Bosch AHS 60-26  electric hedge cutter is basically better in any way than the previous models. It is up to 10% lighter and more powerful. This means it will be easier to hold and will cut through hedges quicker with less strain.

The Bosch AHS 60-26 has a 600 watt motor which will cut through even the most stubborn of branches. It can tackle medium and even large hedges with no problems. The ergonomic design and see-through handle guard allows you optimal grip and safe work. The handle has multi-start buttons allowing you to work easily in different positions to get the optimum cut possible every time.

Bosch AHS 60-26 Electric Hedge Cutter, 600 mm Blade Length, 26 mm Tooth Opening
  • 26mm tooth spacing with sawing function enables cutting of branches that do not fit in between the teeth for a more thorough cut
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable and easy hedgecutting without tiring arms
  • Ergonomic handles with soft grip and see-through hand guard ensures a safe working position and effortless use
  • Lightweight at only 3.7 kg
  • Tip protector and protective blade cover protects the blade when not in use

Bosch Ahs 60-26 Electric Hedge Cutter Key Features Review:

  • Powerful engine

Bosch Ahs 60 26 electric hedge trimmer comes with 600 watt motor and new blade design. In addition to that it comes with sawing function and 26 mm tooth spacing. Hence it makes it easy to trim mid-sized hedge with almost no effort.

  • Perfect handling

This Bosch hedge cutter comes with new and improved lightweight design. As a result trimming with it is no more a pain. Hence you can finish the work without additional breaks.

  • Ergonomic and safe

Bosch Ahs 60-26 handles are ergonomic with soft grip. There is also a transparent hand guard providing a safer and more comfortable trimming.

Bosch Ahs 60-26 Electric Hedge Cutter Advantages

In this section we will review Bosch Ahs 60-26 additional features, that makes the trimming  process such a pleasure.

  • Low weight.

Bosch ahs 60-26 electric hedge cutter weighs in at just 3.6 kg which makes it extremely lightweight. It is easy to carry around and work with. The overall weight of this electric hedge cutter has been reduced by 10% which will reduce the strain on your upper body, when using for prolonged periods of time.

bosch ahs 60-26 electric hedge trimmer

  • Effortless working.

This electric hedge trimmer comes with softgrip on the rear handle. In addition to that, the front handle is also improved, providing  optimum weight distribution.

  • 60 cm blade, featuring sawing function

Thanks to its sawing function, Bosch Ahs 60-26 is able to cut branches up to 32 mm in diameter. The 60 cm long blade, makes it easy to cut inaccessible branches.  In addition to that the blade of this electric hedge cutter is diamond-ground, providing very precious cut.

bosch ahs 60-26 electric hedge cutter

  • Blade protector.

This electric hedge cutter comes with a special metal protector of the blade. This means, you can use Bosch Ahs 60 26 near walls and paths without any worries. Just put the metal protector at the front, when cutting near a wall or metal objects.


Bosch ahs 60 26 electric

The blade of Bosch AHS 60-26 has a sawing function, which means you are able to cut branches that are even 6 millimeters larger than the tooth spacing. This is ideal for those odd parts of your hedges that had ground just a little out of control.

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Product details

Product Dimensions: 123 x 24.2 x 23 cm.
Item Weight: 3.6 Kg.
Shipping Weight: 4.9 Kg.
Cutting Length: 600 mm.
Spacing between teeth: 26 mm.

Bosch AHS 60-26 customer review

  • The build quality is really good. It is easy to handle as well, with both hands. The trimmer is fairly quiet and does the job with precision and the result is a nice clean cut. The long blade gives you flexibility and it works with all types of hedges. Because the blade has a “sawing” action, you can cut very thick branches without too much hassle. A very nice feature indeed. I don’t think you will be disappointed if you bought this trimmer right now.
  • My last trimmer had a 13” blade, that just wasn’t good enough. I am very pleased I decided to buy this bosch electric hedge cutter. Even though my hedges are quite thick, this machine cut through them no problem. It’s not that very as well, weighing at only 3.6 kilograms or so.
  • Ahs 60-26 is a great trimmer. Bought it for my hedges mainly because it is so lightweight. The tooth spacing is great for larger branches. The motor is capable of running all day with no hick-ups, which makes it a great tool for larger gardens. I am definitely proud with the purchase.
  • I have been using this Bosch hedge trimmer for the past 4 days. It’s been a joy to use. Even with my big hedges it didn’t struggled at all. My hedges include Hawthorn, Rose and some other. It did the job perfectly fine, no worries.
  • My gardener said that this trimmer is heavier than the last one I had, but since it’s more efficient, it actually works better! The blade length of Ahs 60-26 makes it easier to cut longer hedges and it works quicker as well. Overall I am very happy with the purchase and so is my gardener.
User Manual

If you interested, here you can find the user manual for this hedge trimmer.

Bosch Ahs 60-26 Price and Promotions

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