Petrol strimmers are for powerful and much preferred tools when dealing with larger or hard to reach areas. However, some of the best petrol strimmers are heavy and a bit expensive. Thus, we recommend choosing a lightweight grass trimmer for domestic gardening like the Trueshopping 26cc Petrol Strimmer.This model has everything needed for a smooth and effortless gardening work.

According to the best petrol strimmer reviews, the Trueshopping 26cc grass trimmer has an easy-start engine. This means that it starts from the first time – no matter the weather. This petrol grass cutter is perfect for neatly edging your lawn or tidying up overgrown weeds.

Trueshopping® 26cc Petrol Strimmer Grass Garden Tool Brushcutter 2-Stroke 0.75KW / 1HP
  • New Trueshopping Powerful Petrol Grass Trimmer Brush Cutter 2 Stroke 26cc engine.
  • Engine Type: Single Cylinder Air Cooling 2-Cycle Gasoline Engine. 07KW / 1HP.
  • Carburettor: Diaphragm, Rotary Valve, MIXING RATIO: Petrol 25/ Oil 1, Ignition: CDI Power: 0.7Kw.
  • Transmission Method: Automatic Centrifugal Clutch, Spiral Gear. Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.6L.
  • Please be aware these items are powerful and heavy. For ease of use please consider a lower CC or electric model.

Key Features of the Trueshopping 26cc Petrol Grass Trimmer:

This model is one of the best petrol strimmers for domestic or small tasks. Check out its unique specifications to make sure this is the right strimmer / bruchcutter for you.

Trueshopping 26cc Petrol Strimmer Brushcutter

Trueshopping 26cc Petrol Strimmer / Brushcutter

  • Cutting Mechanism

This strimmer has both metal cutting blade and nylon line. This means, that it is suitable not only for cutting grass, but much more. The Trueshopping 26cc petrol grass trimmer is perfect for trimming along edges, smaller clean-up jobs and even dealing with tough weeds, small trees and bushes. This is all thanks to the three-toothed cutting blade and twin line.

  • Lightweight Grass Trimmers

The Trueshopping 26cc Petrol Grass Trimmer is the lightest model from Trueshopping. It actually weights only 5kg. This is a great feature compared to other petrol strimmer reviews.

  • Quality engine

Though it has only 26cc single-cylinder 2-stroke air-cooled engine, it is quite poweful. It starts easily in any weather. Therefore, it saving you lots of time, efforts and nerves. It has great power to weight ratio with rapid acceleration. The recommended fuel mixture petrol-oil-mix is 25:1.

Trueshopping 26cc Petrol Strimmer Pros Review:

Here are the pros, making this Trueshopping stimmer so classy machine.

  • Affordable Petrol Strimmer

    Trueshopping 26cc Petrol Strimmer Cutting Mechanicsm

    Trueshopping 26cc Petrol Strimmer Metal Blades and Nylon Line

As per most of the best petrol strimmer reviews, this model has a very competitive price. This Petrol Grass Trimmer offers great value for money.

  • Ergonomic harness

To spread the load, the model is equipped with adjustable strap.  Therefore, you will be more comfortable and effective while performing any gardening tasks. It also has bike-style handles, angled according to the shaft. This would save your back from uneven load while working.

  • Easy to handle

When searching for the best petrol grass trimmer, you should consider how easy it is to manoeuvre with it.  The Trueshopping 26cc Petrol Strimmer is very easy to hold and move around. Thus, it is perfect for trimming of lawn edges or flower-beds.

Gardener with Trueshopping 26cc Petrol Strimmer UK

Man using The Petrol Grass Trimmer in UK

Petrol Strimmer or Brushcutter:

The Trueshopping Petrol Strimmer is a multi-functional model that has both metal cutting blade and nylon line. The metal blades are typical for brushcutters. The nylon lines are more common for strimmers. The nylon spool cutter of this grass cutter is easily attachable to the shaft. This is why the model is listed as one of the best petrol grass strimmers / brushcutters.

Trueshopping 26cc Petrol Strimmer Review Summary:

With all the pros of the Trueshopping 26cc Petrol Grass Trimmer, we at Petrol Strimmer Reviews definitely recommend it. To summarize, it has high power to weight ratio. The price of the model is very attractive, while offering everything needed for domestic gardening. The combination of metal blades and nylon line makes it adaptable for grass or even bush trimming. And last but not least, it’s light and maneuverable.

Trueshopping 26cc Petrol Strimmer Review in Amazon