Flymo EasiCut 600XT Electric Hedge Trimmer features a unique handle design with soft grips and extended reach for ease of use when trimming taller bushes and hedges. Its 60cm diamond ground double-action blade can handle thicker branches and large hedges.  The hedge trimmer is a favorite when it comes to marking boundaries or adding some elements of privacy to your home. Read this Flymo EasiCut 600XT review and learn what you can expect from one of the best electric hedge trimmers.

Flymo Easicut 600XT Electric Hedge Trimmer
  • For trimming of hedges and bushes * 500 watts * Bar length: 600mm / 23.62 * Blade gap: 22mm * Blade stopping time: 0.5S * Diamond ground double action blades for a faster neater finish * Blade sheath * Two handed safety switch * Unique central handle

Flymo EasiCut 600XT Electric Hedge Trimmer Features Review

Flymo EasiCut 600XT is another great electric hedge cutter by Flymo. Reading this review you will find out all the features, pros and cons of this machine.

  • Safety cable clip
  • Extended reach handles
  • Unique central handle makes it easier and safer to use
  • Diamond double-action blade allows for a faster and cleaner finish
  • Powered by a 500 watt motor
  • 22 mm cutting capacity
  • Quick stop safety brake
  • Spiral self-retracting cable
  • Transparent protector guard
  • Weights 3.5kg
  • Comes with a one-year Flymo Domestic Warranty

Flymo EasiCut 600XT Electric Hedge Trimmer Review of Pros

Flymo EasiCut 600XT Electric Hedge Trimmer Handle ReviewThe Flymo EasiCut 600XT Electric Hedge Trimmer is powered by a 500 watt motor. The unique central design of its handle makes it easy to use when cutting tall hedges. Its double-action cutting blades with 22mm cutting capacity can also cut thick braches cleanly and quickly. The trimmer has a 12   m self-retracting cable with a safety cable clip, which prevents the cable from coming into contact with the blade.

The additional integrated handle also allows you to reach taller bushes and hedges. It is backed by a 1-year warranty, so you are assured that you won’t be wasting your money. You will get assistance if you are not satisfied with the results. Flymo covers the cost of repairs in the first twelve months from the date of purchase.

The long cutting blade means that you can get through the trimming faster. The extended handle has an on and off switch, allowing you to further reach across the top of the shrubbery. This is very important, especially if the hedge has grown wide at the top. There are extra switches on the top and on the grip allow you to hold the electric hedge trimmer in various ways while cutting.

In addition the tooth spacing makes it easier to cut thick stems. The coiled power lead or belt loop also does a great job of keeping the cable away from the belt.

Flymo EasiCut 600XT Electric Hedge Trimmer Tooth Spacing

Flymo EasiCut 600XT Electric Hedge Cutter features:500 watt hedge trimmer, blade length 60cm – suitable for various size hedge. Tooth gap 22mm – indicates the maximum diameter the trimmer can cut through. Cable length 12m.Hand guard. Diamond ground blades for clean and precise cutting. Quick stop brake. Soft grip rear handle for comfortable operation. Dual safety switch. Flymo EasiCut 600XT Electric Hedge Trimmer is extremely lightweight 3.5kg.


Best Hedge Trimmers team is also reviewing the cons and downsides of this electric hedge cutter by Flymo.

Some people find the hedge trimmer heavy. However, compared to the weight of other hedge trimmers with the same length of blade, the Flymo EasiCut 600XT is actually lighter. It also has a power cable and safety measures that make this hedge trimmer easy and safe to use. If you have a lot of trimming to do, the Flymo EasiCut 600XT will certainly makes things a lot easier for you.

Flymo EasiCut 600XT Electric Hedge Cutter Review Conclusion

If you are looking for a high quality electric hedge trimmer, the Flymo EasiCut 600XT is one of the best options today. The blades can cut tall hedges, thick braches and bushes cleanly and quickly. This hedge trimmer may be a little heavy, but its great performance makes up for this flaw. It also comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

We advise to check the price in Amazon before buying a cutter.

Flymo EasiCut 600XT Electric Hedge Trimmer Price in Amazon
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Masterplug LDCC2513/4BL Open Cable Reel with Thermal Cut-Out and Reset Button, 25 m long. It is ideal for all longer distance extension lead requirements. As you guess it decides the problem with power supply for Flymo EasiCut 600XT. Essentially it does the job you want it to with a minimum of fuss. Masterplug Open Cable Reel with Thermal Cut-Out and Reset Button, 25 m