STIHL HS45 is an ideal example of a great petrol hedge trimmer. The model has important qualities that set it apart from other hedge trimmers.

Best petrol hedge trimmers such as STIHL HS45, are always easy to use and have less mechanical issues. They have such a good performance level. They bring out the beauty of your edges which a not so good hedge trimmer wouldn’t achieve. 

Stihl HS45 24-Inch Hedge Trimmer - Orange
  • 24" / 60cm Blade Length
  • 27.2cc Stihl Engine
  • Double Sided Dual Action Blade

STIHL HS45 Petrol Hedge Trimmer Key Points Review

First of all, the STIHL HS45 petrol hedge cutter model covers to perfect all trimming requirements. With its 24 inches long blades, a user no longer has to stretch to reach places that are hard to reach when using hedge trimmers with shorter blades. Later in the review our experts at Hedge Trimmer Reviews will stress on STIHL HS45 key pros and cons.

  • Elastostart

Equipped with an elastostart system in place, the STIHL HS45 petrol hedge cutter has a less shock during startup up. In most cases with hedge trimmers, handlers usually complain about shock received on their joints and muscles when they start the engine. It occurs as a result of compression in the engine. However, on the STIHL HS45, this would no longer apply. Consequently, the shock would be shifted instead to the spring or the rubber element in the handle.

  • Blade length variety

A buyer of the STIHL HS45 petrol hedge trimmer can either select an option of a 24 or 18 inches long blade. Either way, the tool still works perfectly. The smaller blade only makes it easier for the handlers to maneuver during the hedge trimming process. On the other side the longer blade enables the person to cut very high places on the hedge and to reach areas that might otherwise have been termed as severe.

  • Double sided dual action blade

In addition to the cutter length, several blade options are also available. The single ground blade enables you to have a better chance of cutting off hedges due to its high performance. The dual ground blade is ideal for cutting stronger and thicker branches and also helps to provide a clean cut.

STIHL HS45 Petrol Cutter Review of Pros

Another especially relevant part of the machine tool is the excellent anti-vibration system that comes fully equipped with the trimmer. Anyone familiar with using tools such as hedge trimmers probably understands that a prolong usage can almost result in problems within the blood vessels in the arms. It is because of the constant vibration emitted from the tool. With the STIHL HS45 petrol hedge trimmer, guaranteeing excellent healthy conditions for its users. Users can now be able to use the tools for a very long time without worrying about after effects.

Most noteworthy of the STIHL HS45 model is the electric ignition which helps the machine tool to start and work with less reliability on another device. The system has been designed to protect the equipment from all forms of dirt and also to prevent dampness.

Most of all, the tool has a manual fuel pump that reduces the number of pulls needed to start the engine. All a handler needs to do is to touch a button, and the tool sends fuel to the carburetor. It is exceptionally essential if the equipment will remain dormant for a lengthy time frame before beeing brought out again.

For those who often worry about the frequency of cleaning their tools, the STIHL HS45 has an inbuilt long lasting air filter system. It helps to the need for continuous cleaning of the device within shorter intervals. A less common cleaning option contributes to the general well-being of the engine. Thus with this air-filter system, users can be assured of having a strong engine with fewer problems.


The STIHL HS45 costs roughly 250 GBP. Unless you are probably willing to spend a whole lot of cash on a hedge trimmer, then the price tag might be a little bit disappointing. Although most hedge trimmers belong to that price range. However, a good product, they say, never comes cheap.

The STIHL HS45 consumes fuel like no other trimmer. So, if you’re going for this product, be consequently ready to invest a lot of time trying to power the device after usage.

The problem common to the STIHL HS45 petrol hedge trimmer is the carburetor. It often develops carburetor problems making throttling difficult. If you decide to repair or replace the carburetor, be ready to cough up nothing less than 70 GBP.

Due to its weight, coming in at about 5.0kg, it can be tiring to use for extended periods of time.

Technical Review

  • Sound pressure level is dB(A) 98.0
  • Sound power level is dB(A) 105
  • Displacement cm³ 27.2
  • Power output kW/bhp 0.75/1.0
  • Weight kg 4.7 or 5.0
  • Vibration level left and right m/s² 3 10.0/9.0
  • Total length in cm 95 or 110
  • Stroke rate 1/min 3.800
  • Blade length cm 45 or 60
  • Tooth spacing mm 30

STIHL HS45 Review Conclusion

The decision to purchase this product lies ultimately in your hands. While it may come with several flaws, it is overall a great product capable of fulfilling your entire hedge trimming needs to the fullest.

The STIHL HS45 comes with the option of either the 18-inch or 24-inch dual-reciprocating, double- sided blade with an integrated cutter guard, so reach is no longer a worry. It is ideal for homeowners to operate smoothly. The smaller blade gives you better maneuverability while the longer blade ensures you can get to those areas that are typically hard to reach. A Quad Power engine is there to add power without bringing in extra weight. It is also fitted with a heavy-duty gearbox and a robust front handle to allow for multiple positions while working.

Although it is better suited for light trimming rather than as a professional machine, the STIHL HS45 is still capable of delivering excellent performance. Other features that make this product worth purchasing is the manual fuel pump. It helps to reduce the number of pulls you need to kick start the engine. It is a great feature after being unused for an extended period. Its elastostart feature also ensures that it reduces shocks whenever you launch the engine. It also directs these shocks away from your joints and muscles toward the rubber element embedded in the starter handle reducing the rate of fatigue you experience.

Overall, the STIHL HS45 is one hedge trimmer worth investing in.

Stihl HS45 Petrol Hedge Trimmer Price

 STIHL HS45 petrol hedge trimmer price is not low. Depending of the season and the different sale’s location the price may be different. For sure best offer is in The price is about 250 GBP, including VAT.

Finally, our experts at Best Hedge Trimmers advice that 250 GBP for STIHL HS45 petrol hedge trimmer is great offer.

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