Maintaining a garden requires much precision and hard work. Thats why Makita UH4861X electric hedge trimmer is something you want to own. The most difficult is trimming thick hedges and branches. Thus, you also need the company of ideal tools that can make your work easier. The best electric hedge trimmer is a tool that can assist you in maintaining your horticulture heaven. Therefore, these electric trimmers have gained much popularity in the market. Consequently, many brands have come up with their hedge trimmers.

One such trimmer is Makita UH4861X 240V 48 cm Electric Hedge Trimmer. Makita is a reputable brand and this trimmer has stood up to its good name. Here is a detailed review of the said electric hedge trimmer.

Makita UH4861X 240 V 48 cm Electric Hedge Trimmer
  • Easy carbon brush replacement
  • Mechanical brake
  • Stain-free shear blade surface of glittering silver obtained by non-electrolysed nickel plating that features high anti-abrasion surface for long lasting coating
  • Double insulation

Makita UH4861X Electric Hedge Trimmer Product Review

Makita UH4861X is a product to look out for. The trimmer comes with many positive specifications. In addition, its superb features contribute to its positive repute. Its powerful 400 watt motor adds to its strength. In addition, it also possesses a pioneering handle system that adds to its comfort zeal. Furthermore, users get to use four safety hand positions. This enables easy yet safe cutting of hedges.

Makita UH4861X comes along with a mechanical brake that can stop a blade within 0.05 seconds. Moreover, you also get a cuter blade known for its high performance. In short, this is a trimmer that comes with all the necessary features.

The blade coating is stain free which is obtained through non-electrolyzed plating of nickel. Thus, you get shining and rust free blades for usage. In addition, the safety clips keep the electric flex secure in a better position.

You as a user get a blade cover and cord hook for the waist belt along with the trimmer.

Our specialists at best hedge trimmer reviews, will describe all the pros and cons of this hedge cutter.

Pros of Makita UH4861X Electric Hedge Trimmer

Abovementioned was the product specification. Here are the positive aspects of Makita UH4861X 240V 48 cm Electric Hedge Trimmer. These positive points of the said trimmer enhance its usability quotient. Furthermore, these pros make the trimmer stand apart from its competitors.

Ease of use

It is imperative for any hedge trimmer to offer ease of use. Otherwise, the trimmer is of no use. Thus, manufacturers have made sure to add this feature. Ease of use is the most noteworthy feature of this trimmer. The sharpness of the cutter is another selling point of the trimmer. You can easily change the carbon brushes and these are not just words. In addition, the handle system has been designed to give extra reach. Thus, the manufacturers have made sure to add a sense of comfort to the trimmer.

Makita UH4861X 240V 48 cm Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

Less fatigue , more fun

The major aspect of any trimmer is the fatigue quotient attached to it. Makita UH4861X 240V 48 cm Electric Hedge Trimmer causes less fatigue. This is a major positive point of this trigger. As a user, you do not feel any discomfort while using it. The wrap around handle gives you a strong grip on the trimmer’s handle. This means that you can use the trimmer for horizontal, vertical, and diagonal trimming. As told, the trimmer surely has a well maintained design. In addition, it is also known for offering lower vibration. Moreover, you also get an ergonomic grip design. Consequently, you enjoy easy handling and less fatigue while using it.


Safety is the most noteworthy feature of any trimmer. Makita UH4861X 240V 48 cm Electric Hedge Trimmer can be given full marks for this. There are four safety positions that lead to safe cutting of the hedges. Moreover, the mechanical brakes imply that the blade can be stopped in 0.05 seconds. The trimmer has low chances of the trimmer cutting the cord again making it safe. In addition, safety clips keep the flex secured in better position.

High Performance of Makita UH4861X

The trimmer possesses high-performance cutter blades. These blades come along with blade mountings that add to their good performance. Thus, you will never complain of trimmer not cutting properly. In addition, the blades are well built and thus will not deteriorate easily.


Durability is another positive aspect of the Makita UH4861X trimmer. It is dependable and a product that will last longer. In addition, the blade coating is stain free. Thus, you can be rest assured that the blades will never rust.

Less Noise

Many electric trimmers are known for making loud noises. However, it is not the case with Makita UH4861X. It emits less noise as compared to its competitors.

Cons of Makita UH4861X Electric Hedge Trimmer

Every coin has its two sides and so does Makita UH4861X. Though the positive points of the trimmer are more, but negatives cannot be ignored. However, these negatives are not that major that they can influence your decision.

  • It is a little heavy to use
  • It is ideal for small gardens, but may not work well for large ones.
  • A Little expensive as far as its price goes.

Makita UH4861X Electric Hedge Trimmer Review Conclusion

Electric hedge trimmers are ruling the gardening world and Makita UH4861X is no exception. Makita has always been known for producing high class products. Makita UH4861X 240V 48 cm Electric Hedge Trimmer is definitely its top quality produce. Though there are many trimmers available out there but Makita UH4861X is definitely the best. A fine tuned electric trimmer that gives high performance is definitely worth buying.

Moreover, whatever be your property, residential or commercial, you need a beautiful garden. However, hedges can make the garden look horrible. Thus, it becomes imperative to cut down these hedges. There are two types of trimmers: petrol trimmers and electric trimmers. Petrol trimmers have their pros and cons. However, electric trimmers are more convenient to use. Thus, more and more people are going towards these electric ones.

However, electric trimmer should promise of offering safety and secured features along with high performance. This is what Makita UH4861X 240V 48 cm Electric Hedge Trimmer does. It merges ease of use with 100% safety while using it. This only adds to its high cost as compared to petrol trimmers. However, depending on the above mentioned points, one should definitely buy Makita UH4861X 240V 48 cm Electric Hedge Trimmer.

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