Trimming your lawn is not the most exicting thing to do in your garden. Therefore, you do not want to spend much time looking to the ground and cutting the grass. Our mission at best petrol strimmers is to make this process a bit more pleasant for you.  So, in the following review we describe the McCulloch TrimMac 25cc Petrol Grass Trimmer. This product does the trimming job faster than many other grass trimmers. The McCulloch TrimMac 25 cc comes with 600w two-stroke engine, proving flawless performance even on the toughest weeds and overgrown grass.

Due to its features, most of the users in uk describe this petrol grass trimmer as the easy one. So it means: easy to assemble, easy to start, easy to trim.

McCulloch TRIMMAC Trimmer: STrimmer with 40 cm Working Width, Split Shaft, Double Thread Tracking, Combi Guard (Article Number: 00096-72.562.01)
  • Powerful: With a power output of 0.6 kW and a displacement of 25 cm³, the petrol trimmer easily cuts through dense, overgrown grass
  • Maximum user-friendliness: The Tap 'n' Go double thread tracking simplifies operation, as the thread is automatically extended as soon as the trimmer head is pressed to the ground
  • Simple maintenance: The air filter cap can be removed without the need for tools, significantly simplifying the maintenance process
  • Keep working for longer: The carry strap ensures that the weight is distributed evenly across your shoulders. The adjustable handle is highly ergonomic
  • Scope of delivery includes: 1x McCulloch TRIMMAC trimmer, 1x trimmer head, 1x P25 spool and thread (Article Number: 00096-72.562.01)

McCulloch TrimMac 25cc Petrol Grass Trimmer Review of Features

When choosing between the best petrol strimmers on the uk market, please consider the following factors. What is the size of the lawn, and what is the purpose – home or professional? McCulloch TrimMac 25cc petrol strimmer is an ideal solution for home usage with average lawn size. In this following paragraphs we will describe its pros and cons.

McCulloch TrimMac 25cc Petrol Strimmer

  • Powerful

This petrol grass trimmer comes with 0.6 kW power output. As already mentioned the engine is 25cc. As a result of this, the petrol trimmer cuts with ease overgrown grass and through dense.

  • User friendly

The adjustable handle in coordination with the the “Tap n Go ” makes the usage of this grass cutter really easy.  The Trimmac bump function helps you to extend the line easily without bending over and tools. Tap n go head allows you adjustments and even replacement of the line.

  • Simple maintenance

Every single power tool needs proper maintenance. This petrol grass trimmer is not an exception. So, as a petrol strimmer you have to take care about the air filter. Here is the good news – the cap can is easy to remove, no need for tools again. It significantly simplifies the process of maintenance.

  • Long usage without pain

The carry strap spreads the weight evenly across your arms and shoulders. So, you can carry the strimmer whereever you need. Thanks to the strap and balance, you can cut grass for a long period of time, if needed.

  • Easy for storage and transportation

Thanks to the lightweight desing and split shaft, it ensures the effortless transporting and comfortable storage of the Mcculloch TrimMac 25 cc.

  • McCulloch TrimMac 25cc curved shaft

Another nice feature ot this petrol strimmer is the curved shaft. As a result, it ensures good working position when trimming lawn edges and flower-bed

Cons of McCulloch TrimMac 25cc

Here, at Petrol Strimmer Reviews, we are always extremely objective when describing the products. If someone thinks that this mucculloch strimmer is perfect is wrong. This machine has its own downsides and we will review it for you.

  • Standalone power tool

Unfortunatelly, the McCulloch TrimMac 25cc cant be used with any multi tool attachments.

  • Noisy

Being a petrol powered strimmer it is not a surprise, but we have to mention it. So, McCulloch TrimMac 25cc is a bit noisy grass trimmer.

Grass cutting around bushes with Mcculloch TrimMac

Final Thoughts & Review Conclusion

To sum up, McCulloch TrimMac 25cc Petrol Grass Trimmer is good decision for small to medium size lawns. It is powerful and is able to cut even overgrown grass and through dense. As a petrol model it needs a bit more care.  Please have in mind, it can’t work with attachments.

In conclusion, before buying any machine it’s a good idea to check price and availability in Amazon uk.

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