Tips to Prepare Your Hedges and Garden for the Spring

Have you been planning to renovate your garden for a long time now? The spring season is here and most people like you are dwindling on the fact – “How to make a great garden in no time”. Firstly, it is never easy to create a beautiful garden in a fortnight. In case you already have a garden and want to renovate it, then you are in for some luck.

Our mission at Best Hedge Trimmers is to help you have a nice and tidy garden.

The following tips will help you to get your garden ready in a very short time.

How to Prepare Your Hedges For the Spring

The first task is for cleaning. After years of negligence, your garden will look somewhat like a haunted farm. So, your first step in garden renovation needs to be cleaning. Try to remember three things always:

  1. Cleaning
  2. Fixing
  3. Preparing
Cleaning Process

The first task needs to be a collection of debris. The winter has gone, but it has left all its dried leaves and many dead plants. Once you clear your garden out of this debris, it will be a lot easier for you to focus on other important things. In case your soil bed is loose, try covering it with rotting organic substances or just plain manure.

Take Care of Greenhouse

In case you have a greenhouse, try cleaning it inside out. Any sort of pest can destroy your new garden harvest. Many people ignore, but if you want a perfect renovation then it is better to wash your plant pots before planting new plants in them. It is also necessary that you ventilate the greenhouse before you shift to the new house.

Taking Care of Tools

Tools never grow old. However, they might require some replacing every now and then. The first thing that you need to ensure is that your old tools are free from rust.  They always require proper cleaning after every usage and this is where your task increases. However, no one can deny that cleaning and caring are some of the most important things when it comes to taking care of a travel enthusiast.

The next important thing is to clean water butts. Apart from being useful to the environment, this process also helps that your garden gets ready for the early rain.

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Tiding Compost Area

One of the essential parts of renovating a garden is tiding up of compost area. In case, you do not have a compost area already, then get yourself one. This area will turn very useful for your garden. You will also need to air the compost area with a fork every month.

Your neighbours would suggest you that it is the right time for hibernating aphides and to be honest they are not totally wrong. You can also find snails and slugs all over your garden area. They are very useful and will definitely turn great for your garden.

Preparing the Garden

Once, you are done with cleaning part, it is necessary to dig in the preparation sector.

The first thing you will need to do is moving the hedge plants and shrubs from a position you think was pretty poor last year. This needs to be done on a still day to make sure that your plant’s roots do not get disturbed.

Sowing Seeds

Next, it is necessary that you sow seeds that can be raised throughout a long season. During spring, it is best if you stuck with aubergines, begonias, geraniums and peppers. It is best to start these harvest off in heated propagators. You can always check other websites for cross-references.

Focusing on Flowering Plants

The next important thing that you will need to do is ordering seeds of flowering plants. One of the most crucial decision-making processes is choosing a certain type of flowering plant. You can check the website of these flowering buds to know more about them.

You can always check upon different websites to learn more about flowers like Ranunculus and Gladiolus. Sow seeds that need a longer season to harvest. You can get yourself a number of flowering seeds to make sure your garden looks appropriate for the season once it arrives.

You can check upon different websites where huge numbers of advice are given by professional gardeners about the different layouts that can be done to change an old garden.

Testing Your Soil

Another most important thing that you will need to do is testing the quality of your soil. Soil testing is necessary to ensure the rate at which it is fertile and healthy. Your soil test results will help you to know whether it is okay for you to plant flowering plants in the garden.High Quality Organic Soil

Fertilizing Lawns

The lawn needs to be fertilized and how will you do that? Apply a slow-release fertilizer that is easily found in the market over your lawn area. The sodded area needs to be well watered in order to increase the survival rate of plants.

Pulling Away Weeds

One of the most annoying things about garden renovation is taking care of weeds. This process is hectic and takes a lot of time. You can start this process by adopting the mulching method. In case you have a landscape area, try mulching the entire area in question. If you wish to avoid bark decay, then try doing the mulching process at least 1 to 2 inches away from the target area.

Cleaning Birdhouses

Many people ignore to wash and clean the birdhouses. That is actually not a hygienic process and can lead to many diseases arising in your garden. How can you stop that? The first thing you can do is cleaning the birdhouses. Once, they are cleaned, your garden will have a clean and disease free atmosphere.

A garden is a beautiful thing and during summer it becomes almost impossible to do away with one. A house looks beautiful from the outside because of a beautiful garden. If you can set your garden right and clean all debris and move shrubs to ideal places, then in no time you can raise a forever smiling garden.