When you are looking for a long reach hedge trimmer, you want to invest in a quality one. You need onethat will do whatever task you need completed. These can be quite the investment. This is why it is essential for you to consider all of your options.  One option to consider is the Powerplus 2 in 1 Telescopic Hedge Trimmer. Here is all of the information that you need to purchase the best hedge trimmer.

Powerplus 2 in 1 Hand Held & Telescopic 510mm Long Reach Garden Hedge Trimmer 750 Watt with Adjustable Head POWXG2042 - 3 Year Home User Warranty
  • 750w Telescopic hedge trimmer
  • Adjustable telescopic shaft length: 235cm to 280cm
  • Blades: laser sharpened - 510mm
  • Cutting head: adjustable selectable angle


Features of Powerplus 2 in 1 Telescopic Hedge Trimmer

First of all, this trimmer has steel blades that are capable of cutting through anything. Powerplus 2 in 1 telescopic hedge trimmer also has double action trimmer blades. They move in separate directions which creates a more powerful cutting action. Powerplus 2 in 1 Telescopic Hedge Trimmer Vertical CuttingAs a result of these durable blades, you will also get a clean cut. Probably most interestingly, you can cut from pretty much any angle with this trimmer. There are also some amazing safety features with this model. For instance, it has a guard that can protect your hands. There is also a coiled section of the cord that prevents you from accidentally cutting the cord.Lastly, there is an electronic brake on this trimmer. The blades stop moving within milliseconds to prevent injury.

What You Need to Know

First of all, Powerplus 2 in 1 telescopic hedge trimmer is one of Amazon best sellers. For sure, this is one of the best long reach hedge trimmers on the market

There are a lot of things that you need to know about this specific trimmer. Thanks to the 24mm cutting width, you can cut through most thick branches. It is also a very powerful 75 watt machine,which allows you to cut up any landscape easily. Powerplus 2 in 1 Horizontal Top TrimmingThis blade is also quite large, with a size of 690 mm. This allows you to quickly work through any job.Since the blades on this trimmer rotates this also makes tasks a lot easier. Because the blades and motor are so powerful, you can use a single hand position for any angle.

You will also notice that this is a quiet motor. This means that you will not bother neighbors or your own family while cutting up your landscape. It also has an anti-blocking system. That can reverse the blades as needed to prevent stalling. However, there may be some flaws with this model. One issue is that it can be difficult to switch between blade positions. Not only is this difficult but it can also be dangerous. You need to let go of its front handle to release and turn over the blade for your needs.

Powerplus 2 in 1 Telescopic Hedge Trimmer Review Conclusion

In conclusion, this Powerplus 2 in 1 Telescopic Hedge Trimmers is a perfect addition to your tool shed. The Powerplus telescopic hedge trimmer can take care of most problems that you may have. Whether you want to trim that bush or get rid of it, this trimmer is perfect. It is powerful and large enough to handle pretty much anything. With this price, you are getting a powerful and quality product. You can also get a 3 year warranty, giving you the confidence in this trimmer. If you want power, there is no shortage here. This is easily one of the best telescopic hedge trimmers.

Powerplus 2 in 1 telescopic Hedge Trimmer Price in Amazon