ParkerBrand 52cc petrol garden brush cutter grass trimmer is another classy strimmer we review.  It is very powerful machine, effective and comes at a reasonable price. ParkerBrand 52cc petrol strimmer is easy to assemble and use. This one is a 2 stroke cutter, but is very easy to start – almost like 4 stroke petrol strimmer.

May be ParkerBrand is not that famous as other manufacturers, but they develop really good products. They are building good reputation with reasonable pricing and classy garden tools. Thanks to its multi function it is one of the best petrol strimmers available today in uk.

ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Garden Brush Cutter Grass Trimmer
  • Strong & Reliable 52cc Two Stroke Petrol Engine
  • 2.2kW @ 7500RPM
  • Compact Split Shaft Design
  • Brush Cutter + 1 x Grass Trimming Spool Attachment
  • Inlucdes Tool Kit, Harness & Fuel Mixing Bottle

ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Strimmer Brush Cutter Product Review

ParkerBrand 52CC Petrol strimmer and brush cutter is a powerful tool.  In addition, the combination of these two features is great for all kind of maintenance in the garden. This petrol powered strimmer comes with 2 stroke engine, 1 cylinder and 52cc. As a result, it is able to cut through the toughest grass and weeds with ease.

ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Strimmer UK

  • Reliable 2 Stroke Petrol Engine

The engine is 2 stroke with 52cc. Its powerful, strong and reliable at the same time: 2200 watts @ 7500RPM.

  • Three blade brush cutter

So, this feature is something you need when dealing with overgrown bushes. Thanks to the this 3 blade brush cutter it becomes an easy task.

  • Bump Function

This grass and brush cutter also comes with bump function. This is really useful addon, which help you release more cord with just bumping the head to the ground.

  • Split Shaft Design

Thanks to the split shaft design, ParkerBrand 52cc petrol strimmer is very handy for transportation and storage. As a result, once you separate the parts, you are able to put in a garage or car without any hustle.

  • Package includes harness, free tool kit and mixing bottle

ParkerBrand Pay Attention To All Details

As all honoured brands ParkerBrand puts all you need for a flawless cutting process into the package. Some of the users say it is a bit heavy item. So, the item weight itself is exactly 10.7 kg. The manufacturer takes care of it. As a result you receive a harness as a bonus in the package. The harness is really comfortable, so the petrol strimmer seems to float with no extra effort. Thanks to the tool kit, you can easily set up the strimmer and brush cutter and start using it immediately. Last, but not lease is the mixing bottle. As a petrol powered strimmer, you need to mix 2 stroke oil with petrol at a ratio described by the manufacturer – ParkerBrand.

Cons of The ParkerBrand Petrol Strimmer & Brush Cutter

Staying true to the tradition, our team will point out the cons of this machine.

  • a bit heavy

As we already mentioned, this ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Strimmer is a bit heavy.

  • too long

It may sounds strange, but some of users say it. So, yes, it is detachable but all in all seems to be a too long for some gardeners and homeowners.

ParkerBrand brush cutter package

  • need to mix petrol with 2 stroke oil

To summarize: there are some downsides, but ParkerBrand offer solutions for all ot them. Therefore they provide harness to deal with the weight, mixing bottle and split shaft design.

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Some Tips How To Use Parkerbrand 52cc Petrol Garden Brush  Cutter Grass Trimmer

We are revealing some useful tips for optimum results.

Firstly please clean the garden / yard of stones and rocks. This will help you use the thread longer.

Secondly, make sure you mix the fuel with oil, and have enough thread.

Thirdly, due to vibrations of the petrol powered machine, make sure the fuel cap is tighly on.

Forth – hold the grass cutter as close as possible to the ground and make sure you are feeling comfortable. It is a must for a prolonged brush cutting and grass trimming

Final Thoughts and Review Conclusion

In conclusion, this Parkerbrand 52cc petrol garden brush cutter grass trimmer comes with lots of extras. So, most of the gardeners will be satisfied with it. This brush cutter is good for professional usage for heavy duty jobs as well as for homeowners with medium size gardens. The price in uk is really competitive.

ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Strimmer Price UK