Maintaining your garden with Draper 32319 petrol hedge trimmer is something you need to consider. Hedge trimmers are highly used to keep the shrubs and hedges of your garden neat and clean. As many types of hedge cutters are available in the market, choosing the best that suits your needs can be a little challenging job.

This machine is one of the best petrol hedge trimmers on the market. As a petrol one it comes with its own advantages over the others. We hope this petrol hedge trimmer review will help you make the right choice.

Draper 32319 22.5Cc Petrol Hedge Trimmer, 500mm Blade Length
  • 2 Stroke petrol engine
  • Easy start priming bulb
  • 180 Degree three position rotating back handle for user comfort
  • Double-sided dual reciprocating blade for enhanced cutting efficiency

Review of Draper 32319 Petrol Hedge Trimmers

Before starting first let’s check on how best petrol hedge trimmers are better than other types. When describing petrol model there are some obvious and well known features.

  • Powerful machine

If the hedges in your garden are tough and difficult to trim, then petrol hedge trimmers are the best due to its high power efficiency.

Draper 32319 petrol hedge trimmer

  • No need to think about the cord and electricity

The energy supply is generated by petrol engine. Hence, you don’t have to mess with the electric cords anymore. You can move the Draper 32319 petrol hedge trimmer whenever and wherever required as it is cordless.

  • The models are usually very lightweight as compared to others
  • The prices are pocket-friendly

Last, but not lease is the price tag of these machines. The ratio price vs quality is very good. Draper 32319 price is really affordable, the quality is even higher than expected.

Product Description

This Draper 32319 petrol hedge trimmer is part of the Drapers garden of ‘Expert Quality’. So it comes with a powerful 2-stroke engine. This cutter is an ideal choice for your domestic needs. Here we list some some of the features making it one of the best hedge trimmers today.

  • 180 ° rotating back handle

In addition to rotating handle, there are three positions, you can comfortably choose the best posture for yourself while using the hedge trimmer. Therefore, cutting hedges with this machine is really nice experience.

  • 500 mm double-sided blade

Most of the classy cutters come with double-sided blade.  So thanks to it,  you would experience an enhanced cutting efficiency using Draper 32319. As a result, precise and clean cutting is possible with this type of blade.

  • Mixing bottle for oil and petrol

The Draper 32319 petrol hedge trimmer comes with a 0.5 liter 2-stroke mixing bottle along with hex key tool/screwdriver/spanner. Hence, you need to mix 2 stroke oil and the petrol together in order to get maximum benefits from the hedge trimmer.

Draper Hedge Trimmer UK

Draper 32319 Petrol Hedge Trimmer Review of Features

  • Easy start priming bulb.
  • 750w engine output, hence, you can get the best results for your garden hedges.
  • The speed is 7000r/min. This enables to complete the task with less mess and in less time.
  • Draper 32319 petrol hedge trimmer comes with expert quality to give you a finish like a pro.
  • Comes with a 2-stroke petrol engine.
  • Engine capacity is 22.5cc– 2 strokes.
  • The length of cutting blade is 500mm; thus, you would get clean and easy cutting experience.
  • The design of the blades is – Double-sided dual reciprocating blade.
  • The maximum cutting diameter is up to 30mm, thus this is ideal for your lawns and gardens outside your home and offices.
  • The fuel tank capacity is 0.6 liter.
  • The weight of Draper 32319 petrol hedge trimmer is about 5.8kgs. Being lightweight you can easily carry this and finish your tasks more comfortably.
  • Draper 32319 petrol hedge trimmer comes with a massive one year Draper parts and labor warranty.

High Power And Precise Work

Now a day’s landscapers and professional gardeners highly prefer petrol powered hedged trimmers due to the high power efficiency delivered by these trimmers. Draper 32319 petrol hedge trimmer is highly fuel efficient and hence you can use it all day long and complete the work precisely.

The rotating head helps you reach the top of the hedge more easily making the trimming process comfortable for you. You can also opt for a small chainsaw along with your model which act as an attachment for the Draper cutter. As a result it can be used for pruning small branches of trees, restoring overgrown hedge and so on.

Being lightweight and powerful at the same time, this Draper 32319 is considered to be the best in its field. Any person can use this hedge trimmer easily achieve results like a professional.

Certain Checks You Need To Do Before Using Draper 32319:

In order to optimize the durability and life of your hedge trimmer, you need to undertake few steps on regular basis and check the below mentioned criteria’s;

Draper Hedge Cutter England

As we always say: First is Safety. First of all, make sure that you clean the machine regularly from outside. Once done, please check for the proper functioning of the stop switch is in order. Its imporant to help you prevent from getting into troubles while operating the trimmer. Afterwards you need to make sure that the throttle trigger lock and the throttle both function properly. This ensures your safety during the usage of the hedge trimmer.

Here are even more things to check. Do not underestimate them.

  • Make sure that the blades are not rotating while in the idling position. This is also applicable when the choke is in the start position.
  • Replace and clean the air filter if necessary.
  • You need to make sure that the hand guard is intact and not damaged. If in case you find any damage, it’s always recommended to get it replaced at the earliest.
  • Make sure that the equipment has no fuel leaks and is all intact and good for use. In case of any leaks, you need to get it sorted as fuel leaking can be dangerous for the plants and shrubs in your garden.
  • Before getting started with the task ensure that all the screws and nuts are tight and properly placed. This is just to make sure you are trimming with safe equipment.

Review Conclusion

This Draper hedge trimmer comes with the Draper’s warranty of one year. Hence, in case of any problems you come across as mentioned above, you can immediately get in contact with the customer care department. The customer service department of Draper is prompt and efficient and would get all your problems solved in no time.

Draper 32319 is ideal for those who are looking for a budget-friendly, reliable, powerful, lightweight, and above all a brand that you can trust for all you hedge trimming needs.

Hedge trimming is fun if you have the best petrol hedge trimmer. Get your Draper 32319 petrol hedge trimmer today!

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