable holder included for neat storage when not in use. Weight: 5.1kg. Dimensions: L108 X W17 X H32cm. Power cable: 10m

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Flymo SabreCut XT Cordless Battery Telescopic Hedge Trimmer Review

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Flymo SabreCut XT Cordless Battery Telescopic Hedge Trimmer is powerful and easy to use. This telescopic cordless hedge trimmer comes with tilting cutting head for more convenience. Garden maintenance is vital if you really want to keep it in good condition.

You need to ensure that grasses, bushes and shrubs aren’t too long, or else it will steal the beauty of your garden. Putting off the work to get your garden back to its pristine condition can be time consuming. Therefore, you need to be equipped with innovative garden tools to make the garden maintenance easier. In this case, you need the durable Flymo SabreCut XT Telescopic Hedge Trimmer.

Flymo SabreCut XT Cordless Battery Telescopic Hedge Trimmer, 18 V, Cutting Blade 42 cm
  • Telescopic Handle
  • Easy to Remove 18V Battery
  • Twin Action Blades
  • Tilting Head
  • Ideal for Cutting Ground

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Bosch AMW 10 HS Long Reach Hedge Trimmer Review

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This Bosch Amw 10 hs is a 3 in 1 multi tool. With this you are more or less covered, when it comes to maintaining your hedges. The actual hedge cutter is included and it will easily cut anything small to medium sized branches.

Bosch AMW 10 HS is an electric powered long reach cutter. The attachment system is tool-less meaning less hassle for you, and more time doing the job. You won’t be trying to find that right wrench in your shed or garage, just so you can switch the attachment. Very convenient for sure. Therefore, like most of the classy you can easily transform this long reach hedge trimmer to a standard one.

Bosch AMW 10 HS Multi-Tool with Pole Hedge Cutter Attachment
  • 43 cm blade and 15 mm tooth opening suitable for cutting medium-weight branches
  • 1000 W motor unit delivers maximum cutting performance
  • 180 degree angle adjustment for easy overhead trimming
  • Shoulder strap and adjustable handle for well balanced and comfortable use
  • Pole pruner and heavy duty grass trimmer attachments available

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Bosch Isio Cordless Shrub/ Grass Shear Cordless Hedge Trimmer Review

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The Bosch Isio Cordless Shrub/ Grass Shear, made by Bosch, is a lightweight cordless hedge trimmer that might just be the right one for you. This hedge cutter is one of amazon 2016 best sellers products in hedge trimmers category. It features a 3.6V lithium-ion battery, which makes it perfect for anyone that doesn’t like to deal with the hassle of cords and petrol. Bosch Isio shrub and grass shear is lightweight and easy to handle. It is the best cordless hedge trimmer for shaping and edging.

The soft grip and weight of just 550 grams that’s about the same weight as a mug of tea comes with two plates, ensures flawless and comfortable use. You will be able to angle and cut precisely as you wish without too much effort. You get a set of two blades, that are easily interchangeable for your preference of trimming.

Bosch 600833172 Cordless Edging Shear Set Isio (3.6 V, Blade Length 12 cm, Tooth Spacing 8 mm, In Cardboard Box)
  • The Isio cordless edging and shrub shear set - the perfect companion for day-to-day jobs in the garden
  • Anti-Blocking system for stress-free work without interruptions
  • Multifunctional: A new range of Multi-Click attachments make the Isio even more versatile than before
  • Fast charging and low self-discharge thanks to lithium-ion technology
  • Items included: Bosch Isio, charger, Multi-Click grass shearing blade 8 cm, Multi-Click shrub shearing blade 12 cm, cardboard box

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Best Long Reach Hedge Trimmers | Extending, Pole, Telescopic Hedge Cutters Reviews

Looking for the best long reach hedge trimmer? It seems like an easy task, but like everything else, finding the right tool has its subtleties. There are some things you should be aware of and a lot of things to consider before making a purchase of this kind. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. In this review, we will talk about all you need to know before buying a long reach hedge trimmer and will hopefully help you make the right choice.

Here in the UK, it’s very common to see a fence made of tall hedges. It’s beautiful and definitely gives a sense of privacy, but like everything good, it wants care. If these hedges are not regularly cut, the heavenly garden may turn into a messy nightmare. No one wants that to happen, but taking good care of your garden can sometimes be a challenge. Every good-looking hedge comes at a price. Hard work and a lot of attention pay off eventually. If you love your high hedges, and if you want to take maintain them properly, a long reach hedge trimmer is a must. This type of extendable tool will make your life easier and will save you hours.

best long reach hedge trimmer

Telescopic (Extending, Pole) Hedge Trimmers – Why you Need It

Telescopic hedge cutters, also known as pole hedge trimmers or extendable hedge trimmers are designed specifically for cutting tall or awkwardly positioned hedges without the need of a ladder or a platform. For instance, if you are a professional gardener, that visits different places in order to provide their services. So, telescopic hedge trimmer would be much more convenient to use than a regular one.

You won’t need to bring a ladder or put yourself in hazardous situations in order to reach that high branch. What is more, you won’t need to think of a way to fit all your equipment plus a giant ladder in your vehicle. Generally, the telescopic hedge trimmers cut comfortably between 3 to 4 metres high. As a result it would be plenty for most of the tall hedges.
If you want to choose the best extending hedge cutter for you, you would need to know a bit more about what types are there and what you would need to look out for.

These tools are divided into three categories according to the way they are powered – electric (corded), cordless (battery-powered) and petrol. Now we are going to look into each category’s advantages and disadvantages so you can choose the best telescopic hedge trimmer for you.

Corded Extending Hedge Trimmers

The first category we are going to look into is the trimmers that come with a cord. There are some advantages and disadvantages that come with this type of trimmers. One of the main advantages is that generally, these trimmers are more eco friendly than the other solutions. If you are someone who cares about our environment the best pole hedge trimmer for you would be a corded one, since there are no emitted emissions while working. Another thing is that lighter and easier to work with as there are no battery or fuel tank that adds to the weight of the tool. The best part is that they are quiet. If you’re worried about bothering your neighbours, you could opt for the corded option and you won’t regret it.

On the other hand, the cord could be very restrictive. You’d need to consider the length of the cable before buying a corded extendable hedge trimmer. If you don’t have a conveniently placed power socket, you could always use an extension cord of course, but all in all, the corded electric hedge trimmers are more suitable for smaller spaces.

Battery-powered Pole Hedge Trimmers

The battery-powered hedge trimmers are also a great option. Their main advantage is that they are portable. No restrictions because of the cord, no extension cords, no power sockets. You can work wherever you want, however you want. These trimmers are lighter than petrol ones and easy to work with. They have very easy maintenance and are the ideal decision for hedges that are located far away from your house with no access to electricity. Of course, they also have some disadvantages.

The main one is the limited battery life. The issue is not unresolvable, however. If you know that you’d need to work for longer hours, then you could simply purchase an additional battery for your telescopic hedge trimmer. This way you would be able to work with one battery while recharging the other. If you are not a fan of that solution, you would just need to plan your work beforehand. Just make sure that your battery is fully charged beforehand and you won’t have an issue.

The good thing about these trimmers is that they are powered with Li-ion batteries. They last longer and provide consistent power even as the battery’s charge wears down. This is a great advantage since we all know how unpleasant it is when you still have some power in your tool but it starts slacking.
If you need freedom of movement, no cord restrictions and no tanks to fill, the best long-reach tool for you is the battery-powered one. It’s no coincidence that they are the most searched type of trimmers in the UK.

Petrol Long Reach Hedge Trimmers Review

Petrol extendable hedge trimmers are the last category of trimmers we are going to look into in this review. These hedge trimmers are the most powerful. If you have a demanding work to be done, the best petrol pole hedge trimmer is what you need. They have the advantage to not be bound by a cable and work with fuel, meaning that if you run out, you’d be able to refuel them for a minute, and not wait hours for it to recharge as with the battery-powered hedge trimmers.

There are two types of engines you could choose from – 4-stroke and 2-stroke ones. The trimmers with a four-stroke engine are very powerful and you won’t have to worry about performance at all. They are easy to refuel as well, as they need only petrol to function. However, these trimmers are quite expensive. The ones with the 2-stroke engines are more affordable and offer power and good performance as well. The disadvantage here is that they are powered by a mixture of oil and petrol in a certain ratio. This could take more time to refill.

Best long reach petrol hedge trimmers are great for commercial use. So, they won’t let you mid-work and won’t need a battery recharge. What is more, the power they offer is way more than the corded or battery-powered pole hedge trimmers could offer.

What To Look For When Choosing The Best Extending Hedge Trimmer in UK?

In order to choose the best extendable hedge trimmer in UK, you would need to know a little bit more about what such a tool can offer and what could be the potential drawbacks.

Let’s start with the fact that long reach hedge trimmers could be with a fixed or extendable shaft. Trimmers with a fixed shaft will not let you pick the height on which you work. It could be more difficult to work with if you have different types of hedges on different height. If you have a lot of diversity in your garden, short tall and wide hedges, your best pick would be an extendable shaft. You could manage the length and set it accordingly.

Another perk that you could find in best long reach hedge trimmer is a rotating head. This gives you flexibility while working and allows reaching even awkwardly positioned hedges. Generally, the rotating head will allow you to set the cutting blade at an angle up to 90 degrees to the shaft. This means you can cut the top of the hedge while still staying firmly on the ground.

Extendable or pole hedge cutters could also be used for horizontal cutting. This could be useful if you need to clear thick shrubbery or ground cover plants. You don’t have to crouch or bend down when working at ground level. This is great for people with back problems or if you simply want to save yourself some effort.

Multi-tool Cutters Available in UK

Some long reach models on the UK market nowadays have a multi-tool fitting. This feature gives you the opportunity to attach more tools to the end of the trimmer. For instance, if you need to cut some larger branches, you’d be able to attach a tiny chainsaw to the tool. You could attach a hedge cutter that could handle medium-weight branches with ease or heavy-duty trimmer among other things. The multi-tool fitting trimmers could save you a fortune. You basically pay for one tool and get so much more than that.
If you decide to opt for a multi-tool model, it is best that you choose a trimmer that won’t require tools in order to change the attachment. This will save you a lot of effort and unnecessary headaches.

Perks the best telescopic hedge trimmer has

When purchasing a cutter you should always lift it up to see if the weight is comfortable for you. Have in mind that when working with the tool, your hands are up and you are carrying it. You should make sure that it would be comfortable to use if you want to be efficient. The lightweight models are recommended, especially if you are planning on working long hours. The electric models are the lightest, though the cord is sometimes an issue, so you might have to look at your working conditions and decide on what you could compromise if it is necessary.

Pivoting head

The pivoting head is a must if you plan to use your long reach cutter for different hedges. At least in our humble opinion. It does add to the price, but it is something that really makes the user’s life easier. And in this review, we aim to help you choose a tool that won’t cause you any unnecessary headaches. The option of adjusting the head according to the hedge you are cutting will allow you to be more precise while trimming the sides of your hedges.

Extendable shaft

The extendable shaft is another great perk that is good to have. Telescopic hedge trimmers with telescopic shaft are more flexible and this is what puts them a step above the cutters with a fixed one. Your efficiency and the time you spend on a job is defined mainly on your comfort while working. You can’t last long hours bent over or squatting, just because you want to cut the middle of your hedge. This is why the extendable shaft is so handy and convenient to work with. You adjust the tool according to the job you’re doing, you don’t adjust yourself.

When choosing the best pole hedge trimmer for our needs we usually focus so much on the length of the pole, that we forget to pay attention to the blades. The length of the blade plays a crucial role as well. You would need to consider the type of the hedge, the width, the height as well and choose the length blade accordingly.

Imagine having wide beautiful hedges in your garden, which you try to cut with a short blade. It would take ages to finish. And you will have to put so much effort. Or how about the opposite? If your hedges are not as wide, but you’ve purchased a tool with a long blade. You would be so uncomfortable while working. This is why the blade is so important. If you want a reference – have in mind that if your hedge is 3 meters wide, the blade should be at least 1.5 metres long.

Review Conclusion

All in all, when choosing an extending hedge cutter you have to consider a lot of things and could be a bit overwhelming. With this review, we hope that we’ve shed a little light on what to look for when it comes to purchasing the best long reach hedge trimmer in UK. Remember, your comfort should be your top priority when choosing any kind of tool. Happy gardening, everyone!