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Powerplus 2 in 1 Telescopic Hedge Trimmer Review

When you are looking for a long reach hedge trimmer, you want to invest in a quality one. You need onethat will do whatever task you need completed. These can be quite the investment. This is why it is essential for you to consider all of your options.  One option to consider is the Powerplus 2 in 1 Telescopic Hedge Trimmer. Here is all of the information that you need to purchase the best hedge trimmer.

Powerplus 2 in 1 Hand Held & Telescopic 510mm Long Reach Garden Hedge Trimmer 750 Watt with Adjustable Head POWXG2042 - 3 Year Home User Warranty
  • 750w Telescopic hedge trimmer
  • Adjustable telescopic shaft length: 235cm to 280cm
  • Blades: laser sharpened - 510mm
  • Cutting head: adjustable selectable angle


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Powerplus Hedge Trimmer Reviews

Powerplus Hedge Trimmers are a very popular option among hedge trimmer buyers for maintenance of their hedges. Of the many products that the parent company has launched, the Powerplus Telescopic Hedge Trimmer has generated a tremendous amount of interest and curiosity. A lot of buyers have come out raving about the Powerplus Telescopic Hedge Trimmer but a few have come away disappointed. So what’s the hullaballoo all about? Find out in our Powerplus hedge trimmer reviews!

Powerplus 2 in 1 Telescopic Hedge Trimmer

You do not buy a long reach hedge trimmer every day, do you? So when you do, you need to be doubly sure that the investment that you are about to make is worth the money.

And to be sure that it is worth it, you’ll probably go looking for one that becomes your one-stop solution for all your hedge related problems. Your hedge trimmer should ideally complete any task that you may require it to perform. And since there aren’t many such options out there in the market, you’ll be well advised to go methodically about it and consider all options.

One such alternative that may just halt your search in its tracks is the Powerplus Telescopic Hedge Trimmer. Have a look at its features and you’d probably know if it is of any value to you or not.

Features of the Powerplus Telescopic Hedge Trimmer

First things first, the Powerplus telescopic hedge trimmer is an Amazon UK best seller which would clearly suggest that the product would be high on features. Here are a few of them.

The Powerplus Telescopic Hedge Trimmer has a cutting width of 24mm which enables you to slice through the thickest of branches that may even be about 28mm in diameter. This 750 watt machine is powerful enough to operate on any landscape.

The blades of this Powerplus Hedge Trimmer measure up to 510mm and are laser sharpened. One of the most important and distinguished feature of this machine is the adjustable telescopic shaft. It can be adjusted to about 235cm to 280cm as per your requirement and would give you the optimal height required for cutting.

The cutting head holds the 510mm blades mentioned before and has an adjustable angled head. The blades rotate at a speed of 1500 rotations per minute (rpm)!
This particular Powerplus Hedge Trimmer comes with highly efficient, world class safety features.
The Powerplus Telescopic Hedge Trimmer is equipped with a hand protection guard to prevent any injury to your hands while operating the machine.

You must have heard about people cutting down the cord by accident. The coiled cord section ensures that no such mishap happens.
The machine also has an electronic brake. When you apply the brake, the blades of this Powerplus Telescopic Hedge Trimmer stop working faster than the blink of an eye; like literally in milliseconds!

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Powerplus Telescopic Hedge Trimmer Review

To start things off, the Powerplus Telescopic Hedge Trimmer boasts of razor sharp steel blades. These trimmer blades could just raze off absolutely anything that comes in its path. Nothing is a problem; hedges not the least of them. The secret to their amazing cutting ability lies in the design of the trimmer blades.

The Powerplus Telescopic Hedge Trimmer has double action blades. What this means is that the blades move in separate and opposite directions at the same time. This feature is what gives the trimmer blades the ability to cut powerfully. The cuts, too, are clean and tidy. No shabby cuts anywhere; so no need to worry about redoing it to shape the hedge properly.

The Powerplus Telescopic Hedge Trimmer also cuts from any angle that you may desire. All you need to do is just direct it and place it where you intend to and it will do the job for you. It cuts both vertically and horizontally.

The tremendous power of the blades and the sturdy motor gives you the choice of using your single hand in position to cut from any given angle.

The blades of the Powerplus Telescopic Hedge Trimmer are durable and long lasting. You do not need to worry about spending on another in the short run. And it anyways comes with a 3 year manufacturer warranty.

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Some Safety Tips

Safety is of paramount importance while buying any product. And when the product is a hedge trimmer, safety becomes an even more important requirement because we all know what damage a hedge trimmer could do if things go wrong somehow. The Powerplus Telescopic Hedge Trimmer comes equipped with high-end safety features that go a long way in ensuring that no unfortunate accident happens and even if it does, by chance, then the potential risk of physical damage is minimal.

Pros and cons of Powerplus Telescopic Hedge Trimmer

This machine facilitates both vertical and horizontal cutting with minimum fuss.
The motor itself makes minimal noise and hence would save you from hearing your neighbor’s tantrums.
The anti-blocking system that is in place negates any possibility of stalling by reversing the blades as and when needed.

Powerplus Hedge Trimmer Reviews - Telescopic Pole

No machine is perfect and this one comes with its share of flaws too.
A major issue lies in switching the blade positions which could often get tricky. You may even need to release the front handle of the machine and then turn the blades around. This could well prove dangerous if not done properly.
Also the Powerplus Telescopic Hedge Trimmer is a bulky machine. It can get really tiresome to hold and operate it after a while.
You may need to switch hands often to be able to handle it longer and that is something which irritates a lot of people.

But like with all things, you need to judge if the pros outweigh the cons or not. And if they do, then the product’s worth a buy.
The Powerplus Telescopic Hedge Trimmer may have a few minor operating issues but all in all it is a great product to add to your tool kit, especially if you are looking for a long reach hedge trimmer.
The factor that often decides the purchase worthiness of a product is its problem solving ability. And this one sure solves many a problem!

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