One of the best electric hedge trimmers for you, if you are looking for small and really lightweight, is the Black & Decker GT4245.

Small, rugged and easy to use two handed trimmer, it is powered by a 420W motor and has 45cm dual action blades which are asymmetric, which makes it ideal for bushes, small hedges and tree branches. 

BLACK+DECKER Hedgetrimmer Includes 16 mm Blade Gap and T-handle design, 420 W, 45 cm
  • 45 cm blade length and 16 mm blade gap is suitable for smaller hedges
  • Two handed starting switch prevents accidental starting
  • Designed to feel comfortable and secure in hand
  • Cable retention and secure cable management to avoid cable connection being in the way
  • Durable, robust and sharp metallic blade

Black & Decker GT4245 Electric Hedge Trimmer Features

It has more than enough power and reach to help you trim your garden with ease. It is able to cut small branches with a diameter of up to 16mm. On top of that it only weighs 1.5kg and features a design made for comfort and prolonged use.

The Black & Decker GT4245 electric hedge trimmer provides even weight distribution all around its construction for superb balance and sense of security. This is especially important for vertical cutting since that is the position you will be using it most of the time. It minimizes load of the arms, shoulders and back. You will have great confidence using this trimmer when working on the side of your hedge.

It’s blade construction is made out of high quality metallic, dual-action asymmetric blades for reduced vibration during operation. Black and Decker GT4245 electric hedge cutter has a built in safety switch. This requires two hands in order to start, and a large shield to guard from any flying branches and etc. The cable system is built in ensuring safe and continuous power delivery.

Black & Decker GT4245 Customer Reviews

Our experts at Best Hedge Trimmer Reviews advice to read customer thoughts before buying.

  • Black & Decker GT4245  is very good product. Lightweight and easy to handle. It is exactly as described on your web-site. I am very pleased with it and would recommend it to potential buyers.
  • My previous electric hedge trimmer was too cumbersome and heavy so that my arms ached after 5 minutes of using it. So I was looking for a small, very lightweight one – and this one fits the bill perfectly. Still cuts through pretty thick hedges with no problem. Would definitely recommend if you are looking for something that is easy to handle, won’t tire you out too quickly but still does the job brilliantly
  • An excellent bit of equipment replacing an earlier version which also performed very well. The trimmer is not too heavy and is easy in use capablee of cutting quite thick pieces of privet.
  • Well made, had no problems with tackling our overgrown hedge. Cuts well through most branches and managed to even cut nearby 1cm thick ones with a bit of effort. The switches are in the right places and easy to use all the time (unlike some rival well known German brand). Somehow I had no problems to cut the whole hedge evenly, which was my main concern before I started. Overall, another well made tool from B&D for a great price.
  • Very good trimmer. Lightweight which pays off after some time trimming. Good controls (on/off), other trimmers are sometimes arkward as there is always a switch and the ‘deadmans handle’, the latter can be tiring to hold on but this trimmer is good. Good value for money BUT will it last??

Black & Decker GT4245 Electric Hedge Trimmer Price

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