Maintaining your garden with McCulloch HT 5622 Petrol Hedge Trimmer is a very pleasant job.  You don’t need to worry about thick hedges. It is very powerful and is really easy to shape and trim  with it. The blades are sharp and it cuts very well. This machine is one of the best petrol hedge trimmers in our days available for UK market. Once you start tidying up your garden with McCulloch HT 5622 you will maker sure that it is great cutter indeed. There is no need of a cord, therefore you’ll be more flexible on cutting and shaping your hedges.

Being a petrol hedge trimmer this one is largely suitable for the hedges of medium and bigger in sizes. These cutters are very suitable for thicker branches, which cannot be cut via battery or electric models.

Mcculloch HT 5622 Petrol Hedge Trimmer, 22 cc, Cutting Blade 56 cm
  • 22cc engine
  • Bar legnth: 56cm
  • Teeth opening: 22mm
  • Dual action cutting blades: Yes
  • Soft Start: Yes

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